Ford F-Series Tires and Wheels

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Continental tires coming out on some of the new F-series trucks and Expeditions are defective and the dealerships are un-willing to switch brands.I am going through it now on an F-350 I bought last week. Ford knows there is a serious problem on the manufacturing end with Continental tires and yet again with bad tire brands they are un-willing to do the right thing. It's not just me.The news will soon break this story. Their own people told me how bad it is.


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    More BS from someone just trying to create drama.

    Defective tires are covered under warranty. I have run accross defective Conti's on an Expedition and they were replaced, no problem.

    What is a problem is tracing the vibration back to the tires. Some dealers may just be realizing that this is a problem.

    There should be no reason to have to switch brands. If you get a replacement set of tires that are fine, then the tires are fine. Get on with your life.

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    3 sets of tires later and the dealership is reluctant to correct the problem because they have had to replace dozens of sets of these tires.It is drama when you have to go back 5 times, wait all day, to the dealer over the course of 2 weeks with a pricey brand new truck and they just put more defective tires on they know are not balanceable.If that's BS then you're either an idiot or you work for Ford or Continental.They are also having problems with defective rotors, and the 6.0 diesel motors on these trucks.If your vehicle is fixed and you're happy why are you in the Ford problem forums??
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    I'm sorry. but your post is a little short on facts. What's the problem that can't seem to be fixed?
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    Why do you keep going back to them?

    If you have a dealer replacing your defective tires and they don't ROADTEST the vehicle, the problem is your dealer!

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    The day I bought the truck I road tested it for a couple of blocks at relatively slow stop light kind of speed, later when I was taking the truck home on I-95 I didn't get half a mile on the interstate and I knew I had a serious problem with what felt like to me wheel balance. I brought it back to the dealer they said to leave it , they would balance the tires and check to see if it could be the rotors also since they were having problems with them too on some models, Expedition and F-series,.The tires were in the high forties and fifties in balncing lingo. They called me and said they could not balance the tires they were too defective. They had to order the tires which took a few days I broght the truck back, the second set the same scenario, and again a thrid time. By then I had lost confidence in Continental tires but they said under warranty terms Ford's policy states that they cannot switch brands. I only know what they have told me, so far.Yesterday I picked up the truck with the third set on it and the ride is but still jumpy. I know these trucks ride "tense" when empty but that is not what the ride is like, the steering wheel vibrates way too much and the body of the truck wiggles a lot. The more I look into this I'm finding out that it's a widespead problem with people who have vehicles with this brand on them. The quality control guy who rode with me when the second set was put on the other day said a lot of things that really surprised me. So to answer your question the problem that can't be fixed is, they can't seem to find a set of Continental 18's that they can balance. So criticize away you guys, if you were in my shoes right now what would you do?? I'm not a whiner or a baby, why the dealership is doing things this way I don't know , you tell me. I have an 04' Explorer we love, I have had several new Ford products over the last 12-13 years
    (bought from this dealership and one other location here in florida) and been happy with them, no one expects perfection At this point I don't know what to do, I am price shopping tires, rims and rotor work I guess I will have to pay for it myself, I really would LOVE to get on with my life
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    OK, good info, much more informative and gives me a starting point.

    My gut reaction is that if a particular component has been changed more than once, then the problem is probably not that component. So what about the rims? Have those been changed? If not, that is an obvious place to look.

    From your post, it's plain that the dealer has a Hunter GSP9700. That should allow him to screen tires to the point where the tires (and rims) are no longer suspect. But a lot of folks who have the GSP9700's don't know how to diagnose a rim properly, so the rims still can't be eliminated as a source. And, of course, someone who doesn't know how to use the GSP9700 properly is going to think he has eliminated the rims and the fact that you are on your third set of tires seems to contradict this.

    It's also possible that there is something else that could be vibrating. You've mentioned rotors and that it also an obvious thing to change - if they haven't already.

    One of the tricks of the trade is to find a vehicle that isn't vibrating and swap the tires and rims with one that is vibrating. This would absolutely eliminate or confirm that it is the rim and tire. --Unless both vehicles don't vibrate after the swap (which would be great!) or they now both vibrate (that would also mean it is something other than tires and rims).

    I strongly suspect that the dealer doesn't have the resources to properly deal with this and continues to return to what he is familiar with - changing tires. I suggest you contact the Ford district service manager and discuss your problem with him. He has a lot more latitude and resources than the dealer has.
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    Thanks, I'll do that. I can't tell you what or how they were using to figure out the tires were defective, the mechanic came out visibly frustrated and tired talking about "indexing" ,then weight balancing, numerous times after test runs in the truck. Numerous new vehicles one after the other were coming into the service area while I was there for several hours 3 or 4 diff. times with similar issues. The buck seemed to stop with the general manager, the service man. and the parts man. To my knowledge they were making the call to "change" the tires until suitable ones were found, that has yet to happen........ My frustration was compounded by the fact that they returned the vehicle to me several times after claiming to have road tested it themselves and there was NO difference in the ride! The salesman went in to speak with the gen man. several times and at this point the guy looks at me like he hates me. I haven't spoken badly or argued or raised my voice to anyone, no arguing, nothing. So that's why in frustration I posted on the forum, then some guy posts a message saying it was BS and I was trying to create drama, and that's just not true. I believe dozens of other people, soccer moms, working guys like me are going thru the same process at the Delray Beach Maroone Ford here in south florida. I guess that's why the service people and the gen man. are pissed off, I don't know. F' it I'm going to handle it myself. New tires,rims and rotors........... Daniel
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    I think what Mark was reacting to was the way in which you started a new topic with some pretty loaded words and then didn't supply much in the way of facts so that we could begin to understand what was going on.

    I understand your frustration, but let's face it - you have a vibration. It's not like the wheels were falling off!! Vibrations are annoying, but not scandalous.

    But let me take some of the info you posted and give you some insight into what may be going on:

    ".....the mechanic came out visibly frustrated and tired talking about "indexing" ,then weight balancing, numerous times after test runs in the truck.......The buck seemed to stop with the general manager, the service man. and the parts man. To my knowledge they were making the call to "change" the tires until suitable ones were found, that has yet to happen........"

    I think that says it all. They don't know what the problem is. They've gotten good values on the GSP9700, and the truck still vibrates and they are frustrated. That means it isn't the tires or the rims - it's something in the truck and the dealer doesn't have a clue what it is.

    Now looking back, don't you think your posting was a little over the top?
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    I've got the same problem; got a 2004 FX4 Crew Cab w/29K on it. Vibration has been with me since day one. Fought with several dealers in NJ, finally one replaced all tires, and put a "dampner" on the truck. Still have a small vibration, but think a 40K truck should have no vibration. Stationed in ohio now, had it balanced last oil change. The guy road forced it, but said one of the tires was a "25", the maximum, so he put it on the RR. I think they're Goodyears. What do you think? Have they had problems with the goodyears as well?

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    sounds like your dealer is the problem! I just bought my first F150, I picked it up on friday night and hit the freeway and had a terrible vibration, took it back the next morning on a Saturday and within 3 hours had a brand new set of Michlins. My truck had General Tires on and as soon as I told them the problem they immediately knew what it was, they even provided me with a loaner truck!
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    Go back to the salesman and let him know how you are being treated and that you will go elswhere next and also don't take no for an answer they can replace them with other brands, my dealer put Michlins on my truck!
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    Sorry it took me so long to respond - holidays and all!

    Like Daniel, I don't think your problem is tires either. "25" is a fairly decent number, and shouldn't cause a problem on a truck.
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    I have a 2001 Ford Lariat 4x4 with 17 inch wheels. I had someone give me a set of 17 inch tires and rims off of a Dodge. Will the Dodge rims go on my Ford, both are 5 lug?
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  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    Nope... bolt circle is different - Ford is 135mm (~5.3"), Dodge is 5.5". You could force them on but they'd start enlarging the bolt holes to the inside, and could lead to lug failure and the whole wheel falling off.

    kcram - Pickups Host
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    i got my first f-150, 07 with 17-inch wheels, plaint gray painted. want to put somthing else on it .can the tire pressure montiors be taken off the stock wheels , or the system turned off, or what? can they be remounted on the new wheels,any help or info on this would really be helpful.
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    I purchased a new F250 2008, ran and drove good smooth also. I took it to the dealer for 10k service, rotated the tires, I drove it home it was vibrating,, they ford have to date replaced the tires three times, from the ones that came on i it,,,to good year then mechiluem, Been working on it for weeks and have failed to repair it. They did say the center hole in the wheels were not centered and it would have to be balanced using the lug holes only, bought the tool to do that,, the truck still shaking... Anyone with a fix please write..they seem to have given up..

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    I need to know if factory 17" rims off a 2005 f150 will fit a 2001 f150, Std Cab 2x2.
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    Hello. I bought a used 2004 F-150 FX4. It is in mint condition, but the tires are down to 6/32. I live in the Upper Midwest and I am thinking it is time for some new feet. My question is currently, there are LT275 65 R18's on there. It is not my primary vehicle, and I don't haul a boat, trailer, camper. Do I still need the LT series, or can I get by with a different series? I don't want junk, but if they don't have to be LT, perhaps I can save a few bucks. Also, would there be differential/ratio issues with getting a different series of tire? Opinions and advise are welcome.

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    I have a 2006 F-350 King Ranch. It has 4 full-size doors, 8' bed with dual rear wheels and is a 4 X 4. The existing tires are Toyo Open Country AT and the size is LT265/70/17. I had the two front tires replaced today and after they were mounted, I was informed that they had put on P265/70/17. I am aware of the differences between the LT and P designation, but are they acceptable to be on the front of my truck. I plan on replacing the rear tires in a couple weeks with the LT265/70/17. I tow a 37' fifth wheel trailer, up to 800 miles, every couple months. Thank You! Pat
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    First, 4X4's need to identical tires in all wheel positions. Identical means same size, make, model, and state of wear. To do otherwise is to risk damage to your drivetrain - very expensive.

    Second, "P" type tires are NOT acceptable replacements for "LT" type tires. You should discontinue doing business with anyone who would make this mistake.

    You need to take care of this right away. Not in a couple of weeks - NOW!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
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    Completely agree. As the owner of a 4x4 dually, I wouldn't set foot in a shop that told me P-metric tires were sufficient substitutions for LT-metric applications... especially E load rated LT tires.

    Harmon0406, in the case of your F-350, those P-tires are overloaded and will overheat very quickly, putting you at serious risk for a front tire blowout.

    When in doubt, check the sticker on the door jamb for the correct size - including weight class and load rating.

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    I have an 2003 F-150 2 Wheel drive, the Goodyear tires i used in the past are just not getting any traction. I am looking to get away from the passenger tires. I am willing to go to an 17" rim and tires if they will work. Thanks Ron...
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