Lincoln Mark LT Electrical/Lighting/Computer

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If it requires voltage and isn't doing what it should, ask about it here

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    I have a 2006 Mark LT. The problem i am having is that the only power window switch that works is the drivers side switch. I have removed and cleaned and greased the other three switches with no luck. Looking at the owner's manual it appears that the only fuse that would affect these switches is the 30A circuit breaker #401. Obviously the fuse is ok since the driver's side works. It just seems weird that it is the other three that are not working. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
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    First, make sure you haven't inadvertently activated the window lock (this blocks window operation from anywhere other than the driver's control).

    If you're sure that's not the issue, then the driver's switch could be bad, sending out a signal as if you have engaged the window lock.

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    I have checked to ensure the window lock was not on. However, I never thought about it being "shorted out" i suppose. The only thing that would make me think that the problem is not the window lock is that the other switches don't even light up at night..... Like they aren't getting power? I'm not very handy with an ohm meter, but i did get a voltage reading across the terminals when i checked the connection from the wire to the switch. thanks for your suggestions.
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