Electrical Issues

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I have a 2012 Mini Countryman S. Bought it recently with 75k miles. Headlights work when the car is run but light switch on turn signal does not work. I thought that was probable simple enough to figure out until I had some paint work done on both front doors. When I picked it up from the body shop they told me that they had to jump the battery to start it and there was a lighting alert on the info screen.
When I got into the car I discovered several new electrical and lighting issues: Neither front windows go up or down, door locks don't work, turn signals don't work, dash lights don't work, dome light doesn't work, fog lights don't work and door open light indicates passenger door is open. If it was just the door open, windows not working and door locks not working I would easily believe it had to do with the paint shop visit, but with all the other issues it doesn't seem that it the sole issue.
Any thoughts, advise or similar experience from owners or mechanics?
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