What happened to the "raptor" motor in the Limited Trim?

mustgofastmustgofast Member Posts: 65
edited January 2021 in Ford
Considered buying a new '21 Limited as I like some of the updates, but it seems they removed the biggest reason to pay for the Limited trim (inclusion of the Raptor output motor). They are still charging the 12k upgrade for the trim though (nuts).

Per Ford's site '20 F150's offered (HP/TQ): 375/470 (Std 3.5T) or a 450/510 in the Limited & Raptor Trims
Now in '21 all trims with the 3.5T get a 400/510 version of this motor.

So basically a 2020 F150 Limited has 50hp more than the '21 version of the same.

Anyone have any info on "why" and what happened here? I can't find anything but it seems odd that they kept the massive price premium and ditched the biggest reason to pay it.


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