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Does anybody know where I can find a single or double din mounting bracket for a 2006 Legacy wagon. I want to install an aftermarket in dash navigation unit and I cant find the part I need. I already tried audio accessory manufacturers such as Metra ( and Best Kits ( Would appreciate the help, thanks.


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    go to under "car audio and video", there is a "what fits my car?" menu item. select it and give it your car info. i just did it and they mention a "Subaru Legacy & Outback In-dash Receiver Kit". that may be what you seek.
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    Actually, the area where you want to mount the double DIN bracket will only support an aftermarket unit such as a Pioneer/etc. where the large screen 'folds in' to the unit (in other words with the Metra or Crutchfield aftermarket part). Also - do you have the manual A/C? Otherwise you're out of luck. The auto A/C circuit board electronics are somehow integrated with the radio/CD unit - Subaru does it again!!! I've seen very few units (AVIC comes to mind) where the screen can be accomodated 'wholly visible', i.e., flush with the console. Someone over in the forums took the Metra unit (single DIN with cubbyhole), sawed the cubbyhole portion out to make it 'quasi' double-DIN, and mounted a Kenwood double DIN nav unit. However, such an install is very challenging to say the least due to cramped space. I was looking at using the center top cubby (between the two air vents) to mount a smaller (C320/C330) unit from Garmin. Space is too tight - it cannot be mounted in dash. Go over to forums, you will find a thread for a cubby mod for the Magellan unit. However, I don't trust Magellan - so I'm going to stay put until I hear good reviews of the Averatec Voya, or can figure out how to put the Garmin Nuvi 350 in that cubby space somehow. :sick:
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    Thanks for the replies. I had seen double din units mounted in the center top cubby on japanese sites but it looks like there is a ridiculous amount of custom work involved in the process. I think Im going to just order the cruthfield single din bracket and install the AVIC N3 instead. I actually wasnt able to find the bracket on metra's website by the way, so now I have to have the crutchfield bracket sent to an American address and then relayed to me in Canada. Oh and yes I do have the manual AC controls, which is not making anything easier.
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    Here is the Metra part and install documentation - hope that helps. I think it is the same as the Crutchfield kit - but the color match may be slightly off. Good luck!!
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    Hi all:

    I've got some Boston Acoustics speakers to install in my 2002 Subaru Legacy Wagon. The fronts are components (SL 60) and the rear are coaxials (SX 65).

    As you folks know, the factory speakers come mounted on an angled bracket that seems to be a good thing to use, do you agree?

    I've cut the back part of the brackets off to give the magnets clearance, but am wondering about the best way to mount the speakers to the bracket. I was going to drill some holes into the bracket for mounting to the bracket. Is this what you would recommend? any other tips?

    What about the tweeters? I was going to put them in surface mounted. The BA SL60 have a surface mount holder that's angled ... recommendations on the best way to point them, i.e. up, towards the listener, etc.?

    thanks for your help!
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    I bought the tweeters from Subaru and put in my 2003 Legacy. It was prewired, so, took about 15 mins for installation.
    I also purchased the subwoofer from Subaru and installed that. Since it required to be plugged into the dash unit, it took a little longer to install.
    I purchased some speakers from Crutchfield and replaced all four of them in the doors. The factory speakers are paper/fiber cones and distort easily at high volumes. Replacement was a simple process.
    With the base unit, I now have awesome sound that most passengers always comment on the clarity and bass.

    2003 Subaru Legacy L Spec Edt
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    Sounds good. ;) Congrats.
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    Proud owner of a 2005 OUTBACK not so happy with the hassle of tying in a MP3 access to the sound system. I live in a city, Portland OR, that has an over crowded radio band ban and I’m sick of static on my iTrip. I like the interior design of the console to much to buy and after-market head unit. I’ve look into getting hard wire FM modulator into my stock system but that seems a bit pricey and having to run a blank CD seems like functional but awkward work around.

    This bring me to my next idea

    I found a used 2007 radio, [which as the aux jack and face plate] at a yard here in Portland and I would like to know if I could remove my current unit and replace it with the 2007? Are the wireing harness compatible? I called the parts people at the “Countries largest Subaru dealer” here in town and got the snub [disapointing]. I would love to get some professional advice on this before I buy.

    Any insight would be great!!

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    Yup it's doable, and that's the only "aftermarket" radio that will work in the Legacy. Any other aftermarket ones will render your HVAC controls useless on a LGT.

    I am considering this swap for my 05 LGT.

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    Mike thanks for the reply I was wondering what have you discovered in terms of connections? and details of the swap.

    I sent Subaru the same message I posted here and below is their response.

    Dear Mr. Laska:

    Thank you for visiting the Subaru of America Web site and for your message. I
    am happy to learn that you are proud of your 2005 Outback; but, frustrated that
    you do not have an MP3 access to the sound system.

    Using your name and mailing information, I searched for your 2005 Outback to
    make sure our records were up to date. I was able to find your 1997 Outback;
    but, not a 2005 Outback. At your convenience, please reply to this message with
    the VIN for your 2005 Outback.

    Subaru has never modified a 2005 Outback with the stereo system and auxiliary
    input jack from a 2007 Outback. Therefore, we are unable to advise you if or
    how this could be done. About the only recommendation that I can provide is for
    you to review the Technical Service Manuals. They may contain the information
    you are seeking. You can purchase publications online through our Technical
    Publications Web site. Once on our home page,, use the 'SUBARU
    OWNERS' heading to select the 'Technical Information' option. You will then be linked to our online Technical Publications Web
    site. Instructions are on this Web site on how to subscribe and/or purchase

    I am sorry that I could not provide you with the response you were hoping for.


    John J. Mergen
    Subaru of America, Inc.
    Customer/Dealer Services Department
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    yeah SOA can't tell you how to mod your car. should have some info, I haven't looked deep into it but will when I am ready to do the swap.

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    Did it work? I'm in the same boat with the same questions. Just curious how it worked out for you.

    Also, what did your junk yard charge for the deck and faceplate?

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    I would also like to know if you did pursue this 2007 to 2005 "audio swap" and if it worked.


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  • tpatcomcasttpatcomcast Member Posts: 3

    I've been using a sirius sportster model. my wife bought me an installable kit for my legacy.

    it was dealer installed, but I'm looking for some of the features the sportster the 'memo' key or the 'band' key. are they not included in this kit? are they hidden somewhere in the radio features?

    I've searched forums and google, can't find any hits.

    any help is appreciated.
    (sorry for the double post; I posted it first as a reply to an old thread, by mistake)
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    We are looking at a 2008 Outback that is prewired for Sirius. Would you recommend installing it at the dealership or is it less expensive aftermarket? Also, if you recommend aftermarket, how difficult is installation?
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    I read with interest that putting an 07 unit in an 05 Outback should work. I have located an 08 changer (with integrated heater controls, like my 06 LL Bean Outback has) and want to swap it out to get the AUX input for my iPod. The 08 unit I found has the AUX jack in the compartment under the center armrest, and I am hoping that I can make this work someway in my 06. Anyone with any experience? My Subaru dealer says they can make this work if I can get them the wiring and AUX jack from the wrecked 08 car, but before I lay out the cash, I am hoping someone here might have some experience with this. Thanks!
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    What is the difference in sound quality from getting an aftermarket board that connects to the CD player vs getting a faceplate replacement from crutchfields and installing an aftermarket stereo with a line in for aux? Also, does Subaru sell a later model stereo unit with the aux option that I could buy and install into my outback (manual ac)?
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    "What is the difference in sound quality from getting an aftermarket board that connects to the CD player vs getting a faceplate replacement from crutchfields and installing an aftermarket stereo with a line in for aux? Also, does Subaru sell a later model stereo unit with the aux option that I could buy and install into my outback (manual ac)? "

    If by "an aftermarket board" you mean something like an FM modulator, know that the sound quality from a modulator (whether hard-wired to your system or transmitted through the air) can never be guaranteed. In other words, it's almost always worse than actually replacing the radio with an "aux in" or "usb in" capable aftermarket head unit.

    Note, you should be able to replace your head unit, since your hvac is manual, but read carefully your installation information from Crutchfield AND talk with people from Subaru about the installation BEFORE doing it. If you do not PROPERLY disconnect the hvac controls, you WILL break something.

    In general both the head unit and the speakers are the primary factors in sound quality. Replacing either or both will do the most for you.
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    not an fm modulator but a circuit board that allows me to link in to the CD audio like the one that jazzy engineering makes. You have to run a blank disc with it.
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