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Ford Explorer Air Conditioner and Heater Problems



  • I have exactly the same vehicle (2004 Explorer) and exactly the same problem. If anyone can advise how to check or repair the blend door without dismantling the dash, please chime in. Thanks.
  • mohrlingmohrling Posts: 9
    Blower only works intermittently. I've replaced resistor package with no success. Next applied a 12volt line directly to blower and it turned on. I'm thinking dash switch? Any other place I may look?
  • mpiacmpiac Posts: 1
    heatertreater, my AC seems to work in that it will put out cool air, but the Max AC portion does not seem to be working. The air output does not increase and the air does not get cooler over time when Max AC is selected. Do you think your blend door fix will take care of my problem?
  • mohrlingmohrling Posts: 9
    OK, so how tough is it to pull the switch? Looks as if the dash may have to go? Anyone?
  • The fan motor is a high current system and there are known problems with the reliability of the wiring over time. The first suspect is always the resistor pack and you have eliminated that as a source of the problem. At the highest speed(max AC) the resistor pack is taken out of the circuit, allowing the full voltage/current sourcing capability to reach the motor and run it at the max speed. Any resistance degradation in the wiring or connectors will be most obvious at full current and the wiring will heat and increase resistance at max load.

    My guess is that you have a bad connector or wiring that has degraded over time and the problem is most evident in full load mode. It won't get better over time and eventually the wires will melt. Check the motor wiring comments on the GC on the forum for an idea of what can go on with the wiring. I haven't seen reports of the same common problem on the Fords as is apparent on the Jeep, but there's no reason that some systems wouldn't see the same issues.

    My suggestion would be to closely inspect the wiring from the motor to the switch, looking for any signs of burns or melted insulation. If it doesn't look pristine, you've found the problem. I'd also inspect all connectors and remove any signs of oxidation by polishing with steel wool or sand paper. The final resolution may be replacing or patching the wiring/connectors.
  • Not sure what year model you have and the answer is slightly different for different years. Max AC is just fan full blast, re-circ mode on, blend door closed against the heater core. If each of these is working independently, but not together, there is a possibility of a control malfunction, but that's unlikely. If you can isolate the operation of the three functions above, we can make a better estimation of what's going wrong when all three are activated at once. Also, check my answer on this forum on motor wiring, that could also be involved.
  • ryangoryango Posts: 1
    When running the AC on my 2003 Ford Explorer there is cool (not cold) air coming from the passenger side vents, and warm air coming from the driver side vents. I have checked the blend door behind the glove box, and it appears to be operating properly, opening and closing when switching from from heat to and ac and when switching from ac to max ac. Any other suggestions on what to check?

    PS, the refrigerent has also recently been recharged.
  • fizzpotfizzpot Posts: 1
    have an 03 ford explorer - air conditioner not working at all - appears the compressor doesn't kick on - what are the causes/solutions I should first address? thanks
  • mikerusmikerus Posts: 1
    Have a 2007 Ford Explorer. Automatic AC blows cold trough upper vents and to the right footwell and it goes warm from left footwell. So the warmer my feet the colder air blows in my face. A local Ford dealer says: "That's the way it works". But it never worked this way till July, 17, 2009. Does anyone now what the problem is? Need help. Please.
  • talebtaleb Posts: 1
    i have a 99 explorer, my heater and a/c is not blowing any air at all, it just stop working 3 days ago. can u help me? i can hear a clicking sound on the right side, under the hood. i can turn the switch on for a/c and the heater, just no air blowing out of vents at all. please help me. i checked all fuses and they are ok.
  • Thanks! Problem was isolated in the wiring at the motor. This was an easy change out to another blower motor and we've got the A/C blowing again.
  • Climate control blows the same in 1,2, or 3 whether it's in heat or AC, I always have to keep it on 4 specially now in the summer and it's too loud on 4 but 1,2,or 3 is the same...would someone tell me where do I start to fix this problem. Thanks
  • dobbsadobbsa Posts: 3
    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. The A/C works fine at idle up to moderate speeds. Once it is at highway speeds, then the A/C turns warm. When I slow down the A/C gets cold again.

    I don't know if this is a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere, or if it is the under the dash door problem. Any help appreciated!
  • My 97 Explorer Limited with electronic temperature control blower quit working -- the fuses, and motor check out, I changed the blower motor resistor. What do I do next? Thanks
  • I have a 2006 Ford Explorer XLT V6. A week ago, I installed a new stereo head unit into the vehicle. I reconnected all the climate controls wires back into the slots. The illumination works on each of the manual dials, but when you switch the activation dial on the right to one of the fan blowing options, I get nothing. I looked at the fuses, but none of them seem blown. Any ideas would be most helpful?
  • My problem started with the swith over from defrost to front vent heat would take awhile to switch over. Now I have a noise under the dash and no heat
  • My problem started when I would try to switch from floor heat to defrost and to vent exc. Now I have a clicking noise under the dash and no heat! Is there a temp repair until i can get to a repair shop and if so how do you locate the flap Iam hearing so much about
  • hash_pennihash_penni IndianaPosts: 13
    I am having this same problem...i have tried doing this already and it is not working...this may sound crazy, but do you have any more specifics on this...the knocking drives me crazy because i need heat!!!
  • leumasleumas Posts: 1
    did you get an answer , i have exactlyu the same problem , no heat and th clicking noise
  • hash_pennihash_penni IndianaPosts: 13
    I figured out the problem. The blend door is broken, and i tried what the lady had said to do, but it didnt work. so i bought the part from napa online, and you can replace it by yourself, but it takes some work. i am picking my part up today, which is only 13 dollars, and i am fixing it on saturday. when i get it done i will let you know how it goes!
    here is the link that i am using to help me with the replacement, and i bought a repair manuel. i am sorry this is all the info i have for now. Number=6601810&Description=Heater+Blend+Door+Repair+Latch
    here is the link for the part.

    i hope this helps you a little!!

  • jenk1jenk1 Posts: 1
    I have pulled out as much as I can on the drivers side and still can't find it???
  • if u can see on the other side where the blend door sits ( the axle of the door) go straight across from there on the drivers side the motor will right in that area it has 3 screws and a small plug ,, warning i replaced the motor in mine and it did the same thing after the first two times finally figured out it was the blend door itself needs to be replaced , cold has set in so i will repair it when it warms up however i did rig a piece of kite string to pull the door open and heat the car works fine now like new .
  • @All, This is one of the reasons why I have stopped purchasing American cars! The reason I am on this forum as of this writing is because I am searching for a solution to this exact problem. Although it is unfortunate, I am glad that I am not the only one or else I would not have found the solution here. Thanks to all for your posts. This, among several other problems regarding this POS model year Explorer, have me really spun up dealing with this vehicle.
  • mg425mg425 Posts: 1
    I have an explorer that thinks its on a/c when its supposed to be on heat. whenever we turn on heat the a/c kicks on. replaced the control knob panel twice, and still does same thing. Any ideas as to whats wrong. Its confused...And I need my heater!
  • I own a 2005 Explorer. I lost heat in the front but it works in the rear of the vehicle. I don't hear any clicking or any other noise like I've seen in some of the other posts. Do I have 2 heater cores and would that be the problem? Thanks for helping.
  • dobbsadobbsa Posts: 3
    Any one have any ideas?

    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. The A/C works fine at idle up to moderate speeds. Once it is at highway speeds, then the A/C turns warm. When I slow down the A/C gets cold again.

    I don't know if this is a vacuum leak under the hood somewhere, or if it is the under the dash door problem. Any help appreciated!
  • rwaterrwater Posts: 2
    how much paneling did you have to remove to even rig the kite string?
  • my explorer is a 2005 but i am having the same exact problem! what year is yours? I wonder if i can fix mine the same way. I am going to try this...i don't know how to figure out if that particular blend door is the proper one for my year care.
  • hash_pennihash_penni IndianaPosts: 13
    ok i figured out what the prob was in my 2002 ford explorer. we thought that our blend door was the problem, but turns out it wasnt. the knocking noise you are all hearing, or at least what i was hearing, was the gears in the blend door actuator, which is connected to the heater controls, which makes the blend door move. we took out the box, which in my truck, was located on the drivers side


    It is really kinda hard to get to, but if you can manage to get to all the screws loose great! we only had to take off the panel near the floor to get to it, but when you get the screws loose, and take out the box, you have to open it up and look at the teeth of the gears, if they are not broken off or chipped then thats not your prob. my gears were broken. you can do 1 of 2 things. if the gears are broken, you can go to an auto store and order a new actuator, which is around 40 some dollars, and then just put the new box in, replace the screws, and your i actually have a quick fix solution while your waiting on the part to come in. when you open up the box, there is a piece that sticks out of the box, that fits into a slot in the dash that connects to the blend door. if you take that piece out of the actuator, just that one piece....and stick it back in the hole in the dash, you can manually turn the heat on by flipping the piece either forward or backward, but the blower will have to be turned on for it to stay on. but this is a quick fix and it will give you heat, until you get that box replaced. if you have any questions, or this doesnt make sense let me know. thanks kasey
  • Kasey,

    Thanks so much for the info. I will be trying this soon because IM COLD!

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