The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program

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Headsup for those that missed this,seems to be working,I took my 03 Legacy to MCcurley Subaru and got a very solid NADA book value... now I just need to pull the trigger and get that Tribeca or XT :) Question on the XT, does it have VDC and a 4 or 5 speed auto?



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    yea it has VDC, and goes like stink!
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    5 speed auto.

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    I did it. I traded in my 04 X Forester which had 43K (close to their limit) and didn't intend to buy but I checked and checked and considering the miles I felt I had to jump. I had a deal with an equivalent X that was i.e. even. My payment the same within 7 bucks, same terms just carrying forward. There were a few things like Subaru Loyalty 500 bucks in addition to instant rebate and the fact that Kansas only makes you pay sales tax on the difference. I i.e. payed most of the sales taxes on the 04 so that was worth i.e. about 800 bucks.

    But then I got greedy and ended up with a Premium Package. I didn't get the color I wanted, but that was about it.
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    Nah, don't feel like you were greedy. If anything, the extras may make you decide to keep it longer next time, and in the long-term that strategy could actually save you money.

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    I'm not sure trading my *payed for* 03 with 40k makes sense
    yet,I'm leaning more towards keeping till 55k or 5 years before *selling* not trading. True the GTP is better then the norm (below dealer auction prices)but unless your move makes a big technology jump,whats the point? VDC might be the killer app and I do like that Tribeca so who knows. :)
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    If you wait too long, your trade ain't worth much, and doesn't even qualify for the GTP.

    I guess as long as you set aside the money, put it in a car fund of some sort, you'll be better off keeping your paid off car.

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    I've always wondered just how much a car really depreciates after the initial drop.

    I especially avoid making payments at this stage in my life so keeping a fairly new 03 till 60k or 5 years is getting more appealing. The GTP will offer me $12.5 or so (retail approx $15k) but I'm thinking it'll be worth $10k+ retail or so in another 2 years selling instead of least this seems to be the trend at KBB.
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    I had a 2004 Forester that had been scraped along the driver's side by a snow-sweeper, and I had it fixed. No driving accident, no structural damage...but when I tried to trade it in for a 2007, the dealer told me that the bodywork meant the car did NOT qualify for the GTP.

    I could have produced the police report and insurance claim, but was told that I'd have been better off presenting the car with all the was the paint which rendered the car ineligible for the GTP.

    Can anyone verify this is true? Or false?
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    IIRC the GTP wants cars in good condition. Essentially once you have a panel painted the car is no longer in factory-sold condition and even if it isn't an accident, they would have a hard time making it a CPO car.

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