Service Ride Control Problem Compressor Bad ?

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Hi guys, I was hoping someone might be able to share some info with me. I posted on this forum in the past and it was very helpful. Anyways I have 2002 Escalade and service ride control light has been on and off for sometime. I have noticed that it handles like crap. I tried to drive it on freeway and not so good real poor control. The car was a gift from a friend & he told me it needs work shocks, tires, tune up, exc. So I went through it and changed the plugs, air filter, oil, map sensor, flushed radiator and whatnot. Now have to figure out this ride problem. When I start the truck I don't hear the compressor at all so I figure that it is bad. I checked fuse it looks good. So I was going to buy & install a new compressor to see if that helps. I don't want to dump to much cash into the truck. Does anyone think I might be able to get away with just a new compressor. Maybe that it might fix my steering issues. And I am not sure what brand of compressor to buy. I have been reading on the internet that you have to spice wires together to get the new one to work the with computer system in the truck. That is not a big deal but just sounds stupid. I don't want junk. What brand of compressor is good for this vehicle. Sorry about the spelling at work had to hurry. I would appreciate any info/help someone might be able to share with me. Thanks a lot..
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