2008 Honda Element

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    Anyone know of seat covers for the rear seat when the are in the "stored up" position? Looking for something to cover them when hauling my dogs around!
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    Anyone know of seat covers for the rear seat when the are in the "stored up" position? Looking for something to cover them when hauling my dogs around!

    What does the above message have to do with the 2008 model Element which this board is for ?
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    Sometimes people who aren't familiar with our structure have a hard time finding the right place to post. My suggestion is that next time when someone posts in the wrong discussion, you provide them with a nudge in the right direction rather than making a critical and off-topic post 5 weeks later. Or, just skip it altogether.

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    Make your own from an old beach towel and a couple of bungies... There should be enough features to attach it securely and clean looking...
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    Any news on the Stereo System for the 2008 Element. It has a double din space, so they could put in a similar system that is offered in Accord with Touchscreen GPS, XM, iPod Atatchment, etc. I love the vehicle but the sound system is lacking. When I spoke to a rep at corporate, she said that it was a cost issue, how can this be if it would be an upgrade?
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    Has anyone heard any news about the element besides its going to get a redesign and power increase? I would like to know detals. Help would be excellent. :confuse:
  • ragetsragets Member Posts: 63
    I think that the new 2009 Element is going to be like the Honda CrossRoad. I did some research last night, and I hate to say it, but I thik it is going to be. It goes on sale in Febuary in Europe and it's boxy, sits 7 and is about the size of a CR-V. here's some web places to check it out:
    I hope Honda doesn't have this be the new Element because it will truly destroy the Element of its uniqueness. :cry:
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    I know there is no guarantee that the pics are the actual new look of the Element, but thanks for making my decision easier. I was on the fence on going ahead and getting the '07 SC or wait in case the redesign looked better. When I saw the Crossroad pics, I knew I'd prefer the '07. Thanks for posting the links.
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    I to took the plunge and got the SC 07, when I saw some possible photos of the newer possible 08 model, not too long ago. Like the suicide door, and over all appearance of the SC model, not to mention for me the root beer color.

    The newer model, if that is what it may look like, seems a bit too big, probably lousy gas mileage, and heavier as well. Do like the NAV system, but had that on my 06 civic and hardly used it.

    Of course, that may not be the new 08 model, and if its not and its better looking than the 07, I'm going to smack someone.... My self :cry:
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    The Element badly needs a diesel to fix its biggest weakness...mpg.

    A diesel Element with lots of torque that got 35mpg. Sounds good to me.
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    I would also love Honda to do a limited edition 'Woody'. I think they could sell them, the customer base interested in Elements are not your average customer, they are looking for something with character.
    Totally agree on the diesel, perhaps in '09. I have heard that there will be an Accord diesel at that time.
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    One of the main selling points for me with my 2006 Element was the suicide doors and the versatility with my music equipment, bicycles, day job equipment. If it looks and is wqupped like every other mid-size SUV, I'll either keep the one I have or get the SC.

    Does Honda have a clue about the Elements niche market?
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    It would be nice if there was someway to fit a fifth passenger......I'm comtemplating buying an 07 and when we travel with all three kids we'll still be forced to take the wife's CRV... :mad:
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    Does anybody know if I were to pull an in-dash GPS out of another Honda, like the Accord or CR-V, if it would work in the Element. I keep getting "No" from dealers and Honda Corporate, but nobody can tell me why it wouldn't work. I'm inclined to believe that I'm being lied to by the dealer and by corporate because they don't offer it, I don't care if they offer it, I'm more than happy to buy a honda GPS unit on ebay or a Honda Parts specialty store, but I don't want to make the investment if it's not going to work. I prefer not to get an aftermarket In-Dash system because there is no garauntee that the steering controls will work. Does anybody know if it can be done?
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    Do you mean the 08 Element? If not, you're more likely to get responses in our Honda Element group, where owners of current models may be able to help you.

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    Well for that matter does anybody know if the '08 Element will come with an In-Dash Nav System? Does anybody know anything about the '08 or is this room just rumors?
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    The Element is not on the redesign list, so I doubt there will be any major changes.

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  • mrjohnsmith99mrjohnsmith99 Member Posts: 6
    Both Motor Trend and Intellichoice still show a redesign for 2008. If not, when does Edmunds believe the redesign will come?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,134
    If it's not on our future vehicles list, we haven't received official word from the manufacturer that a re-design is in the works... at all. If you check the regular (non-future) Element discussions, there are people who seem to know what Honda's general "cycle" is for re-designs.

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    Well they just gave it a refresh and the SC so i think they'll be around for 2 years before they update the whole model. The new refresh looks great and the addition of the SC is cool too. I have an element and i like the refresh version. and honda usually has a refresh out for 2 years before an all new model, so i think 2009.
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    mike is right, the refresh is very nice and should be around for at least a year before changing. (since the refresh actually occured the year before, and the trim levels were just different, it may be safe to assume that the 09 accord will be the one to watch for, assuming that honda keeps it going and doesn't use that new crossover, which is quite nice too.)

    i guess this means we can look forward to a cool special edition version like we have for other honda vehicles.
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    Does anyone know when the 2008 models will be available for purchase? I haven't bought one since 1980, and haven't been paying attention to their release dates. My wife saw one and loves it, so.... now I have to buy one. She wants a Rootbeer SC. Since it is May already, should I wait for the 2008's?
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    I am living in Canada (Montreal), and 3 weeks ago I was almost ready to order my new 2007 Element, and when the dealer was looking for availability of my model/color, he found that almost nothing is available at the moment. The color that I want, will be only available in the next shipment to Canada for the 2008 models. And that is next July!! No more info. No date, no specifications.
    So I decided to wait for the 2008 model and expect more options (like navigation system, external thermometer, heated side mirror, etc...).

    I don't have any proof. But you can verify if you want. The dealer is Hamel Honda (www.hamelhonda.com). Give them a call! Ask for availability for a blue 2007 element 4wd....

    I can wait to have the new specs! I also hope no price increase....
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    when does information about new models typically come out? i've never paid any attention (until now b/c i'm in the market).

    it sounds like no one knows much about the 2008. i'm praying for a more fuel efficient engine - esp in light of the recent gas prices.
  • ragetsragets Member Posts: 63
    Honda already has it on their website as the 2008.


    I already requested a brochure. :)
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    I bought the first 2008 Element sold in the Chicago area (according to the dealer) in mid-June. I bougth the SC in gray because I liked the tires, projector headlights and the carpeted interior. The XM radio with subwoofer sounds great, it's fun to drive, I get 22-24 MPG so far (~ 1000 miles) and it gets a lot more admiring looks that I expected. NAV, Outside Temp, compass, etc were not available and I can't tell the '07 SC from the '08, but I couldn't get fog lamps installed (yet) because the '07 fog lamps won't fit. So far, I think it's practical (the SC truly has a dual personality), comfortable, fun to drive and clearly unique looking. I only wish they had more geek options.
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    Just bought the wife an '08 SC (root-beer) to replace her mini-van.

    I'd like to get her the 'tent' and 'table' accessories. The Honda site isn't really clear. Has anyone here tried the 'tent' option on the SC?

    This isn't for camping, more like tailgating and watching the tennis tourneys from the parking lot. A little shade can be a good thing.

  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    It seems that the Element doesn’t come with any roof rails although a cross bar/roof rack is an option. Could someone tell me what it is the maximum weight that the Element optional roof rack can support? I would like to install a Yakima SpaceCadet 15 cubic feet (35 pounds). I think that this roof box will fit neatly on the car. In a RAV4 forum somebody said that the maximum permissible weight on a cross bar in the RAV4 is not more than 75 pounds that is a ridiculous feature.
  • colloquorcolloquor Member Posts: 482
    We are in the market for a new 2008 Element, and the LX FWD meets most of our needs. Obviously, the EX FWD has some nice extra amenities, but the only that we would miss in descending order are: front armrests, map lights, and overhead storage bin. All of the other extras, although nice, we really don't need.

    Does anyone know if front armrests from the EX can be retrofitted to the LX? Or, are there other options to address this? And from my experience with Honda products in the past, perhaps even the overhead console could be purchased from the parts department and retrofitted to the LX?? Just wondering here . . . many times, manufacturers actually run electrical wiring to such items as map lights, but on certain trims the lights and switches aren't installed.

    Any input on this would be appreciated.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    When my wife bought hers six months ago, she basically came to the $2000 conclusion. We live in love bug land and we knew the black bumpers were better. Think about this way. Interest rates are dropping. Honda had 4.9 when we got ours. It is 40 more dollars a month for the EX.

    We wanted those same two things (armrests and map storage). However, the LX without the subwoofer has a wonderful storage area. There is also a pocket under the radio in the LX. We use it has a CD storage area. After going on a 2000 mile trip, an armrest would have been nice, but it was never uncomfortable not to have one. Since the only difference in the seats are the armrests, you could just change the seats with an EX, but that would probably cost some money and you would be better off to just get the EX.

    I strongly recommend getting the fog lights no matter what model you get. They have proved their worth several times especially on the last big trip.
  • seroqseroq Member Posts: 12
    New Honda Element 2008 LX 4WD.
    On inner fuse box cover a small plastic piece 2"X1" with a flashing blue LED light that does not shut off, theft system etc.? Can't find in owners manual. Don't know what it is or how to turn it off. Otherwise all other components function well. Some guidance please.
  • colloquorcolloquor Member Posts: 482
    Thanks for the input. I'm leaning toward the LX as I previously mentioned, as I really don't need some of the features of the EX. Alloy wheels are nice, but it increases the maintenance time and potential costs. Plus, if you scrub a curb with a wheel in the LX, the only thing you may have to replace is the wheel cover, not the wheel! So, the area that contains the front-firing subwoofer in the EX is just open space in the LX? That's actually nice . . . I haven't seen an LX in the flesh yet, as the local dealers only generally stock the EX and SC.

    I've received some pretty good quotes from dealers on the LX, and the EX as well. The best quote I've received on the 2008 LX 2WD is $17,900 before TTL.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Not a bad price.

    I added the fog lights, rubber mats, cargo tray (carpet)- for no sliding of groceries, and exhaust chrome finisher.
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