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Sport Trac Sound Systems

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516


  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Member Posts: 56
    If anyone has questions about replacing the factory radio in their 2007 Sport Trac, post the questions here.
    I replaced my factory head unit with the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 navigation unit and it's awesome. If anyone is considering purchasing the factory navigation system for their Sport Trac, please consider this aftermartket unit 1st. I can send you pictures on how clean the Pioneer installation looks with NO MODIFICATION to the dash at all! :shades:
  • dmoulddmould Member Posts: 76
    I have the Audiophile system in my 2007 Limited, and I replaced the rear dual cone speakers with 3-way Pioneers. All I can say is wow, the system is crystal clear all the way up the volume scale. Awesome system with that upgrade!
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    I have the service manuals and wiring diagrams for the 2006 Explorer and Mountaineer, so post if you need help.

    You will be amazed, even stunned, by the difference made by replacing the factory speakers with good speakers. I just started the installation of my navigation and sound system by installing all four speakers. Even with going slow and a few interruptions for phone calls, it only took 2 hours.

    I bought the Cerwin-Vega IT-683 speakers:

    Thanks ayarbo1 for the lead on that retailer.

    I bought the AVIC-Z1, camera, Bluetooth unit, and XM & XM NavTraffic units from:

    and the installation kit and adapters from Crutchfield.

    The back-up camera was backordered, then mis-shipped, but I expect to finally have it in a few days. I have already soldered and shrink-wrapped the connections from the AVIC-Z1 harness to the adapter harness which will plug into the Ford radio connector. I am taking pictures as I do the work, and will post them somewhere.

    You need to connect the AVIC-Z1 to the vehicle speed output from the computer, the back-up lights, and the parking brake. As far as I can tell, the only vehicle speed output from the computer is one wire which runs to the windshield wiper system. Is that the one everyone else used?

    I think that I will drill a hole through the roof above the roof console and mount the XM and GPS antennas in one of the troughs on the front portion of the roof. Where did you mount your antennas?
  • grizzzzygrizzzzy Member Posts: 2
    I would love to see a pic
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Member Posts: 56
    Grizzzzly, your email address is not posted so I don't know where to send the picture......fell free to email me
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Member Posts: 56
    grizzzzy, you've got mail.....
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Member Posts: 56
    dmould, what's the model number of the 3-way Pioneers you installed in the rear? Did you have to do any mpodifucations to install them?
  • dmoulddmould Member Posts: 76
    I'm not sure of the model # of the speakers that I installed, but they bolted right in, no modifications required.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    I just finished the installation of the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 with the Bluetooth, XM radio & NavTraffic, and backup camera units, and Cerwin Vega speakers. To see pictures go to

    and look at the album under my user name - fsmmcsi

    Having the shop manuals was essential.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    Everyone - I just added two more photos.

    The Crutchfield adapter harness has an orange wire for the IP illumination connection, but the harness in the Explorer does not have a wire in the corresponding slot. The screen was very bright last night, so I realized my error, opened it up today, and connected the orange illumination wire from the AVIC-Z1 to the IP illumination wire on the HVAC controls (blue with brown stripe). Now the screen dims when the lights are on.
  • spinkickspinkick Member Posts: 1
    Hey, do you know how to hook up a satellite radio directly to the factory OEM radio in a ford sport trac with a, SAT button? If you do, I really appreciate the help. Thanks
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Member Posts: 792
    You should have no problems buying the Ford Sirius unit and antenna, either as parts or from a wrecked Explorer. The harness and connector satelite receiver was already in place in my 2006 EB Explorer (it mounts behind the plastic panel on the right side of the passenger footwell).
  • degurldegurl Member Posts: 1
    I have the 2007 sport trac with the sirius radio/backseat dvd entertainment system...when i turn the volume down on the radio, i get a strange sound from the back speakers...sounds like water gurgling or a coffee pot percolating.

    Any ideas? It is annoying and it interferes with the music. The guy at the dealership "doesn't hear it"...everyone else who rides with me does.
  • kj45kj45 Member Posts: 1
    My 07 Sport Trac has the audiophile mp3 stereo player.

    Can I play a cd with WMA files, or do I need to convert to MP3?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  • disasterdisaster Member Posts: 1
    i'm looking to put a RCA converter in my 07 sport trac. i see you have wiring diagrams. I need to know what color the right speakers are coded along with the left both positive and negative. If you could tell me this that would be great
  • emsguy4youemsguy4you Member Posts: 1
    What model Pioneers diud you use?

    [email protected]
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    As noted in the post box instructions, please do not put your email address in your posts. We have no control over who may choose to use them maliciously. Your email address in your profile is much safer, and all members have a CarSpace email address they can access from their CarSpace page - username at

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • scoot86scoot86 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Sport trac with the Adrenalin sound system (Pioneer). I was under the impression that it was MP3/Satellite ready. Is there a jack to hook up an MP3 player??? (3.5mm jack or something else) Thanks for all the help.
  • glennnallglennnall Member Posts: 2
  • glennnallglennnall Member Posts: 2
    2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac -

    I'm putting in a new JVC stereo. no problem.

    to identify the wiring in the Ford's harness, i've found many 'diagrams' that all define the same wires:

    Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Light Green
    Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Black
    Car Radio Ground Wire: Black
    Car Radio Illumination Wire: Light Blue/Red
    and so on...

    i've paired off all my speaker wires, which DO match said diagrams, and i'm left with NO yellow wire, 2 RED w/ black stripe wires, 2 GREEN (same shade) w/ black stripe and a WHITE w purple stripe.

    could some kind soul please, please explain :

    a) why several diagrams online are calling for Lt Green and Yellow/Black and Lt Blue/Red while i have NONE of those wires in my harness...?


    b) how to make my stereo work? :o)

    aside from my speaker wires, my stereo harness has BLACK, RED and YELLOW. Even the speaker wires match. who'da thunk it...?

    i really do appreciate anyone's help.
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