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Audi A3 European Delivery!

dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
edited March 2014 in Audi
Finally, 3% on A3 and 5% on other models. But it's a start!



  • am checking Audi web site out for more details...

    Wonder how it compares to Saab, BMW, et all?

    One "gotcha" I found is apparently customer has to pay 19% VAT and sales price to his "arranger" USA dealer before taking euro delivery of the vehicle. When the vehicle comes to the USA, the arranger dealer gets customer reimbursed for VAT.
    How does this work in practice? How long does this reimbursement actually take? I see Audi has some strict time limits as to when these transfers and deliveries must occur.
  • guestguest Posts: 770 .html

    Yeah, not sure if I want to "loan" them 6k :surprise: for the VAT...Im sure BMW,Volvo, Saab handle that in another manner. Perhaps that will be worked out as time goes on.

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