Hybrid sounds in the Venza 2021 Hybrid

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I just rented a 2021 Venza Hybrid from Toyota so I can really check it out. Overall, I'm really impressed! I got the Limited, with the 12" screen. I like the fact that you still get temperature and fan speed physical buttons, even though you can do that through the touch screen.

I found the power / acceleration more than adequate, and the ride smooth. The seats were really nice, with a 4-way lumbar support - better than my current lexus RX350 (2013). Passenger seat does not raise / lower, which bugs me (my g/f is short!). Overall, it's nice and quiet, but there is wind noise over 70mph, which is an issue for me as I do a lot of long freeway driving. Really not much to complain about.

But the weirdest thing is the noise when hardly moving at all! When you roll and brake gently to a stop, and then start up again, there's a weird 'whooshing' sound that kicks in at the lowest speed - below 10mph. Since I drive a lot without music, this could drive me crazy .. or maybe I could get used to it.

Another slight annoyance is - the car has 2 USB ports at the front. I have a usb stick that has my lifetime collection of music on it, and I was pleased to see that the audio system played it just fine. But ... when I plugged in my Android phone to the other USB port, to use android auto, the USB stick was no longer available as a source!
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