Honda CR-V Sunroof and Water Leaks

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I have a 2001 Honda CR-V with a leakage problem. Originally it was coming into the passenger side. My father and I partially took apart the trim at the base of the windshield to see if we could find where the water was coming in, but found nothing. So we put it back together and oddly enough, no more wate came it. At least on that side. Now water comes in on the drivers side. When it rains hard, I actually have standing water in the car. We took off the wipers and completely removed the trim piece, then ran a hose on it. No water came in at all. So we put it back together, and the next time it rained, i had water inside again. :( I see inside where it looks like it is coming in. There are drops of water at the buttons for both the rear window and the lever for the hood. Like it is coming in there. Though my father looked behind those spots with a mirror and did not see anything. Does anyone have any ideas??? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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    I had a leak on my 97 that dogged me for months. The dealer tried everything, even resealing the front windshield. After much tracking, inside the engine compartment where the firewall meets the inside fender well, there was a cracked weld. Water would get inside the engine compartment from here. Have your father look inside the engine compartment where the front fender well curves down. If he doesn't see any cracks in the welds, then this isn't the problem. Anyhow, this is what my problem eventually was. It was fixed with some epoxy sealant. If it turns out to be this problem, post an email to let me know.
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    I brought my one month old V to a touchless carwash yesterday and when I got out there was water that had made it through the seal in the sunroof. Has any one else experienced this? Is this common for high power car washes? I haven't noticed leaking in the few days of moderate rain we've had here.
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    Did any water leak into the interior? Or was it contained to the channels around the interior opening?

    If it was only in the channels, there are drain holes in these channels which direct water through tubes to under the vehicle. This is normal at times to expect some leakage.

    If water leaked into the interior, then you have a problem.
    Take it back to the dealer and ask him for a leak test.

    I have owned an 02V and have an 07V, on occasion I have had moisture in the drain channels.
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    No water leaked into the car. I pulled the shade down before the car wash. When I was out of the car wash, I opened the shade, noticed a few small drops of water between where the shade was and the window on the side, and noticed more water when I stuck my hand in what I believe to be the back channel. This is my first car with a sunroof so I wasn't sure if this is a typical thing that happens with high power car washes.
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    I think the moisture in the places you mentioned is normal,especially after a high power car wash and I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Had a water leak on the driver side floor after only 1200 miles on it, and owning it for 2 months. Honda clearly has sunroof water drainage issues, and does does not want to admit it. Apparently the hose drain was clogged, after barelly 1200 miles on a brand new car ?!?!?!
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