2008 Hyundai Accent Stalling issues, need help!

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I have a 2008 Hyundai Accent. Admittedly I'm not good with cars and this car has seen some minor neglect. It's been having some weird issues for a while that I was putting off fixing (had an injury that left me completely broke, paycheck to paycheck)

Anyways, the first issue is that when I pump gas, the car won't start unless I have my foot down on the gas pedal, and it's usually on the second attempt when that works. After that initial start up after getting gas, it starts just fine every other time, until it's time to refill again. This started happening a few months ago, but due to the fact that it was still starting and I'm broke, I ignored it.

After this started happening, check engine light came on (not blinking) a month ago, it stalled out for the first time. I was idling leaving a parking lot when it just died. All the hazard lights came on at once, power steering and brakes off, and the engine just died all of a sudden. I tried starting the car immediately after, and it wouldn't turn over. The check fuel cap light also turned on at this point. I waited for a while making some calls, and then tried to start it again. This time it worked, all the service lights turned off, so I pulled over into a parking space, and it died again shortly after while idling.

I called a mechanic and got it towed to them, but they were closing soon and couldn't look at it immediately.
Once they got to it, the car started up just fine for them and wasn't stalling out, and the check engine light also turned off during this time. They said without a code and a solid idea of what it was, there wasn't much they could do. They gave it back and told me to bring it in if the light turns on.

Between then and now I had no stalling issues, no check engine light, no problems at all other than the fueling issue. Last night my check engine light comes on, on the way home from work. I didn't have time before my next shift to bring it in, so I bet on it lasting til the weekend. Surprise surprise it was a bad bet, car stalled out, wouldn't immediately start, and then about 5 minutes later it starts up again and the check engine light turned back off. I was only a few minutes from home so I drove it home on the back roads, and weirdly enough the check engine light came on for about 30 seconds before turning right back off on the way back.

Anyways sorry for all the unnecessary details. Any solid guesses on what it could be? I get without seeing the car it could be a number of issues, and Google has been saying potential fuel line issues, among other things. Anyone have any idea what to do in my situation? Am I screwed? I've definitely learned my lesson on the neglect, just need to know what to do for now. I need to be able fix this in the cheapest way possible.


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    I would start by checking to see if the cannister purge valve is stuck open. When you refuel, a stuck open purge valve can fill the intake manifold and air cleaner with fuel vapors and flood the engine. Holding the pedal to the floor while cranking the engine shuts the injection system down and that leans the engine out and clears the flood. The stalling could be related to the purge valve sticking and then it may be totally unrelated. It will need to be diagnosed first as a separate issue with no assumptions.
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