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2005 Toyota Sienna 2nd Row Seat is 7 Passenger want to convert it to 8 passenger

autojunkerautojunker Member Posts: 1
edited February 2021 in Toyota
I already read a thread about this and the conversation is closed. I just want to confirm that you can't do it or it can be done. I currently own a 2005 Toyota Sienna 7 passenger. I want to make a it 8 passenger. I thought that I could just buy the middle console 2nd row seat like the 2011 Toyota Sienna, there are lots of those for sale on ebay but not for the 2005 sienna.

I looked at some videos about removing the seat and there's one that shows the racks for the bench seats that come on the 8 passenger van and I looked at my 2005 Toyota Sienna 7 passenger van and they are different.

I just want to establish once in for all that a 2005 Toyota Sienna 7 passenger van can't be converted to 8 passenger even if you buy the bench seats????? not sure if anybody has done this please replay or comment on this thread.

If is not posible I will have to buy the 8 passenger version or a 2011 Sienna. If you have been down this road before please help and comment.
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