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new 2007 Tahoe LTZ

tatung70tatung70 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Just got home last night with my 07 Tahoe LTZ.

Had it in the garage off, ut the key in and turned so the electronics (radio, gps) would work.

After abotu 20 minutes, I tried to start it and it did not start. I saw there was a message stating service battery - charging battery. Never started that night. The next am it did start.

1st, that seems like not a lot of battery to power things for only 20 minutes. 2nd - where is it charging the battery from?

Also, I see there seems to be a place for a 2nd battery in the front - right side. Is this an option I can add and is it recommened?

Finally - as a note - the Tahoe is just about always makign some kind of noise even when powered off. Any ideas?


  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    tatung70 says:

    Finally - as a note - the Tahoe is just about always makign some kind of noise even when powered off. Any ideas?

    Yes, if the noise is a ticking like he_ _! :-)

    Seriously, the fuel pump can run after pressurize the fuel system. The fan is thermostatic...and can also run after key-off...that's why they put the little warning sticker near the engine fan.
  • Is there a way to progam the heated seats to permanently stay on? I would like it to come on when I use the remote start- but cant figure out how to do it?

    Also is there a way to use the steering wheel controls to get to your "favorites" without having to press favorites to scan the 35 radio channels? ;)
  • Tatung70 - I just got home with my 07 Tahoe and the same thing is happening to me. 20 minutes, toying with the nav system in the driveway with the ignition off, will not start. It is at the dealer right now and they are saying the battery is up to specification. I am wondering if the AC Delco battery is faulty or if the system is truly using enough of the power from the battery to not start it and the AC Delco is just unable to handle the load.

    Are you still seeing this problem??
  • There’s been a number of electrical quirk posts…I’ll add ALL of mine in the event that any of it helps.

    Mine is at the dealership right now and has been for the last 4 days. I took it in because when I engaged the four wheel drive for the first time during a snow storm a warning message came up saying “four wheel drive needs service”. The light on the dial would flash even though the four wheel drive would engage. Light is supposed to NOT flash when it’s engaged.

    LSO…for some reason there are times when the suspension rides like your on an old wagon with no springs at all. My brother-in-law had his new 07 do the same thing but it wasn’t intermittent and the dealer said his shocks were in the “locked” position. His has worked fine since then. Mine…comes and goes…not when I’m at the dealership though.

    Also…about a month ago while vacuuming it out, the back doors locked all of a sudden by themselves and pushing the button upfront wouldn’t open them…had to do it manually. Then the next morning, even though it had been driven after the cleaning, the battery was dead. I reported this to the dealer and they said they hadn’t seen any bulletins on it.

    Also…three times while the keys were in the ignition with the vehicle off…the doors have locked me out. Twice OnStar was able to open it. One time they couldn’t and had to send a locksmith.

    Sooooo…today the dealership tells me that they found a bulletin that describes the back doors locking and not being able to get them unlocked with the front button and the battery draining. Apparnetly this has something to do with a specific fuse issue that will require the entire fuse box be replaced. They also told me that there is another bulletin that says after market window tinting is the cause of the doors locking with the key in the ignition. Guess I’ll keep the keys in my pocket. Nothing from them yet on the suspension.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    They also told me that there is another bulletin that says after market window tinting is the cause of the doors locking with the key in the ignition
    Can anyone explain how after market window tinting can effect the locking system?
  • marvkmarvk Posts: 2
    They had mine for 4 weeks and finally figured out that the Onstar module was bad. Onstar could not locate the vehicle so it constantly kept trying and after a few tries it triggered the main ECM and that killed the battery.
  • Our 07 Burb locked it's doors the other day, we got out at a friend's house, left the keys in ignition,, and after a few hours, the doors were all locked. It has never done this while parked in the garage all night, without the keys in ignition,, could it be Onstar detects keys in ignition,,, and does it it to protect vehicle form crooks ?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The vehicle has a BCM (Body Control Module), which is a computer that manages doors/windows/lights/locks/etc. Nothing really to do with whether you have OnStar or not.

    I didn't realize it would do that under the circumstances of leaving the keys in the ignition (since I never leave keys in the ignition), but seems totally reasonable. Most newer vehicles will lock the doors automatically after a short period of time, after it receives an 'unlock' command from the key-fob, followed by 'not' detecting a door opening.
  • So,,,,, probably nothing wrong,,, just better not leave keys in vehicle,,,, the BCM must get nervous seeing those keys hangin' there, and the owner not around. Sort of a "pain" when you live in the sticks where keys in vehicles is pretty common.

    Thanks for the reply,,,,

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I'll actually do a test for you, I will go put the keys in my 07LTZ which is in the garage, and lets see it it does the same.
  • ok,,,, cool,,, ya' know what,, I will do the same here,,, see what happens,,,will post results tomorrow.

    Of course you know if it does not lock the doors, this time,,,,, that will be a head scratcher.

    Pulled into drive,,,,, opened both front doors, to get out, opened back door to get some stuff out,, took cooler out of rear hatch; keys were left in ignition,,,, windows up,,,, doors unlocked,,,, that is how it was the other day.
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