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Hyundai Online Shop Manuals Access

ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
Here's the HMAService URL for those wishing to access the online Hyundai shop manuals. It finally occurred to me to post an easily accessible reference to avoid the nuisance of repeatedly posting it in individual responses. You'll need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and also register a password (free) for access. If you have trouble displaying the graphics, you'll need to download several Adobe plug-ins (accessible on site under, "Site Requirements").


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi ray_h1, good idea. Just a quick note - rather than have two separate discussions for the same purpose, I deleted the one on the Azera board and linked this one there. That way people can get to it from either place.

    Thanks for posting this.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Any chance you can do your linking magic with the other Hyundai discussions? All Hyundai makes' shop manuals for all years are available online at the same URL. (Or is this something I can do?)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Done! :)
  • I tried the link (after registering) but failed to locate the online manuals. Do you need something other than a "public" account? (My daughter's 2001 santa fe suddenly decided not to accept any gas in the fuel tank - I was able to thread a small hose into the tank which either let it vent or hold open whatever had the fill closed off. I would sure like to see the details on the emission system before she needs to refuel!) Thanks!
  • teddennis, I don't guarantee this'll work, but try logging on to Once you've done so, you'll probably get a page that consists of new news. Look at the top of the column on the left for "service information". If it's there, click it and you'll be taken to a page with several tabs at the top. The one with the service manuals is labeled "shop". Fill in the provided spaces for model, year, engine, etc. and click the "shop" tab and you should be taken to the manual you've indicated. Good luck.
  • I've written a guide to accessing the technical information on Hyundai's website, including the ins and outs of registering. There is also another one out there from a guy on SantaFeForum; we developed them independently but he incorporated some of my information into his guide. I plan on putting some of his stuff into mine but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Between the two, though, there is a pretty good guide to finding whatever you need.
  • Thanks a bunch. Either I completely missed the "service information" link yesterday or it didn't appear after I first created the account. I really appreciate you taking the time to spell it out. -Ted
  • And if you don't find what you want under shop, there is a boatload of information (including schematics and componenent locator photos for many years of models) in the ETM (Electric Troubleshooting Manual) section.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE 9
    Thru the manuals can you determine if the 06 and 07 Azera's use the same radio head and wire harness?
  • Provided the information is there for both years, so yes, you can determine that.

    I checked, and the connectors are the same for both years. The only difference is that it appears XM is available on 07 audio head units (but not on 06).
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE 11
    If that is the case, the 07 head is in fact different from the 06 head.
    Maybe that is why changing the steering wheel remote switch, still does not give the 06 all of the functions of the 07, such as presets, etc.
    The 07 Azera sales brochure does not indicate XM as a feature of the audio system.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    There's no mention of integrated XM availabity in the '07 Azera brochure. Do you have a source for your information, doohickie?
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    For those who cannot do an internet search...

    link title
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    You're right - I am helplessly unable to conduct an internet search. So, Oh Great & Mighty Internet Grand Vizier, what do your current internet ruminations indicate will be be the earliest date we cyber sub-lifes can anticipate finding XM-equipped Hyundais in dealership showrooms? :P
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE 14
    According to Hyundai Consumer Affairs today, 11-28-06, XM radio is not yet available on the 2007 Azera. The local dealer says that there is an accessory catalogue that lists Ipod Adapter, and XM update, but the corporate office seems to know nothing about these accessories.
    As the local dealer has not received any 2007 models, they could not provide any first hand information.
    One would think that the Hyundai Consumer Affairs department would know what features they have in their own cars.
  • There's no mention of integrated XM availabity in the '07 Azera brochure. Do you have a source for your information, doohickie?

    Yes. This thread is about accessing information in the Online Manual (WebTech). I got the information from WebTech. I've provided a couple links that explain how to do this. Why don't you check it out for yourself?

    Brochures are great and all, but they are not the subject of this thread.

    Get a WebTech logon ID, then go to Service Information > Azera > 6 - 2006 > SHOP > Body Electrical System > Audio System > SPECIFICATION. The options listed are:

    AM/FM/CD/MP3 (M445)
    AM/FM/Cassette/CD/MP3 (M455)
    AM/FM/Cassette/6CDC/MP3 (M465)

    Then go to the same point in the 2007 Azera information. The options listed are:

    AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 (M445)
    AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 (M445S)
    AM/FM/Cassette/CD/MP3 (M455)
    AM/FM/CD/MP3 (M455S)
    AM/FM/Cassette/6CDC/MP3 (M465)
    AM/FM/XM/6CDC/MP3 (M465S)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    I was not going by brochure information.
    I was reporting about a live conversation that I had with a rep. of Hyundai Consumer Affairs. His name is Matt.
  • If you want to know what's in the online manuals, I've given you that. If you want to discuss what is or is not available on the 07 Azera, I think maybe this isn't the right thread for that.

    This might be a better thread to discuss that.
  • afob3afob3 Posts: 17
    many of te early SF's had issues with fueling cutting off before the tank was full. It had something to do with the way the tank was designed to straddle the driveshaft.

    I don't know the particulars as mine was an 03 however it was a known issue. I would look under the TSB tab once you log in and enter your info.

    Just to keep this somewhat on topic I will mention that KIA also has a similar tech site at It is very interesting to compare the vehicles that share common issues/components between companies.
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    It's unfortunate that Hyundai designed this system to require Internet Explorer. I have a Mac and use Firefox, so I'm out of luck.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 19
    My point is that the manuals and brochures are not always correct for US delivered models.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Shoot, Hyundai's shop manuals aren't always correct, PERIOD. Yesterday I was trying to help someone out on another (non-Edmunds) forum with a CEL/disabled engine problem in his '02 Sonata's 2.4L I4. At 60K miles, his ECM threw a bad camshaft position sensor code. My bound edition of the '03 Sonata shop manual glibly identified the crankshaft position sensor as being mounted near and driven by the exhaust camshaft under the valve cover (!!!). I went round & round with that but finally verified with a schematic diagram of the emissions control system a dozen pages or so farther ahead that the sensor in the above described location was really the camshaft position sensor after all as I suspected. (Makes me wonder whether at least some complaints about inept Hyundai dealership service techs has more to do with the poor schleps being helplessly baffled by misinformation in the shop manuals...) Turns out the guy's problem will be a simple 30 minute fix just by removing the camshaft/valve cover, disconnecting the signal lead and replacing the camshaft position sensor, reconnecting the signal lead and replacing the camshaft/valve cover. Hyundai needs some native English speakers to proofread these manuals before they go to the printer. (Or contract with Helm in the U.S. to handle all the proofreading and publication chores as Honda does - Honda's U.S. shop manuals are a model of clarity.)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 23
    You are right.
    Not only does the company not communicate well with with its' customers. but the several dealers I have spoken with have all complained about the lack of technical support they have received. A perfect example is that most dealers have not yet received their computer updates to include 07 models and parts
  • You can look the stuff up on WebTech. I realize the manuals are not perfect, but they communicate with customers better than just about any other automaker in terms of even allowing owners to see the info on WebTech for free.

    As for communication regarding technical issues, my Elantra threw a code that the dealer claimed they had never seen before. They went through the troubleshooting flow chart step by step (I know because they gave me regular updates and I was able to follow along in WebTech). When they got to the end and the problem wasn't solved, they contacted the Hyundai tech support line and eventually they solved the problem.

    Maybe my experience isn't typical, but I felt the dealer did everything by the book and when the book wasn't good enough, Hyundai came through to solve the problem.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 25
    Consider yourself lucky!
    I have received no help from Hyundao corporate in the 11 months that I have owned my Azera.
    Today I called them to attempt to find a part used on the Hyundai Grandeur, the Korean and Australian version of the Azera. Not only did they not know where to get the part from a Hyundai US parts distribution center, but they could not direct me to Hyundai International.
    The rep. suggested that I attempt to find a retailer in Australia.
    Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.
  • If you're trying to get a part from Australia or Korea that is not normally available in the U.S., the dealer cannot help you. My best advice is to try contacting one of the non-corporate sites such as or; if they can't help you, I know of a forum that has several Aussie Elantra owners that may be able to help you out. Email me using the address in my profile.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 27
    Thanks for the advice, but I was able to modify my lamps enough to eliminate the need for the part.
    By the way, I was at the BMW dealer yesterday, and they are able to access the EURO parts site at their parts department.
    They are also able to order parts from those "non US' sites.
  • So buy a Beemer if it makes you happy.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 229
    Yet, another brilliant posting.
    I was under the assumption that the purpose of these forums is to pass along information as well as thoughts and feelings about the particular vehicle as well as the comparison to other brands.
    Why so hostile?
  • Okay, maybe that was a snarky comment to make. But Hyundai dealers in America will not do what BMW dealers do. I offered some alternatives, and you reply by saying, "Well, BMW dealers will do it."

    You took my comment as hostile, but I took the previous comment the same way, as it you're trying to imply Hyundai dealers are less than adequate for not going to the ends of the earth for parts not normally sold in the U.S.

    Let's try it a little more diplomatically, then:

    Hyundai is an economy car dealer. BMW is a luxury car dealer. I think it is a little unfair to compare the two in this area. I can see why BMW dealers would offer this service, since it is not uncommon for someone to buy a Euro-spec BMW and ship it the U.S. I would say that if this ever happens with a Hyundai, it is an extremely rare event. As such, there is virtually no demand for Hyundai to make their worldwide parts available to the U.S. market. That would entail quite a bit of expense to even set up the mechanisms to do it, and since Hyundai is more about economy than prestige, there is no real incentive for them to do it.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 31
    The peace pipe is lit.
    I have no problem with the local dealers. All that I have spoken with have expressed the same frustration as many owners.
    Hyundai made the decison to play with the big boys when they entered the near luxury market with the Azera,
    Hyudai is a hugh conglomerate, larger than most other automobile manufacturers. I'm certain that they have the technical ability to update local dealers computer software to supply them with necessary information. Not only non US parts.
    My local dealer still has not been updated with any Azera 07 parts.
    Therefore if you were to bring in you out of state purchaced car, that came with a natonwide warranty, they would have extreme difficulty in making a repair.
    Remember that BMW started in the US with a very inexpensive, even at the time, model.
  • I don't doubt that it is possible to offer this, but again, Hyundai is going to look at bottom line. Does implementing this have any payback? I'm guessing they looked at it, and for the time being the answer is no.

    As for the 07 parts list.... they should have access to parts for the cars they sell; sounds like someone's behind the curve there.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    I believe you have unreasonable expectations to think Hyundai should offer non-US parts in the US.
    Toyota does not offer HiLux parts at the local dealer, nor do they offer European Corolla parts.
    Honda does not offer non-US parts.
    Nissan does not offer non-US parts.
    It is a bit ridiculous to expect a manufacturer to offer parts for vehicles not sold in that market.

    Regarding the unavailability of updated parts catalog, it is not unusual for a delay between the start of a new model year and or the introduction of a new model and the updating of systems and materials for parts. This in not unique to Hyundai.
    It does not prevent a mechanic or dealer from obtaining parts. I believe nearly all dealers have telephones and computers systems that allow them to contact manufacturer technical support and parts centers.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 34
    AS far as your first point, I know for fact that Honda offers a toll free phone number to Honda Europe and Honda Japan, each of which will supply you with information about non US models. I have no knowledge about the others that you reference.
    With regard to your second position, it is my belief that almost 3 months after the introduction and sales of a new year model, EVERY service department in the country should have all available technical information about the models.
    I agree that if the service department tries hard enough, that they might eventually find the needed information. They may, or may not be willing to make the effort.
    The company should make this information available to ALL dealers the day the first car is delivered to a customer.
    That car was engineered and built way before that delivery date.
    Apparently, your expectations are lower than mine.
  • One thing to remember is that the Azera was an 06 introduction, and the 07 is virtually identical, except for some minor details (I think the radio is one area where there may be differences with respect to XM availability). Yeah, they should have that information, but no one is going to be stranded or without a car for lack of a radio.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 36
    Until they receive a computer update, the dealers parts department will not know if the part numbers are the same for 06 and 07.
    A perfect example is a 94 Q45 that I had. I needed a water pump replacement. That year and model used 3 different water pumps. All looked similar, but were not interchangeable.
    After building the 07 for many months, they should even know the radio information.
    I guess that if you keep your expectations low enough, you will never be disappointed
  • I went to the Obrien hyundai Dealership in Ft Myers, FL, they said they could only program a maximum of 2 key fobs to my 2007 van. I'm pretty sure that I read on the HMAservice website that 4 can be programmed to each car. Anybody know what can be done? I already spoke to HMA customer service, they are clueless and an embarassment to the company, he said check with the dealer, what does he think i just did? Anyway, can anybody provide me a link to info on programming a 2007 Entourage. PS I love this van. Thanks Bill
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It might be a good idea to ask that question in the general Entourage discussion as well.
  • trebltrebl Posts: 5
    You may want to try posting this question on the newsgroup as well, and direct the question to "hyundaitech". He's been a Hyundai technician for a number of years and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. And his answers are always right on. Just a thought.
  • Conversely,if your expectations are high enough you will never be satisfied.
    My 2 cents on non-U.S. models and parts availability for them. U.S. spec cars typically have standards for etc. etc. that may be significantly different than those used in other markets. Therefore if you somehow import that "widget" from a middle eastern spec. car and install it on yours THEN either have an accident or experience driveability problems or some other type of failure who are you going to complain to??? Why Hyundai of course. So, from a liability standpoint at the very least they (Hyundai) understandably don't want to get caught up in that mess..
  • Here's what the dealer training says about reprogramming remotes. It doesn't come right out and say it, but it implies only two remotes can be programmed.

    You can't get mad at the dealer for reporting what the Hyundai training says (i.e., refers to "both" remotes).
  • botherbother Posts: 1
    Reply | E-mail Msg
    We have a 2006 Santa Fe. Monsoon stereo system. Problem is my 4 year old daughter used the CD player as a piggy bank. Yes, my bad. I am sure this will not be "covered by the warranty. Not that i want to ever go to the dealerships repair shop ever again. Yes there is a huge gripe there!

    Anyway. Is there a way to get the CD/radio unit out of the dash and then remove the change from the component? Or should I just go and buy a new unit and install it? I cant use the cd player at all. It plays a few songs then basically grooves the disk to non readability.

    BTW - she has also now used the steering wheel as a bank. Got coins in to the wheel where the air bag is. :blush:

    TIA- although I think I already know the answer
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    ... on a CD, includes Workshop Manual and Electronic Troubleshooting Manual. Arrived today, found on eBay for the "buy it now" price of $24.95 + $4.95 shipping. It's got more than I'll ever want to know in hundreds of pages. The disk initially has an index of all the models, but it only allows access to the Azera pages.

    I note that there's at least one other available on eBay, under "2006 Hyundai Azera OEM Workshop Service Manual CD"... :shades:
  • I'm fairly new to this blog so I don't know if this has been addressed yet. I went to the Hyundai Online manuals site listed in the very first blog entry and registered for access to the site. Once given a password, I logged in but am unable to view any of the manuals. It appears that the manual pages come up with very little text and at least one large image file for each page but the images are all missing (or not loading?)??? Is the issue with their site or my laptop?
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    Do you have SVG viewer on your laptop? Go to the first page, and click on Site Requirements where there will be a link to download "Adobe SVG Viewer". Without that, you can't see any of the images.
  • That did it. Guess I should have read the directions a little closer. Thanks!
  • That did it. Guess I should have read the directions a little closer. Thanks!
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    No problem. There's a lot to read in there!
  • petecalpetecal Posts: 28
    I just tried the site and it came up 404,

    "The page cannot be displayed".

    Is the manual still available or has Hyundai blocked it?
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    Click on site requirements, I think you may need to download a viewer.
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