Gender Question: RX 350 Mostly Driven By Females ?

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My wife and I are close to buying a RX 350. It seems to me that almost all of the RX 300's, 330's, and 350's are driven by females here in Southern Cal. Why is the RX so female-orientated ? Any ideas ? Men RX drivers are welcome to comment on this.


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    Noticed the same trend on the Gulf Coast. Not to say it’s a “chick car”, but something about the exterior appearance generally appeals to females. I’m trying to decide between an RX350 and an Acura RDX.
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    Interesting observations, to say the least.
    As for the Acura RDX, my wife and I saw one at the Anaheim Auto Show last month and loved the styling. Then I went on the Acura/RDX Forum, and a majority of people are unhappy with the MPG, with most getting only the in the high teens.
    I also heard around here in So CA Acura dealers are hearing the same thing. Wonder once the word gets out, if that issue will hurt sales ?
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    I saw some of the mileage complaints, although I wouldn’t agree that it is a majority of buyers complaining. I also saw a magazine review stating that the target market for the RDX was “mostly male, 30-ish professionals.” Women have a lot of input into the buying process, so that may be another reason sales are lower than Acura expected. Actually, I prefer Lexus over Acura, but I’m having a hard time justifying the price difference between an RDX w/ Tech Package and a similarly equipped RX.
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    Very true. I am considering leasing a RX 350 AWD w/prem.+ pkg. Msrp is 43, 050 and Longo Lexus will sell it to me or cap. cost at 37, 200. Not bad....6K off the retail. There has to be a decent dealer incentive. 37k is below invoice.
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    The purse holder appeals to me. I like to have my purse next to me, not under my feet or in the back seat. If I don't have a passenger sitting up front, the purse is on the seat. I don't own this car but am considering buying one for my everyday family car. The other pluses are the MPG and luxury features for a good price. I'm also considering a 2007 MDX or the Porsche Cayenne S. Then, there's the new X5 coming soon too.
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    My wife loves her RX330. She likes to sit up high in traffic, lots of space for junk, car looks good and lux interior. What more to ask for?
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    Hi darballman1,

    Quite a coincidence, I am in a similar predicament split between the RDX (Tech) and the RX350 (AWD + Nav + PP). The MPG problem on RDX is really pushing me to the RX350.

    Did you decide which way you are going?

    I am not in a great hurry, so will wait for a bit. My plan is to negotiate hard for an '07 model when the '08 RX350 is released and if they come down significantly below invoice, will take the plunge in Lexus. If not, will just wait for the '08 RDX hoping Acura revisits the mileage issue.
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    Yes, we are going with the RX 350. The "DEC. To Remember" offer is just too tantlizing to reject. Hey, I get a 43K for 37K w/just 800 down, and $ 482. a month on a lease. Just can't beat that.

    Plus, I really do not like to buy 1st yr. autos (see Consumer Reports article on this) before they have worked out the "bugs". Also the RX w/that style has been around for a while. And, one can't beat Lexus quality and service. (I do currently own an Acura TL and love it). Finally, the gas thing does bother me. One will get around 24-26 HWY w/the RX and mid teens w/ the RDX. Maybe in a couple of years when Acura has let the dust settle on their RDX w/better mileage, I will spring for one.

    BTW, my wife and I, for the past three weeks have been observing Lexus RX drivers, and come to realize, the ratio is not all THAT weighted w/female driver of that car.

    So, the end of Dec. , when deals will probably even be more tempting and better, we will finally "pull the trigger" !
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    Finally, the gas thing does bother me. One will get around 24-26 HWY w/the RX and mid teens w/ the RDX.

    I have 4000 miles on my RX and just went on a 200 mile road trip. AVERAGED 28 MPG. Yea! Around town, I get around 15, but how nice is it when calculating the cost of a road trip (say 500 miles each way), to say that it's only going to cost $90 in gas instead of $230 (in my old QX4).

    And as for the male/female, I agree that it looks more feminine than masculine (I'm a girl). But when I drive my black RX with the 18" wheels and the Mark Levinson stereo on to drop off the kids, all the other pre-teens look and say "Whoa!" :)
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    I have to agree with you on this one. When I
    took the RX350 to the mountains back in October, I was getting up to 30mpg, most likely due to driving under 60mph around the
    mountains. Although the city mileage has been
    fairly average in this car, I can still get a
    week out of one tank driving around town.

    By the way, last night I was doing some X-mas
    shopping and I was leaving "Linens and Things"
    and I observed this young couple walking around
    my RX, really looking deeply at the paint???
    I thought maybe they might have nicked my car
    or something, so I was becoming a little alarmed as I got closer to my car.

    Well, they were parked one space over from me, and as I approached my car, the young man told me, "We were just admiring your car. It's beautiful!"

    I then thanked them and explained how I was
    fortunate to get the car due to a
    not-so-fortunate car accident which totalled
    my previous car. They loved the color( I have
    the Flint Mica)!

    I have to say it's pretty impressive that for a
    model that's already going into its fourth year
    is still selling very well, and I can't say
    enough about those Lexus interiors. They're
    just first rate luxurious.

    It took me a little while to adjust to the RX
    as I was coming from a sport sedan, but I can
    honestly say almost five months later that I'm
    glad I chose this car. It just feels so solid
    and well built! I don't think anyone could go
    wrong in choosing this car, and the premium over, say, the "identical Toyota Highlander" is
    definitely worth it.
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    When at the dealership I have seen just as many men driving the RX 350 as I have women.
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    That's amazing! After deciding that the 2008 RX 350 was my first choice for my upcoming new car purchase, I brought my wife to the Lexus dealership (today!) so that I could get her views. I could see that she was very enthusiastic about the car, but absolutely the only comment that she made -- other than responding to my specific questions -- was how she loved having that center space to put her bag while she's driving! Those Lexus designers must be geniuses!
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