Porsche Transmission Problems

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I need some help! I think that Porsche developed the tiptronic manual transmission. I am not a porsche owner, but I own a Toyota MR-2 spyder that has a tiptronic manual transmission. I am having some problems with it. I thought you guys that owned porsche could help me out.

I have taken it to the Dealership and they cannot tell me what is wrong with the car without it being a "guess", and costing me $1000s of dollars.

When I am in 1st gear taking off, my car hops. Those of you who own a manual transmission with a clutch petal this happens when you don't give the car enough gas or don't let off the petal right. But, I don't have a clutch petal. It is all internal. It also does the same thing in reverse.

One guy that looked at it thinks it could be the interlock relay, another thought it could be my clutch.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Has this happened to any of you before?

Please advise.



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    The Porsche tip is an automatic.....not a manual.
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    Sorry Stickies dont know the answer to that. The real question should be what kind a self respecting Porsche 911 owner would ever own a tiptronic 911?? Thats shameful. Must be the same &*&(^heads who let their wives drive their 911 when "they are not using it"...
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    "what kind a self respecting Porsche 911 owner would ever own a tiptronic 911??"

    One could say the same thing about AWD... ;)
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    someone like me, who has multiple sclerosis and cant drive a manual anymore? sadly.... :mad:
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