1995 Ford Crown Victoria Better Bucket Seats

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Does anyone happen to know what bucket seats with better lumbar support would fit in a 1995 CV? It's an ex cop car and the standard bucket seats are very uncomfortable. There is a salvage yard 40 miles away and knowing what to look for would be a real time saver. Thanks in advance!


  • euphoniumeuphonium Member Posts: 3,425
    1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature had "lounge seats" They also had a lumbar inhancement feature, but regarding fit, I don't know. Measure carefully twice and remove once.
  • tschadetschade Member Posts: 4
    I would look at some recarno bucket seats, they make them for all sorts of different vehicles and i'm sure they'd work fine.
  • cdubyacdubya Member Posts: 1
    Any info on where I can get seat covers for a 1998 Crown Victoria
  • euphoniumeuphonium Member Posts: 3,425
    They are warm in the Winter and cold in the Summer. :)

    Sheepskins! ;)
  • pmitchellppmitchellp Member Posts: 19
    Does any one know if there's any way I can swap my driver's seat with my passenger seat? :confuse:
  • pmitchellppmitchellp Member Posts: 19
    Does any one know what would be a good place to look for a manual drivers seat for my 94 Crown Vic? :shades:
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