❓❓ GT PT Cruiser accelerates....

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Hi everyone!
Very confusing. I have a 2005 GT PT turbo cruiser. It's running a little rough. Absolutely no rhyme or reason for any of these things-seems to happen whenever it wants to lol:

Once in awhile it starts to overheat. It will also rev up on me, and/or accelerate on me.
I can take my foot off the gas and it will stay the same speed. Or it will accelerate faster on me on its own, and I have to really press on the brakes hard to slow it down.

The engine light is NOT on.
Fluid levels are fine as well.
Ran a diagnostic and these are the two codes I have:

Spark plug wires were changed out not long ago.
Has anyone else had these weird things happen? Or any ideas of what on earth it could be?

Thank you for your time and help!😊


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    Funny that no check engine light is on since those codes would definitely make the CEL go on. Overheating with misfires sounds like a head gasket problem. Coolant could be leaking into one or more cylinders causing a misfire.

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