Toyota Yaris: Buy Liftback Or Sedan?

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Looking to purchase Yaris but at 6-3, I'm concerned I'll be too big for the liftback, but I'm not interested in sedans. Any comments from owners--is a liftback big enough?


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    I'm only 5'2" so space isn't a problem, but there is more room in the front seat of my Yaris Liftback than in in the front seat of my 1992 Ford Explorer. More leg room & space between me & the steering wheel. Head room is not a problem for me at all (Ha).
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    I own a hatchback/liftback. I am 6'1", and there is lots of room for my feet and my head. You will easily fit in this great car. It has been two months, and 2000 miles, and I am very pleased. I average 41 mpg, with no highway driving. Great car for the price. Also, a great car for the environment. Highly recommend it. :D
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    I am 6ft 1" tall and test drove both the sedan and the Liftback. I had more comfortable room and way more room in the that's what I purchased and have had it since July 6th...about to hit 5000 miles and depending upon highway/local driving i get close to or often over 40 mpg and i have the automatic.

    I highly recommend the Liftback:)
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    I may be biased, but I have always preferred a four door car over a two door. If you have friends, family, or kids riding with you it is so much more convenient to drive the Sedan. They do not have to wait for you to get out of your car and move the seat back to let them out. As long as the door is unlocked, they can easily exit the car (Very helpful when dropping people off at the airport or at school). Also the Sedan has more rear leg room than the Liftback. If your riding by yourself all the time, then the Liftback is ok. Otherwise, I would strongly recommend the Sedan.
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    Well, styling is always cleaner on a two-door. Two-doors are more sporty looking; a four-door might as well scream, "family grocery hauler"! :P
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    I do not think sporty car comes to anyone's mind when they think of Yaris Liftback. More of a cheap loner :P . If your looking for sporty to impress friends, then just buy the Yaris S Sedan. In the end, it is still the Sedan that wins.
  • boris13boris13 Member Posts: 80
    C'mon, four-door cars are family cars. "Four door" and "sporty" are mutually exclusive terms. Oh sure, the auto industry has TRIED to sell us on the concept of "sport sedan"... yeah, RIGHT.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    For "sporty" I'll take a BMW Any Series 4-door sedan any day over a Yaris hatchback. The Yaris hatch screams only one word to me: cute. :)
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    Of course, any BMW will handle better than a Yaris. BMWs are fun to drive. They're still not sporty. Viewed from the side, four-door sedans have too much window space behind the B-pillar (as well as that second door and door handle to break up the styling lines) to look sporty.

    No, four-door sedans just look stodgy, no matter how well they handle or how much power they have.
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    I see you have a clear bias toward four door cars because they do not look sporty enough for your standards. If you have not heard, Sedans sell more than two door cars (Camery and Corolla for example). Why? Most likely for practicality reasons (Getting in and out of the back seat). You also need to consider that most people buy Toyota cars for practicality and not sporty looks. The Toyota Corolla CE has never looked sporty, but it is a top seller. Toyota did create the Scion TC for people who are looking for sporty and a low cost. :)
  • boris13boris13 Member Posts: 80
    I know what the sales figures say. I understand that practicality drives the sales of sedans.

    But I just don't like four-door body styles; nothing will change my mind on that.

    The Scion tC is a nice-looking car. Fuel economy is mediocre on that one, though.

    I also think that the Camry Solara is beautifully styled.
  • irismgirismg Member Posts: 345
    What's wrong with that? What else do you buy a car for?
  • scottytoohottyscottytoohotty Member Posts: 2
    4 DOORS ARE THE WAY TO GO! Unless you are under 25 and single!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Yes, but 5 doors are even better! :)
  • kreuzerkreuzer Member Posts: 131
    if Toyota has plans to make a wagon style Yaris? It would be a nice addition and would bring new customers. Toyota offered a wagon syle for the Tercel years ago. Anyone know of any plans?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Have you looked at the Scion xD?
  • kreuzerkreuzer Member Posts: 131
    looked at the xD on Edmunds but not close up. It looks pretty nice but I noticed that the off set crash test received an acceptable compared to the Yaris's good rating. I wish that Toyota would offer more of a selection in their models.
  • podredpodred Member Posts: 127
    I'm 6'3" and very happy with my 2008 Yaris "S" 2door Hatchback. As a die hard auto enthusiast, I chose this as my city car, only to find that it's so much fun to drive and so peppy that I also enjoy freeway driving. Made in Japan, the quality is excellent. I got the power package and auto trans, which is the only item I had to settle on. Would prefer a 5 speed manual but there was not one in the entire state of CA and I needed the car right away. That said, the auto has a gated shifter and may be shifted manually if you wish. It's really smooth and takes very little away from performance.

    Mine is the Sport Model, hence the "S" designation. the alloy wheels, rear spoiler, aero body kit and sport seats, this is one sporty car. While not as fast as my 2005 Mini Cooper S, the Yaris makes up by getting over 10mpg more in the city and highway , city driving yields 39 and a mix of freeway and city equals 44mpg. And it was half the price! Compared to the Mini it's far more comfortable, with much more usable space with the rear seats folded down. A Great Car!
  • ttaittai Member Posts: 114
    I'm an auto enthusiast too and I also got the auto. The gated shifter is more fun than I thought. It's more fun than the Fit's paddle shifter because I just like the mechanical click click. The Fit's paddles felt like little, numb buttons. I was hoping they'd feel more like the paddles on a sports car. Too much to ask I guess.
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    If you want a "family car" get the 4-door, otherwise hatchback is cooler!
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