Lexus IS 250 vs Honda Accord V6

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Just returned from the SF Auto show, great event. Anyway, I'm surprised this comparison hasn't been discussed.

I sometimes think these 2 vehicles are "apples" vs. "oranges". Clearly the Accord is cheaper, so I guess my question - is the IS250 worth the extra $4-6K. On one hand, the IS was much nicer, and I personally like the exterior better. But, it does lack the HPower of the Accord as well as features like folding rear seats, standard vs. premium gas, etc. Curious about others opinions.


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    If you ever want to carry someone over 5'3" in the back seat, i'd go with the Honda. The extra power, $0.20 per gallon, and backseat room would be worth the extra money for the Honda for me. The fact that the Accord EXV6 can be had for under $25,000, with Navi for under $27k, I'd go with Honda.
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    I own both an 06 IS 250 AWD, and an 06 Accord EX 6 cyl sedan. The Accord will suprise you. The engine is an absolute joy. Lots of power and that Vtec loves to rev. Makes the IS feel like lead! Its also almost $10k less than the Lexus in price. The Honda also has alot more room inside. That said, the Lexus has a much nicer cabin, other than the room issue. Those ventilated seats are great in the summer. The AWD system sticks like glue to the road and plows through deep puddles and snow without any problems. The exterior is much nicer as well, but that more subjective. The IS handles and brakes slightly, and I mean slightly better, but the Accord steering has more feel. Both cars are very well made and I enjoy them equally. If you put the Honda engine in the Lexus it would be perfect. As far a mileage is concerned, I get between 24-25 MPG on premium fuel in the Lexus, and about 22MPG on regular in the Honda, so thats about a wash. Both are great cars and you would not go wrong with either one. Tough choice. If $ is a concern, go with the Honda. Definetly go V6 and get the standard stability control. If money is less important, go Lexus and get the greater luxury and AWD in the process.
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    Very nice and clear post, nross.
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    Thanks for the input, but at least "on paper", the IS has a lot more going for it (thus maybe justifying the higher price). The IS beats the Accord V6 on:
    >4yr warranty vs a 3 yr warranty
    >Rear-wheel drive (I'm in Cali, so AWD isn't so important)
    >Keyless ignition
    >Tire pressure monitoring
    >Better gas mileage (somewhat offsetting the higher gas price)
    >and several other less important items (IMO).

    I figure when the Accord is updated in '08(?) it will be more competitive, but currently it seems a step below.
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    The IS has two more air bags (knee bags) better side airbags( they have a greater area and protect more space), and the first dual chamber front drivers bag. It has better crash test ratings than the Accord as well. The keyless ignition is great. Is the IS $10,000 better. No, but it is better. The tire pressure monitor is nice to have as the run flats seem to loose air more easily, and you need to check them more often. Speaking of those run flats, when the weather gets near freezing, they get very stiff and the ride turns harsh. Both cars are nice and an excellent value for their price. The Accord is less expensive and nicer than a loaded Camry. The IS is 6-10k less than a 3 (328i)series BMW and that car doesn't even come with a spare tire, which is a deal killer for me. I am very happy with both, and you can't go wrong with either one.
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    I don't think the IS comes with run-flats. I don't know about the 17" on the AWD but all the 18" tires are summer tires, NOT run-flats. My IS350 has a spare in the trunk.
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    On the East coast, every IS seems to have the run flats. They also have all have a spare tire. The 3 series BMW's don't have spares at all. If you get a flat, the run-flats are good for a hundred to one hundredfifty miles or so. Not good if you are driving on a 500 mile round trip. Could leave you stranded. Lexus first used the run-flats on the GS 300 with no spare included and a lot of customers complained, so they all now include spare tires. On the West coast you can get more tire choices. Also on the West coast, your cars come with the memory seats and on the East coast they do not. Also, at least for the first year of production, the West coast cars came with Xenon headlights and the East coast cars did not. I think this is a ridiculous way to go for Lexus.
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    I think the reason that East coast are getting run-flats is because most people opt for all-season tires over there anyway. In the South all the IS with 18" are coming with summer tires.

    I believe if you choose the "expensive package" :P on the East coast you'll be able to get xenon as well. I know in the South that's that case. However I don't understand why the xenon is standard equipment on the ES350 but not the IS. You would think that at least the IS350 should come standard with xenon if not all the IS. If Acura can offer xenon as standard eq on the TSX I think Lexus should do so on the IS as well. What pissed me off the most that one can't even get the xenon as a stand alone option for the 06'. Fourtunately they addressed that issue with the 07' but that still leave us 06' owners stranded. :sick:
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    Honda Accord EX V6 6MT (vs. Lexus IS250 6MT)

    $27,995 (vs. $30,970)

    244 hp (vs. 204)
    40 more horsepower

    211 lb-ft (vs. 185)
    26 more lb-ft torque

    (The Lexus weighs more than the functionally larger Accord - which doesn't help the power deficit).

    0-60 5.9 sec (Lexus cites the IS250 0-60 time at 7.9 sec - although I would think it would be quicker into the low to mid 7s).

    21City/30Hwy on Regular (vs. 20/29 on Premium)

    MUCH more room (nearly 5 inches more legroom than IS250)

    More cargo space
    (Basically, you get GS size at IS price)

    Sure, you get more features in a Lexus (because frankly, at over $30k for s subcompact car, you should), but the Accord certainly seems to hold its own against the Lexus, considering the price advantage it holds, and that it is a five year old design soon-to-be replaced. For someone over 6' tall, the Accord's extra room will definitely come into play. It sure was important to me!

    Doesn't look totally bogus of an argument to me. I mean, if it was a pointless thread, you wouldn't have clicked on the link to it except to make tongue-in-cheek deragatory remarks about people's decisions, right? And I think we all have more tact than that, don't we?
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    No, it's not that I'm wasting my time here, it is an interesting subject, that when comparing things like power for the dollar, vehicle like Accord (and Toyota's own Camry) flat out smoke the IS250 and it's small 2.5 liter engine.

    I don't mind responding to what you call "idiotic comments" when I'm making a seperate point of my own.

    My point, this time, is that since you find the topic idiotic, I can't figure out why you keep coming back only to bash the comparison of these two cars without making any real points about the vehicles themselves. You are bashing the messenger (the thread and the people in it) and not the message, which gets nobody anywhere.

    now im not completely bashing the car but some of you honda enthusiasts go overboard when comparing to other cars

    I can't see where you've made a specific point making the Accord to be a poor automobile, so I don't think you have bashed a thing (anything you've said has had no evidence behind it, and no real subjective OR objective opinion about either of the two vehicles).

    I am beginning to think you are right about going overboard though... Comparing a car that costs over $3,000 less that also has 40 more horsepower, 6 inches more rear legroom, better fuel economy (and on regular fuel) is pretty far-fetched, but it's a discussion in which I'm more than happy to participate. If you don't like the discussion, and only want to say over and over that comparing the vehicles is idiotic, well, I don't guess there's anything stopping you.
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    I own a IS250, bought it for 40k and I love my car, I think it was worth every penny. When buying the car, I looked at the 3 series, G35, TL, A4. I never looked at the Honda. I knew I would save a bunch of money by switching to honda but it just wasnt the car I was looking for. I chose the IS for my own reasons and there are threads on this website that compare the IS to it's competitors (entry level luxury cars) so I understand my decision is debatable but I do not regret it. Its funny how the Honda owners feel they have a better car. I guess using the same logic, the Hyundai Sonata is a better car than the IS as well. The Honda may be faster but I will not be far behind (the Honda has a 3l engine, so it is expected to have more horesepower than the 2.5l IS, given that the Honda with the 2.4l engine packs 166hp I think the IS performs relatively well with 204hp). I fit perfectly in the car and have no kids so the car serves me well. So having gone past these two IS weak points (if there are more let me know), what else is there. Rear back up camera, soft leather seats, 5th genaration touch screen navigation system, AWD, ventilated seats, bluetooth, better warranty, keyless entry & start, I didnt realize there is no auto dimming rear view mirror in the honda, the sonata has this, memory seats, I think the Sonata has a trip computer, the Honda does not. So given this if you have 40k, I think if you love Honda, then go for the TL, am sure the the Honda guys branded it that way cos there were aware of the inadequacies of their Honda models in the "entry level luxury car model"
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    I think you've been had. On MSN Auto the MSRP on the IS only goes up to $37k, and that may be for the 3.5L engine. You could have got a much better car IMO (Acura TL) for much less than $40k.
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    Honda with the 2.4l engine packs 166hp I think the IS performs relatively well with 204hp

    I think this is an apples to oranges comparison. Honda's 2.4L is a 4 cylinder engine but Lexus' 2.5L is a V6. As matter of fact, Acura TSX's 4 banger puts out more horsepower than Lexus' 2.5.

    I personally would never pay more than $36K for an IS250. For $40K, an IS350 with Navi is more worth it. However, if you must have AWD then it's a different story.
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    I just tracked this thread and noted you own the IS350. My post was really meant to highlight that the Accord is not in the same class as the IS250. I can research which other cars the IS performs better than, with V6 engines but its not worth it. My next car purchase will be in the GS category so am done with the TSX's and other cars like that. Other than the HP we enjoy the same luxuries (except the ML system). Congrats for your purchase, the IS350 is a nice car, am loving mine.
    BTW, assemlble the IS AWD on the lexus website, it goes up to 41k (MSRP). I got mine (2007 model) for around 36k (after dealer discount) plus taxes and the other charges, came to around 40k.
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    "So given this if you have 40k, I think if you love Honda, then go for the TL, am sure the the Honda guys branded it that way cos there were aware of the inadequacies of their Honda models in the "entry level luxury car model"

    What is that supposed to mean? The TL is a very competitive player in this segment (ELLPS). It is a sporty FWD sedan that offers tremendous value, luxury, performance and technology. By the way, most people come no were near 40k when buying a TL.

    Personally, IMHO when the next generation TSX comes out w/ its redesign and turbo charged 4 cylinder w/ AWD it will leave the IS 250 behind.

    The TL and TSX is neither here nor there so I won't discuss them anymore in this forum.
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    "So given this if you have 40k, I think if you love Honda, then go for the TL, am sure the the Honda guys branded it that way cos there were aware of the inadequacies of their Honda models in the "entry level luxury car model"

    You misunderstood me, Acura is a different brand from Honda. Here I am simply saying the TL is a better model than the Honda at that price. Enjoy your TL, the IS and TL have been compared before on this website so I will not get into that either.

    As for the TSX, I think we should "go to war with the army we have, not the army we wish to have". The possibilities are infinite if we start comparing future models.
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    simeve, that makes more sense, I thought you meant you paid $40K BEFORE taxes and other stuffs. I think you got a great deal on your IS250 AWD.
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    Thanks everyone for their comments. I was really trying to decide between the 2 cars, and I realize now its really a question of 2 different segments. The Accord types (Camry, Sonatas, etc) and other entry-lux models (IS, TL, etc). Clearly, there's a price gap and whether or not the features make up for it seems to be subjective and based on the buyer's needs.

    That said, I initially decided to purchase the Accord and save some money. However after taking a closer look, it really is missing some nice features (IMO), as some else pointed out: bluetooth, driver/passenger power seats, etc. The refreshed Accord next year will probably make it a different story, but for now, it wasn't "up-to-date" enough. And because the Lexus also has some key weaknesses (I do have kids, so backseat space is important), I decided to look elsewhere altogether.
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    You must work for Ford. Ford CEO just cancelled his Lexus order...
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    However after taking a closer look, it really is missing some nice features (IMO), as some else pointed out: bluetooth, driver/passenger power seats, etc.

    I was looking at the IS350 earlier this year and finally ended up in the Accord SE V6... the stripper V6. About the feature that I can truly say would be nice is if there was an aux input jack since it doesn't come with XM radio, using the FM tuner on my Roady 2 with it is just sub-optimal (had a cassette adapter in the old car). Could do a hard-wire install for aux, but its a lease (December lease deals were great, just a quickie 2 year and then I can decide if I want the next-gen Accord and get a 2nd year of the new model).

    Zero regrets, the car drives beautifully! My wallet is happy too.
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    I dont understand how there is so much comparison of the cars. I bought an Accord SE, so I was about $20K OTD, which is a far cry from an IS250. I'm driving an IS250 AWD loaner right now, and the cars are completely different in character, space, level of sophistication, and more. The IS250 is not only small but FEELS "cozy". There is a hump that comes out of the center stack so you can't bring your right foot towards you; it's very odd.

    The AWD nature of the car is amazing and you can do whatever you want, that is the biggest bonus that I see. The level of sophistication is very nice in the Lexus and clearly beats the Accord. Acceleration is better in my case, but that's cuz I have an I4 Accord.

    I love my Accord-- just got it a week ago and am looking forward to the next few years. The IS250 is amazing, definitely-- but they're for different people with different needs and bigger wallets.
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    The hump is an AWD feature on the IS... the RWD IS250 and IS350 don't have it. I looked at the hump and was like that would be SO annoying. Test drove an IS350, very nice... it was plenty of money fully loaded though.
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    clearly, the IS250 is weak. it handles better than the accord, but the engine is so much weaker and the IS is so much more expensive.

    A 7.9s 0-60 for a $33K car (sports sedan?) is unacceptable. anyone buying an IS should get a 350, its a much better deal.
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    ....A 7.9s 0-60 for a $33K car (sports sedan?) is unacceptable. anyone buying an IS should get a 350..........

    ....based on ten years with a Toyota Supra Turbo, I cornsidered the IS 250.

    ..the manual shift (IS350 is auto only)is dogshXX compared to the Honda/Acura 6M......

    ..I laid out $23.4 prior TTL for my AV6 6M, 10k buys a lot of Crown Royal.........

    ..C/D indicates 5.9 0-60 for the Honda AV6 (6M)......(yeah, I know they drop clutch beat it to death for the 5.9).......

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    If you are buying Accord try find one made from Japan. The qaulity is better.
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    If you are buying Accord try find one made from Japan. The qaulity is better.

    There is no such thing. They (Accords) are all made here (Ohio). Honda actually ships some from here, to other countries. The "made in Japan means batter quality" thing is nonsense IMO.
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    I'm afraid your wrong, Elroy. Some Accords are made in Japan, and some in the US.

    Those whose VIN's start with a "J" are from Japan; those from the US start with a "1". A simple Google search will confirm this.

    In addition, I just took delivery of my 07 accord with VIN starting in a "J" and I was told directly by the dealer that it was coming from Japan, I even knew where it was as it came (at one point)

    I can't speak for Japan vs US quality, but I hear Japan is better. IDK.
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    saleem - which trim level is your Accord?
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    07 Accord SE I4 AT

    Why do you ask?
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    Just wondering if only certain trim levels were made in Japan and shipped over or if all the trim levels are.
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    MSN Autos is the only place I saw origin information. In 2003 some sedans were built in Japan, some in Mexico, and some in U.S. All Coupes were made in U.S. In 07 it shows some Sedans from Mexico, and some from U.S., and none from Japan. 07 Coupes all from U.S. too. Saleem where did you see 07 Accords were built in Japan?
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    Hey guys,

    Oh amazing Wikipedia. Specifically,the positions that show nation (1st) and plant name (11th). Mine are J (for Japan) and C (for Saiyama, Japan) respectively. With the 11th letter, you can see if your US-built Accord is from Marysville Ohio, Lincolnville AL, or East Liberty, OH (although IDK if all of them are open, i think so?)

    1st digit: VINs that start with "JHM" are Honda Motor Co. of Japan. 1's are from the US.

    Data One Software seems to have an XML-based VIN decoder tool w/ a 15-day free trial; it will give you loads of info including production plant.

    I entered my VIN, which starts with JHMCM563... and got (this is the meaningful part of it)
    VIN Decode Results:
    Decoding Error: VIN: JHMCM563***...
    Valid VIN: Yes
    Year: 2007
    Make: Honda
    Model: Accord
    Body: Special Edition 4dr Sedan
    Number of Doors: 4 Doors
    Where Built: SAYAMA, JAPAN
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating:
    Engine Block Configuration: I
    Engine Displacement: 2.4
    Cylinder Quantity: 4
    Fuel Induction:
    FI Cam Type: DOHC
    Valves Per Cylinder: 4
    Aspiration: NA
    Fuel Type: G
    Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic Vehicle
    Type: Sedan
    Curb Weight: 3192

    So there you go I guess that's pretty reliable. This program tells you EVERYTHHING, even (approximate) manufacture date.

    Take care all
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    I have the service manual for years 03-05 and it has all the information on vins for those years. All the information for 06-07 models was not available in 03. Now I know MSN Autos is not exactly perfect.
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    I suggest don't get the TL, although you will find good deals on those right now.. The 09 TL is expected to have a new style, 08 TL looks the same as the ones from 3 years ago. It's still a nice car, but the style is gettting quite old. IS250 is actually the same price as an Accord Coupe EX-L V6 being one is at Invoice -2000 and the other at MSRP.
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    I bought a civic LX in 2005, and it was supposed to be made in japan with "J" Vin number. The way it works with civic was that majority of parts were made here in US and were shipped back to japan. Japanese workers merely assembled US made parts so the finish was bit tighter i guess. Plus, it's transmission was made in Japan which was the only difference from US built/assembled civic. I suspect that Accord with "J" vin has the same story. Regardless of where it's made it's honda quality, however, it felt like a domestic rather then an import.
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    Why? Because my wife liked the luxury of the Lexus. To me, the Honda makes more sense. The Honda is bigger, it's more powerful with 280 HP to the IS's 204 HP, and it's less expensive. But the Lexus is quieter, better looking, equipped with skid controls and other handling enhancements, better sound system, heating and cooling controls, etc. The IS was leasing for $0 down and $399 a month. That translated into about $900 for taxes, tags, first payment, etc. and $427 a month including tax. I also felt compelled to buy an insurance plan covering the tires and wheels, the glass, and any superficial damage to the body when I was told the smaller wheels might get damaged by potholes etc....That added $40 a month to my payment, and I don't know whether I was taken on that one...My car is stripped down: no Navigator, no a/c seats, no super-powerful headlights. Just standard issue. If this choice, and this decision, is the worst of my problems, I will be a very lucky man indeed, with a happy wife, as part of the bargain.
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    I can vouch for what you said. I've test driven a Lexus IS 250 and an '08 Accord EX-L V6, and The only way that the Accord wins is in space and V6 power. The Lexus is a much better car in fit and finish, driving dynamics, features, and style (subjective). There's a reason the Lexus costs more.
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    But, I think the differences in all those items are fairly close together. The lexus is going to feel a bit more upscale. But, I don't think by a long shot though. The Accord was never really shooting for falling completely in that class. I think just more of an all around package than anything else.

    I am not sure which car I would pick, it would be tough. Big horse power isn't a big deal for me, refinement and quality is high on my list. I would have to sit in the drivers seat.
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    The refinement of the IS250 is far higher. Just look at the interior touches and materials quality. The IS250 also feels very "planted" when driving, whereas the Accord tends to bounce and bound a little bit over uneven roads. The IS is also incredibly quiet when driving. That's what sets it apart from the Accord.
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    I do see your points. They are true. I think the Accord tries to be everything, not just 1 thing. They can pull off a well rounded package though for the money.
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    I can vouch for what you said. I've test driven a Lexus IS 250 and an '08 Accord EX-L V6, and The only way that the Accord wins is in space and V6 power. The Lexus is a much better car in fit and finish, driving dynamics, features, and style (subjective). There's a reason the Lexus costs more.


    After testing both cars which 1 did you decide to buy?
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    I do see your points. They are true. I think the Accord tries to be everything, not just 1 thing. They can pull off a well rounded package though for the money. s,

    Did you test the Accord or the IS yet?

    I'll just say that IS is not for big guy, if your 6ft tall, not very comfortable as the Accord is.

    The rear seat leg rooms are like a coupe, again, not comfortable for tall guys, and if 3 persons are going to sit in the rear seat, I am not sure how they can, especially for a long trip.
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    The Accord would win, for me, on two counts. Interior room, and V6. Very important attributes.
  • madpistolmadpistol Member Posts: 126

    After testing both cars which 1 did you decide to buy?

    Neither. I was test driving the Accord against an Altima (I bought the Altima), and my Mom owns a 2009 IS 250.

    If you're a big guy, you're going to like the Accord's space. The IS 250 is a small car. I probably couldn't live with it on trips in excess of 200 miles. However, the IS 250 is the more luxurious car; Memory seats, 6-speed auto-transmission w/ manual mode, heated/ventilated-cooled seats, Xenon headlamps, LED taillamps, and other interior conveniences/accents are NOT available on the Accord. I also stand by my opinion that the IS 250 is extremely planted and refined in how it drives. The car feels very tight at all ends; no rattles or extraneous noises. The engine is also extremely quiet and smooth. It has a nice sound at high-revs as well.

    They are two completely cars for completely different markets, but the IS 250 is a decidedly higher quality car. There's no comparison IMO.
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    I went with the Lexus because of the luxury...they are two different cars but the Honda is less expensive and bigger and more powerful...I don't regret my choice, but I think the Honda Accord is great value
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