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2007 Acura RL

I'm about to buy a 2007 RL with nav (the middle version), and trying to figure the right price. 2006's were $40-42 range on this board; I figure 2007's should be similar as not much has changed. I'm in northern NJ but will travel a bit for a great deal.
Your thoughts on price, and dealer suggestions, will be most welcome!
I will probably trade in my 1999 RL - previously owned 4 Legends and 3 Integras in the family. Jim NJ


  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Dealers can take off as much as $4,000 from invoice for the 2006 models through an Acura dealer incentive program. That is why you can find a 2006 RL for $40K - $41.5 which is a heck of a bargain (dealer incentive expires end of this year). On the other hand, Acura has no current significant purchasing incentives for the 2007 model year. I wouldn't think you can get the 2007 RL w/ tech package for any less then $500 - $1,000 over dealer invoice for the next couple months. Even their 2007 lease program is weak and over-priced (as is their Tier 1 financing).

    There may still be some 2006 RLs left on dealer lots. As of a couple weeks ago, there were 20+ RLs that I was aware of on dealer lots throughout SoCal. You may have to compromise on color, but saving $3,500.00+ makes it a sweet compromise. :shades:
  • acuratacurat SoCalPosts: 79
    Also shopping for an RL, have been slow to pull the trigger and now find that 2006 RLs are just about gone. May consider a 2007 at this point. I just hate letting go of my beloved 2004 TL for less than wholesale; probably will trade in the end as selling privately is a giant hassle.

    If you are a value-minded person, note that Honda Finance typically puts on low APR specials over holiday weekends. There's one on now, 3.9% for up to 36 months and 4.9% for 48 or 60 months. Knocks a grand or so off the deal from the buyer's point of view. I'd anticipate more around Presidents' Day and Memorial Day.

    Does anyone know which RLs come with 18 inch wheels? Is it only the PAX version, or does the 2007 middle trim level (navi, or so-called "tech package") have them too? Edmunds has conflicting info.

    Also I believe that the backup camera is standard and OnStar is gone on the 2007 navi.
  • Thanks for your thoughts, Bushwack and acurat. I will check out some local dealers this week, and will post my findings.
  • badbuybadbuy Posts: 12
    Onstar is totally gone from Honda North America cars (Acura RL & I believe the MDX). The nav system I believe does inclued the camera in 2007.

    But you might want to wait until we get into 2007 and they start giving some kind of incentive. On financing, their 4.9 is ok but at most Federal Credit Unions...such as a Teachers or State employees Federal Credit Union, financing can be had for 5.2% especially if you have a checking account with the credit union and some kind of savings account & a small 6 month CD. Then they give a .50 reduction in their regular rates. PLUS, (and check on this) their loans are often the type that you can pay off anytime and you pay the interest ONLY up to the day you pay it off. {often the dealer has a penalty to pay off or gives a loan with the TOTAL interest wrapped back into the loan so no matter when you pay pay the total interest!! So ask because, this low dealer rate may not be such a deal}.

    Bad Buy see forum #752 about possible gas problems.
  • Went to drive 2007 RL and TL - both very similar to 2006 versions. I had hoped that the base TL might be a bit more luxury and less sport, but it's still got a Boy Racer feeling to it, and lacks AWD. So only the RL for my taste.

    Opening RL/tech (middle version, nav not CMBS) offers (all northern NJ)so far are Springfield, $45k; Montclair, 48k; and Bridgewater,$46k plus destination. MSRP is $50k.
    I'm not interested at these levels. I was hoping that prices would be close to last year, very low 40's, but maybe I'll have to wait till next Summer.

    Or maybe I will check out the 2007 Infiniti G35x, with AWD and a fair amount of luxury, I understand, and now an upgraded interior. That should come in less than $40k.
  • acuratacurat SoCalPosts: 79
    Thanks for the informative posts, jaybee and badbuy. Agree that the RL is not a $50K car, not even $45K in my book. I nearly went for it at $40K but I guess I still prefer the sporty ("Boy Racer" - :blush: ) aspect of the TL. The RL is a little too grown-up for me in my late 40s, though I'm sure I could get used to it. AWD is not a particular advantage in Los Angeles. More than anything, I could not stand to leave money on the table regarding the trade.

    Acura is extending their finance special through January 2 according to another post.

    This late in the year, a 2006 is not as a great buy as it might seem, since it already has a full year's depreciation counted against it. On the other hand, the dollar is falling against major foreign currencies which can only bode ill for future pricing.

    Any clarification on the wheels 17" vs. 18"?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk with consumers who have received or are giving a luxury car as a gift for Christmas. Please reply to [email protected] no later than Friday, December 8, 2006 with your daytime contact info.


    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
    Edmunds Inc.
  • I picked up a new 2007 Acura RL 3 days ago. I traded in a 2004 TL. I am extremely disappointed by the quality of the sound system as well as with the interior noise level on the highway. The sound system appears to have some kind of distortion, possibly phase distortion. It's sufficiently irritating that I can't listen to music while I'm driving. In addition, the cabin noise is significantly higher than with the TL.

    I'm bringing the car back to the dealer today and will hopefully get some kind of resolution, but I have to say I'm really bummed out by this.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let us know what happens.
  • I can start my 2007 RL without the key fob in my possession. Anyone else experience this anomaly?
  • Incidentally, I spoke to the salesman since I posted this and was told that the service department has some way of testing to see if each individual speaker is working AND if the noise cancellation is working. Any idea if this is true?
  • rettenhurettenhu Posts: 3
    I just picked up my 2007 RL a few weeks ago from Bridgewater Acura in NJ and was able to leverage the $3500 manufacturer to dealer incentive. They did not have the car/color on the lot (which is to be expected this time of the year) but they managed to locate the exact car I wanted in CT and they trucked it to NJ.

    I compared the RL against the Infiniti M35x and the Lexus ES/GS and chose the RL with Tech Pkg, because of the comfort, creature features and price when comparably equipped. I am very satisfied thus far and my only changes to the car would be a larger trunk and different wheels, but I'm being picky!
  • jaybee85jaybee85 Posts: 25
    I'm thinking about trying for a 2007 tech RL myself, and am not far from Bridgewater. Would you mind sharing what the final price was, and doc/title fees? I'm wondering if they are available below $40k now, given that the 2008's are coming out, and the $3500 allowance. thanks in advance!
  • I paid $46K "out-the-door" (car +tax, title, destination, DMV, etc.)
  • jaybee85jaybee85 Posts: 25
    Thanks, rettenhu. I'm guessing the actual price was about $42,500. That's nicely below invoice, but I was hoping for even lower. Maybe later in the Summer - if there are any left.
    Any differences from the 2008 model?
  • Yupp... about $42,500 sounds right. From what I have been reading there are no changes to the 2008 model except for a minor price increase. If you have a specific color combination you are interested in and want a 2007, then I suggest you don't wait much longer. None of my local dealers had what I wanted in stock.
  • I can also start mine without the key fob, although the other day it asked me for the code before it would start. I wish I knew where the key fob was!
  • thomaszthomasz Posts: 5
    Wow, I am looking for it. Thank to share.
  • I cant see the back up camera screen very well in bright sun light is this normal ? its been that way ever since I got my 2007 RL now have 9,789 miles Thanks
  • bruinleebruinlee Posts: 3
    I just bought a pre-owned certified '07 RL from the dealer with 15k miles on it. The car was for wife and we traded in '03 TL with the purchase. We were actually looking at CPO BMW '07 530i model with options, such as premium package, heated seats, and navigation. In southern Calif. area, there were very few cars with these options loaded in the car. After couple months searching, I searched for a pre-owned RL, which has been one of my favorite cars, and found two used '07 at the dealer in L.A. After my wife test drove the car, she loved everything about the car and all the options came with the car. :) The car is perfect and we will keep it for a while.
  • scrim67scrim67 Posts: 7
    Just reading this thread as I'm pretty close to purchasing an '07 RL with pax/CMBS......

    Car has high mileage (110,000) but I negotiated a price of $14,500 which we both felt was fair.

    Car is being inspected tomorrow at the Acura Dealership and if it passes I will be buying the car..

    Wish me luck!!
  • pepperloverpepperlover Posts: 22
    I just purchased an 07 CPO Acura RL yesterday. Was 23k, but only 20k miles. crazy crazy.
    Good luck on the 07. I can't imagine you'll have major issues with it being an Acura and the high miles, and 14k sounds like a decent deal, especially since its the loaded RL. This is my first Acura, though I've owned other luxury cars. We'll see how we both end up. Good luck scrim!
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