2011 Honda civic lx 1.8 intermittent no start.....VERRRY WEIRD

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I have the 2011 Honda civic runs fine most of the time. For 10 or 20 starts and it cranks and runs just fine. But arbitrarily it will crank but not run. in such case if I continue to try to start it 20 or 30 times it will start and run just fine. I have changed the plugs, the crank sensor, the mass airflow, the ECU has been changed with a known running ECU. But even the situation where I am cranking it and it's getting fuel and spark it still will not run. And in the situations where it's cranking and not running I can apply starter fluid to it to the engine and even though it is getting the starter fluid and spark it still fails to run. It has been to a dealership where they looked it over for a few days and still didn't come to a conclusion as to what was causing the problem. At this Point I'm thinking about taking the timing and cover off and looking at the chain. But I am thinking that the timing chain should not jump out of time and then jump back into time. Does anybody have any clue here? I AM REAL STUCK!


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    When it doesn't start, how EXACTLY are you confirming spark and fuel? It get's complicated since there are no timing marks anymore but the ignition timing needs to be measured. Trying to add fuel such as starting ether is s good idea, but it could be that there is already too much fuel so that could trick you. When it doesn't how do sensors like the CTS ( coolant temperature), MAP (manifold absolute pressure), IAT (intake air temperature) compare to real world conditions? If you leave this with a shop for a day, how likely is it to act up for them? What about leaving it for a week? Once it starts is it good for the rest of the day?
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