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hi i have a question............ I have a 08 uplander and it started to overheat when i turned the heat inside the cab off.... even when im driving on the highway its fine when the heat is blowing but as soon as i turn off the heat the temp starts to climb???? i wuld think driving on the highway would help cool the motor but it dont, pumping the heat in the cab does. any ideas????? its not leaking or blowing white smoke. one thing i did notice was the coolant was a creamsickle color. i checked the oil to see if a head gasket blew but the oil was normal and it seems like no leak there. do i have a clog?? or is it he thermostat???? i just fixed a hub and bearing problem just to drive one day and happen to turn the heat off next thing you know the temp gauge climbs to 75% i panicked and turned to motor off popped the hood and all you hear is the fans running and the coolant boiling???? 2 things i have never seen a vehicles fans running wen the engine was of f and i have never heard coolant boil before. please i need some info... i live in the country and this is ny last working vehicle..... HELP PLEASE


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    Have you ever had the coolant changed? Could be crud blocking the radiator and the only cooling is coming from the heater core. Cooling fans will often run after the engine turns off especially if the coolant is hot.

    I suppose the creamsicle color could be caused by a head gasket leaking oil into the coolant. There are tests to detect combustion gases in coolant that any garage can do. I’d also get a coolant flush.

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    Check your transmission fluid, you could have a transmission cooler leaking.
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