Whistle while lightly accelerating

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I have a 2007 Town and Country. I have a whistle coming from the from driver side of the car while lightly pressing on the gas peddle. It first becomes barely noticable at about 45 mph and then annoyingly loud at 70 or faster. The whistling stops if I coast or increase pressure on the peddle. It only does it while lightly accelerating at faster speeds. It makes no whistle at all if just parked and neutral and pressing the gas.


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    First thing to consider is whether the entire air inlet system is assembled correctly with no gaps. This includes the air filter box and any ducting that funnels air into the air cleaner assembly as well as tubing that connects to the throttle body. After that an issue with the intake plenum itself becomes plausible, but it would take some testing to confirm.
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    My 05 t&c also whistles on excelleration have heard it's luggage rack one if mine is missing end cap could that cause whistling , also have the front end clunks when going over bumps or dips I believe that is sway bar links and ends
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