2010 Ford Escape Limited V6 Issues with A/C

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Hello all,

I have recently purchased a 2010 Escape Limited V6 Flex Fuel with some a/c issues ( among others but lets start here )
I found that the blend door actuator on the drivers side was clicking, put a replacement in and the air definitely blows a little colder and the clicking has stopped but the passenger side is noticeably colder in temperature and the drivers side remains cool but not cold on max a/c.

Does anyone know where else to start? I'm normally fairly competent in performing my own diagnosis and researching but I cannot find out anything else to try.

Another note - I bought refrigerant however upon plugging it into the low pressure port, which was missing the cap I hope the valve isn't dirty/damaged, I found that the pressure was just between the needing to be filled and bottom of the filled area, but would jump up to the yellow alert zone on the pressure gauge that came with the Ez chill A/C refrigerant can-this seemed to happen when the compressor was kicking on/off.

I appreciate any notes or ideas regarding this, I hope I supplied enough information, let me know if you need anything else to help diagnose this with me. Thanks!


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    Actually noticing now that the A/C compressor is kicking on and off by itself a lot I guess that probably is having some issues as well since short cycling from what I know isn't good for it.

    After trying to put some more refrigerant into the low pressure port the A/C compressor started to stay on longer. Now its shutting itself off and the pressure in the line is building up to 90PSI
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    To answer your questions you have to be able to answer these questions. What exactly is causing the compressor to turn off? Is the high side pressure going too high? Is there good power and ground for the clutch circuit? How is the airflow through the condenser? What kind of condition are the condenser tubes and foils? Is the oil charge excessive? How many times has someone tried to charge the AC system with a kit like this that has sealant in it, (adding more and more oil and sealant) and what happens to this sealant inside the AC system if there is moisture or air in the system?

    How much refrigerant is in the system now? The low side gage alone can't tell you that and it may be necessary to remove all of the refrigerant, evacuate the system and add the correct amount in order to test for problems.

    The worst part about a situation like this is the sealants make claims that they are "system safe" but they are not safe for the recovery, recycling, and recharge equipment that a shop has to use by law in order to service the system. Plus if the system was that low, it's leaking but where exactly is the leak? Has anyone tested/inspected the system to locate any leaks?
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