Sport Trac Heated Windshield Glare

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Anyone have any problems with the heated windshields? I just had to have mine removed and am fighting Ford to pay for it. It was like seeing stars at nightcoming at you. I had a big problem and have 20/20 vision.
They told me it was an isolated incident and i was the only one having this problem.They told me to wash it with white vinegar.Glare is normal.

The local glass guy said they are holding them. He was having a hard time getting them.
This is my second sport trac. I like it, but this really upset me. What moron would put little metal lines all through a windshield?


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    Yes, I am having trouble with the heated windshield as far as glare at night also. I filed a complaint with Pa. consumer protection and they told me I have to take Ford to court myself because they cannot represent me personaly. One guy reccomended notifing the National Transportation Safty board. Remember your vehical will have a diminished value once you replace the windshield with a clear one because your computer and your VIN shows a heated windshield. I think Ford has a big problem and does not know how to handle. When people start getting in accidents then they will take their heads out of the sand. Keep up the good fight.
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    Ford just settled mine. I had to replace it myself. I called Kimmel and Silverman. 1-800 my lemon. I was told i was the only one....I was really at the point that i was not driving it at night. Going home and taking my husbands.

    They put on my write up glare is normal in a heated windshield,wash with white vinegar. I told them what they could do with the white vinegar. I am going to install a remote car starter...

    I knew it could not be just me...
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    I also filed a complaint with the National veicle highway safety commision...
    These things have to go .Nothing helped the glare. Polarized , ARS coating, Yellow lenses. I tried them all...
    Go get them....
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    Does anyone know if Ford has done anything about the heated windshield glare problem for the 2008 models? The last post on this subject seems to be a year old. Also, are there other Ford models with the same kind of problem (so I can check other forums)?
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    Some people find the pattern of the element very noticable and some people dont.

    I only see it at night and I don't think its a problem. I have been on a test drive with a customer and asked them if they see the pattern, some people do, some don't.

    If you are thinking about getting an Explorer with the heated windshield, then make sure you test drive one with it. And if it bothers you then don't get it.

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    Has anyone had problems with defects in their heated windshield? I've just bought a Ford Ka that's less than a year old and it's got a serious flaw in the glass on my right side peripheral view. It's especially noticable when I drive around right hand bends or turn right as the defect then comes into my direct line of vision. Oncoming traffic appears distorted and I have difficulty focusing. I asked Ford if they would replace the windscreen, but they said the windscreen warranty only lasted a month from new. Unfortunately the previous owner failed to report this major flaw, that was obviously overlooked by quality control at the factory, and now I'm stuck with a windscreen that's potentially hazardous. Ford have quoted £400 to replace the windscreen, but I can't afford it. I've written to their Customer Relationship Centre, but I doubt that they will be swayed by my appeal.
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