Which is the best SUV?

Porsche911Porsche911 Member Posts: 16
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I don't do towing but I want reliability and luxury.

Which is the best SUV? 3 votes

Toyota Sequoia
JustinSLissieS 2 votes
Ford Expedition
Chevy Tahoe
jim31322 1 vote


  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    I would choose Sequoia because Toyota cars are very reliable.
  • LissieSLissieS Member Posts: 1
    Toyota Sequoia
    Yes, I also think that Sequoia is one of the most reliable and durable cars. It's large and safe, and you can load all the gear you need into it.
  • I've had good experience with Toyota, but can't say anything about the other makes, as I've never owned them.
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