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How to handle multiple electrical and mechanical issues with the dealer?

slewi3slewi3 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in MINI
I'm the original owner of a 2003 Mini Cooper with 31,000 miles and in the three years I’ve owned the car I have experienced a few issues that required a trip to the dealer but all work done was under warranty. Now my warranty is up and I have four new issues that need attention and they are:
- Drivers side door lock only works manually - does not work with toggle switch or key fob.
- Passenger window does not go up or down using toggle switch, key fob or key in the door.
- Glove box door does not stay closed. Latch is simple in design with the handle and latch being one piece.
- Multi-function steering wheel is peeling at the 12, 6 and 9 positions. I drive a manual and have no peeling at the 3 position.

Questions I have: Are there any service bulletins out on any of these issues? If not, have other owners had similar issues? If so, were they covered by Mini?

Thanks for your help,


  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I'm not aware of any TSB's for electrical issues--the MINI has had it's share of problems, but the ones you're describing are relatively new ones to me.

    Have you talked to the dealer yet? I'd start there; if you've got a good dealer, it may all get taken care of. If there are any problems with the dealer, I'd then contact MINIUSA.

    It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to find out if there are any TSB's before you call your dealer. Edmund's is a great site, but you'll probably have better luck finding out if there are any TSB's or if there are others with similar issues at one of the Mini specific web sites. I can't post links (its against the rules) but if you google North American Mini, I bet you'll be able to find a web site than can help you with the TSB's.
  • Thanks for the quick response and I'll try your suggestions.

    Regards -
  • I found a web site that showed 130 TSB's available for 2003 Mini Coopers. 123 are service bulletins, 9 campaign or recalls and 7 DTC Related. Good news/bad news - they charge for them. Several address some of my issues, ie. Glove box difficult to latch or open - Issued 2005-06

    Thanks again for your help.
  • HI! I have a 2003 MINI and am having a variety of electrical issues. When there's rain I get the alert that my boot/bonnet is open = I turn the radio up. Then my key and fob weren't working on the driver side, just like you mentioned. What's the site you found with info? I am now not able to put my key in the lock to lock the driver's side door!! YIKES!! Any help would be great! :confuse:
  • slewi3slewi3 Posts: 4
    There are two sites I know of:

    I believe both are subscription based. I did take my mini in to the dealer for the work and they worked on every one of my issues with no questions and all work was under warrantee. New steering wheel, window motor, door lock actuator, glove box and rattling noise from dash board. I will need to take it back for more work on the rattle and the glove box continues to open unexpectedly but less frequently. Over all they were very helpful and never gave me a reason to question who was going to be responsible for the cost. I hope this helps.

    Good luck –
  • My daughter's 2007 Mini S convertible that she's owned for six months had some water damage and the car has been sitting waiting for repair because the dealer say there are problems with replacement parts.
    The dealers has indicated that this is a system wide problem. I spoke with an owner in Virginia Beach and they are waiting also.
    Her car needs a electrical harness and she's been waiting for several weeks and no parts. The dealer in Orlando, Florida says the parts won't be there for several more weeks.
    Rentals cost money and no relief or sympathy from the dealer or Mini with a loaner. Bad business practice!!
    No parts is a problem if your Mini needs repair so be aware before you purchase.
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