Fuel Pump quick connector issues

Joosh292Joosh292 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2021 in Chevrolet
So I was replacing the fuel pump my dads 2004 Silverado, and the whole top of the pump assembly was basically half caved in and all rusted. Was able to get one line off ( the main fuel line) without too much trouble, but the other 2 on the pump, and the one that went into the vapor solenoid thing then the chamber, and the connector that goes on the nipple to the all the way left part of tank ( towards front of truck) are all either broke or the metal part from old fuel pump is broken off in the connects. So...my question is how do I get those lines connected? Are there standard connects that go on the end of these tubes to go onto the tank and pump nipples? With the evap line that goes on pump, can I just use regular rubber tubing since its not pressurized? I hope this is not super confusing to read, but its the best I can describe. I may be able to get pictures if I remember.
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