Did the 2013 Nissan Frontier come with four or five tire pressure monitors?

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Does the spare tire come with a pressure monitor?


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    Service information that I just looked at only shows a four sensor system, however it's become a habit to consider the possibility that any car with a full sized spare "could" still have a five sensor system. An easy way to check without a TPMS tool would be to let about 6-10 psi out of the spare tire while the car is running and see if you get a warning. Another way to check is to look closely at the valve stems. Regular valve stems are different from the TPMS ones. The TPMS style have a larger brass tip and larger valve caps.

    Is there a problem with your car that has you curious about a potential fifth sensor?
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    I had a tire with a slow leak switched with the spare tire four years ago at a gas station. Since then the tire pressure idiot light has remained lit although the four working tires are fully inflated. When I had my tires rotated at the Nissan dealership about two years ago I asked if they included the spare in the rotation. The sales clerk looked at me as if I had asked to date his twelve-year-old daughter and said, "We never touch the spare.". Your confirmation of a four-sensor system supports my theory that the gas station did not switch the TPMS from the old tire to the new. I have long since taught myself to ignore the idiot light, my least costly solution, and I thank you for your helpful response.
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