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Infiniti FX35 Infiniti FX45 MP3 iPod AUX NAV

nascarqueen24nascarqueen24 Posts: 25
edited March 2014 in INFINITI
Good morning FX'rs:

I am in Canada and the MP3 option only exists on the fully loaded FX - which I do not wish to purchase.

An MP3 option can be added to the base model for $300.

QUESTION - Does this option actually work - does it screw up the functioning of the base entertainment system?

Any feedback would be appreciated

Thank You In Advance



  • I just purchased a 2007 FX35, and a lot of the online information says that the 2007 is pre-wired for an IPOD, but I can not find any information in the manual. Anybody know anything about the IPOD and the 2007 models?
  • quatroquatro Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 FX35 and had an IPOD hook installed a few weeks ago. It is custom installed directly to the stereo, cable comes out of middle console (no messy wires showing) and charges the IPOD with CD quality sound. I paid $300.00. It works great!!!
  • vanpoolvanpool Posts: 15
    Did you have this installed at the Infiniti Dealer? Can you post of picture of how the install looks, where the cable is located? Also, does the Ipod now work with the steering wheel controls?
  • vanpoolvanpool Posts: 15
    I spoke with my local Infiniti dealer here in Charlotte about the Ipod Option. I bought a 2007 FX, and most of the reveiws say that the FX is pre-wired for an IPOD. But, my dealer is not aware of any IPOD add-on fhr the FX. They have an add-on for their larger SUV. He says that that adapter might work. Any thoughts from this group about the FX IPOD not being available through the dealer. :confuse:
  • any good websites for fx35 accessories? Where can I buy a tonneau cover for 2007
  • I just bought an '07 FX35 & asked about availability for built in IPOD wiring. I was told the FX35 does not have it as of yet, but some of their other models do. However, supposedly within 3 mos they will have an IPOD installation pkg that they can install specifically for the FX35.
  • akl95akl95 Posts: 1
    I just bought a '06 Fx45 fully loaded and I was just floored that I could not intergrate my ipod in it. I just traded my car with a kenwood system with a fully intergrated ipod system which was perfect, playlists and everything. I read where you said supposedly they are coming out with intergration package, well I hope you are right because I can find no one who will commit to anything like that. Let me know if you hear anymore.

  • rossprossp Posts: 2
    i just picked up an 07 with the tech package - dealer advised that they have been having issues with the 3rd party ipod integration kits and suggested holding off until they are all sorted out - so back to the $30 FM transmitter for now.
  • dwb959dwb959 Posts: 12

    I recently leased an FX35 AWD with the IPod connector in the glove compartment. As I haven't jumped on the IPOD bandwagon yet and I'm currently happy with my Zen Microphoto would anyone out there know of a cable that could connect the IPOD end into my Zen via either a mini USB port and/or 3.5MM headphone jack?
    I can't believe this cable doesn't exist yet with all of the other accessories that Apple and Griffin make.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Im looking at buying a 03-05 infiniti fx35/45 and i was wondering if there is any way to hook up an ipod to the car without an fm transmitter. was there ever an option on a 35 or 45 during these model years? or was it an added dealer accessory? any help would be great thanks so much
  • This is the best and cheapest way to hook up any mp3 player if you have the rear ent sys

    I own a Loaded Fx45 with a factory dvd player if you have the rear seat entertainment sys it is simple to run your i pod or any mp3 player through it.
    On the front of the dvd player there is an aux. audio/video input all you need to do is get a $3 rca cord (radio shack) that has a male earphone adapter plug.

    1st hook up the rca cord red in red white in white to the front of your dvd player then plug the other end into in the earphone jack of the ipod hit the mode button on the remote or dvd player to switch to the aux input and press the dvd\rear ent button on the console of the car ---crystal clear sound through the factory sys---

    Hope this helps anyone that has the rear ent sys
  • My phone is compatible per the Infiniti webpage. I have had several complaints from different people that every 3rd word or so is cutting out and often have to change the call to my handset. Is there a way to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?
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