AZ/So-Cal broker or dealer for Trail Boss

AzSunAzSun Member Posts: 4
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Hi guys,

Arizona apparently doesn't play hard ball... What a shame. I am currently looking for a referral for a broker or a dealer and am looking to lease a silverado 1500 trail boss 6.2L crew cab in summit white. I am willing to take a vacation to so-cal for a new truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Crag75Crag75 Member Posts: 4
    Good luck in socal. Most dealers here are marking up the trailbosses by $2k. I finally bit the bullet and will be paying msrp for a truck that is incoming in a couple of weeks as I found a dealer that will reserve it for me. Bummer as I have never paid msrp but that is the world we are in right now. I have been looking since thanksgiving and the market has only gotten worse.
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