Quiet Exhaust

1977Scoutii1977Scoutii Member Posts: 1
edited March 2021 in Chevrolet
I am trying to quiet down my 1997 Silverado, very nice truck. Currently it has dual exhaust which was installed from the previous 1 owner. The factory set up is a (2 in 1 out) muffler with two 2" inlet and single 2 3/4" outlet. I would like to change to a 21282 Walker quiet flo muffler, specified for that truck. No problem so far. After the muffler 2 3/4" outlet I would like to add a "Y" and run two 2 3/4" tailpipes all the way back to two 3" ID in and 3 1/2" OD out stainless angled exhaust tips. OR just go back to stock with a single 2 3/4" tailpipe. I am concerned about increased noise with two tailpipes or added condensation. I do not drive this truck a lot.
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