Toyota Highlander: VIP RS3200 Alarm System

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I just brought a 2006 Highlander with VIP RS3200 plus alarm. The dealer told me that there is no valet mode on this alarm and it is always on. How do I turn it off if leaving the car in a garage? The manual also does not show a way to turn off passive arming. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks


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    The alarm, in essence, is always in valet mode. If you don't lock the car with the remote, the alarm doesn't arm. No worries about garages and the alarm.
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    My principal reason for getting the RS3200 Plus option was it includes a glass breakage sensor. I have used the procedure in the Owner's Guide to test the sensor, but the alarm will not come on. I suspect the sensor (microphone), but can't locate it. Does anyone know where the sensor is located in the 2008 Highlander Limited? :(
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    I'm not sure where the sensor is placed but it takes a pretty sharp hit on the glass to make the alarm trigger. I used a quarter and had to rap on the glass a few times for it to work.
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    Don't hit the glass with anything, you will likely break the glass before the sensor is triggered.

    to test the glass breakage sensor, leave the window down and lock the car.
    clap your hands once or twice just next to the open window, the alarm should trigger
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    If you refer to the installation instructions here, you should see that the mic is to be installed behind the glovebox.

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    Actually, it is the "backside of the Glove Box Under Cover". :)
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    Hi all... I have a 2005 Highlander Limited and would like to disable the annoying chirp that sounds when activating/deactivating the alarm with the remote. Is this possible? I would also like to disable the beep that occurs every time I press a button for my stereo/navigation system. Many thanks in advance for any help.
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