Problems with dashboard lights in a 2002 Toyota Highlander

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I own a 2002 Toyota Highlander. Lately, I've been having problems with the lights/gauges. They will sometimes go out while driving - other times they won't come on when I start the car. I won't have temp gauges, my fuel gauge will "float", and I won't have readings on mpg etc. The check engine light will come on. When this happens when starting the car, the car will lock and unlock itself. I recently had the dashboard cluster board replaced, but that hasn't helped. I have already spent a good sum of money on repairs and new tires, and can't afford much more for repairs. I have 183,000 miles on the vehicle. Can anyone offer any advice on what this might be? Is it worth even repairing, or time to look for a new beater with a heater. Thanks much in advance.


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    Use a scanner to pull the codes. If you don't have one, go to a reputable shop.
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