How much does biodiesel lessen pollution?

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I have recently been wondering how much does biodiesel improve the pollution in the whole process from pumping the oil to burning the diesel in your car's combustion chamber. It seems that making biodiesel lessens pollution caused by the transportation and drilling, but is it cleaner to burn?

Also, how much does the pollution caused by oil come from drilling, refining and transportation of it?



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    in asking this question.

    I believe that since most biodiesel is locally may cost less to transport and refine and deliver to end user.

    Dino crude oil from far away places like Venezuela , Saudi Arabia, and uses energy to pump out, refine, transport, further refine, and then transpoort to end user. They do have economy of scale working in thier favor.

    biodiesel( burning one gallon), on average, produces less Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, less other emissions.

    However, it does produce more nitrous oxides ,.

    this is assuming that waste veggie oil is used, instead of virgen soybean oil.
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    Bio-diesel is not a perfect solution but, IMO, it is an essential part of the transition that needs be be undertaken. I'm a big proponent of electric vehicles (EVs) but its unlikely that truckers or airlines will be able to go electric anytime soon. I think that we can produce enough bio-diesel to satisfy these industries' needs.
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