2015 Sienna LE P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, P0356 & P1604, Cranks but won't start

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My 2015 Sienna LE has only 65K miles, and has had no problem since Day 1. Stock Battery was going dead (Due to extended TELEWORK from home), so I replaced it recently. Also, installed Front/Rear Dash Camera last SAT, and tested it while running 30 minutes. Then, I shut off motor. Two hours later, I tried to start to go somewhere.

It cranks strongly, but won't start. Got above DTC via OBD II Reader. P0351~P0356 refer to Ignition Coil Primary/Secondary Unit, while P1604 is Startability Mul-function.

Tested all fuses & relays, and all OK. Did spark test at coil connection for 2, 4, 6 cylinders on the front, but found no spark while cranking. Tested EFI connection with NOID light, no light comes on while cranking. Fuel pump makes humming noise, so I think it's OK.

I can't understand all 6 coils going bad at once without any warning. Do it be that one Coil going bad gives you entire 6 cylinder coil fault code? I hate the idea of taking entire Manifold & Throttle Control Unit just to get to 1, 3, 5 coils/plugs in the back (4~5 hour DIY job)

Think it's more electrical/wiring/ECM issue? Does anyone has any idea/suggestion on this issue before I embark on 6 Coils & Spark Plug change?? Thanks in advance.


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    P0351~P0356 refer to the IGF signal, which is the ignition coil feedback circuit. This is the light green wire which should be a five volt signal that gets pulsed to ground as each coil is charged up and then fired. Toyota's strategy is to want to see that there was enough primary ignition current to ensure that spark is occurring in order for the PCM to allow fuel delivery. In order to get IGF a coil has to receive IGT which is a 5 volt command pulse from the PCM and it must also have good power and ground to it.
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