What coffee maker do you use in your rv?

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Our previous Keurig coffee maker is completely broken and can't be repaired so now I'm searching for a new one. We liked how worked Keurig but we want to try something new and find a new good model. I don't know how to choose a really quality unit because there are a lot of models and reviews on them. I'd be glad to hear thoughts from those who use coffee makers in their RV.
I found this list of coffee makers https://www.coffee-statistics.com/best-coffee-maker-for-rv/ and it says BLACK+DECKER CM618 is the best option for RVs. I haven't tried BLACK+DECKER yet and can't say they produce really good products. Has anyone used this one? Some of the customer reviews on Amazon are really bad, some people say this coffee maker worked only 2 months :(
I also heard about DeLonghi (or something like that) but I'm not sure they have small models that can fit our RV...
Please, share your experience and thoughts!
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