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Engine dead after engine flush 2 weeks ago

pichapiepichapie Member Posts: 1
edited April 2021 in Honda
I brought my car for regular oil change and mechanic said i need an engine flush because it's 135K, I agreed. Today after 2 weeks, my engine is dead and brought to the same mechanic and they said because the timing belt & pistons broke so i need a new engine. I asked them if the engine flush caused it because it was running well for many years, 10 yrs to be exact. They said definitely not. I've asked for 2nd opinion and I was told it could've caused it but it'll be hard to blame everything to it. Current estimate is $5-6K including labor to replace the engine and I'm doing the math, seems not a good investment anymore bec i checked & current price I found for my car is $8K with same year & mileage. Thinking of just donating it. Need some advice.
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