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    Just filled up the tank on my 2.0S for the first time. Got 32.4 mpg on the tank, by computer. I don't know how full the dealer filled it, so I can't go by the pump this time. I was happy with the mpg, since it was all in-town, a mix of city and suburban driving and urban freeway driving. I used a light foot most of the time. The car is so quiet at cruise!

    When I switch to instantaneous mode, I can see the sweet spot for the car is around 55 mph; there the car does close to 50 mpg on level ground.
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    Got 32.6 mpg on the second tank per the computer, very close to the first tank, still all in-city driving with mix of freeway and city streets. Manual calculation was 31.0 mpg, but I filled at a different station than the last fillup. If I can average 32-33 mpg consistently for in-town driving I'll be very happy with that. For comparison, I averaged about 30 mpg in-town on a 1997 Sentra 5-speed with a 1.6L, 115 hp engine. So I'm doing better with an automatic car that's more powerful and a lot bigger and heavier.
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    I bought a 2008 Sentra SE-R SpecV new to replace a '95 Taurus I used to drive (which got around 22mpg combined, maybe 23 if I was careful). It is rated at 21/29. On long trips I have averaged around 30-31, but my weekly average at home is more like 28 (my commute is probably 2/3 highway speed, 70ish for me). I do write down my mileage and gallons at fuel stops, and over the 33,000 miles I've put on the car so far, I've averaged exactly 28mpg. The car's calculator is usually 1mpg optimistic, either that or the pump is slightly overestimating how many gallons it is giving me...

    My first set of tires (Conti Sport 2's) only lasted 27,000 miles thanks to some enthusiastic driving. Not that I mind much, since the fuel savings just about covered it... Basically I'm having a lot more fun in a car the same size and weight, but handles far better, has 60 more hp, and still gets 25% better mpg.
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    Don't know if anyone has experienced this but I have a 2008 Sentra and get better city mileage than I do hwy. If I avg 35-50 mph hitting lights, stop signs, etc I get around 35mpg. On the hwy if I stay right at 70 mph I get between 32-33 mpg. If I go faster than 70 my mpg go down drastically. Please reply if you have this problem.
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    I have noticed on my 2010 w/CVT the suburban mpg e.g. around 40-45 mph with few stops is VERY good, mid-to-upper 30s. The longest highway trip I've taken was 100 miles, 50 each way, and that was at speeds only up to 65 mph, and I got about 37 mpg on that. I could see the mpg going down above 70 mph, as that would be consistent with every other car I've owned. The sweet spot for most cars I've driven seems to be around 50-60 mph. So I don't consider the mpg going down above 70 a "problem". Fortunately for me, there is no road within 1000 miles of me where above 70 is legal. :)
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    I'm getting about the same in my 2008. You'd think that the CVT would adjust a little better on the highway - not run at 1800 rpm on flat roads.
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    Its not the cars problem. It's your driving that is affecting the MPG past 70, Vehichles are at their optimum fuel efficiency in the 55-60mph range.

    For example if I wanted to push my 05 Nissan to the extreme in MPG numbers (40mpg Hwy 38mpg city) i'd use hypermiling techniques. Sure I'd anger every other driver out there with slow starts from stoplights and slow merging on the highway but I'd save enough on gas to make it through 4$ a gallon.

    Currently I'm sitting at about 30mpg combined without doing hypermiling.
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    Just filled up the 2010 2.0S CVT, and on my last tank-and-a-half (I put in 6.6 gallons earlier, couldn't pass up a great price) I averaged 35.0 mpg by computer, and 33 mpg by calculation (but I filled at two different stations this time). This is significantly better than any other tank to date, even though I used the AC about half the time and didn't use it hardly at all on the first two tankfuls. I did do more miles on urban freeways this time--probably 80-85% this time around. All the freeways in my town have a maximum speed of 65 mph, although yesterday I went for a 50-mile trip and got up to 70 for awhile because I was outside of town.

    About half-way through this run, I was at about 37 mpg. Then use of AC, more city streets, and more stop-and-go (construction etc.) took their toll. I'm happy though with 35 mpg, given the EPA for highway driving is 34 and I was driving mostly in town.

    The car is very sensitive mpg-wise to pedal pressure. Keep a light touch on the pedal, and you can get very good fuel economy. But use all 140 horses, and the mpg meter will sag pretty fast. That is what I saw the few times I decided to see what kind of pep the car has.
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    I'd like to correct my last post. My 2008 runs at 2200 rpm at 70 mph on flat roads. On hills I can understand 2200 rpm but I don't even hit 2200 rpm starting from a dead stop. That's why I get better mileage in city (not much stop and go) driving.
    Driving like there's an egg on the gas pedal helps alot!
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    That's interesting. My 2.0 CVT runs at about 2000 rpm at 70 mph, on flat roads. I wonder what could account for the difference, i.e. was there some change made between 2008 and 2010?
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    Just filled up and got 34.1 mpg over the last 22.5 gallons (did a partial fill awhile back). I was at 34.5 until the last few days, then did a lot of driving on city streets which brought the average down a bit. Still pretty good though. I didn't have any trips over 25 miles this time, and had the AC on more than the last reading--starting to get hot and humid. Car is now just under 2000 miles.
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    Now close to 3000 miles. Did one fill at 34.3 mpg, usual around-town stuff like most tankfuls. Then I took the car on its first long trip, a 530-mile round trip in one day, most of it around 65-70 mph but with some slowdowns for construction and accidents, and a little in-town driving on both ends. After 2 hours I saw 40.2 mpg on the meter and had dreams of getting over 40 for the trip. Then I hit some construction and accidents, and that plus the in-town driving brought the final tank trip average to 37.8. Had the A/C on all the time--got to 90 F that day.
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    Total miles driven 58000 miles, 80% Highway miles, Air conditioning uses 20% of the time. Drives 65 miles/hr speed.
    Cruise control - very rare and it reduces the fuel efficiency.

    Car Trip Computer reading - don't trust that reading, it reads 3 -5 miles more than actual reading.
    I do use scan gauge and drive behind the truck occasionally.
    I do reset the trip computer and odometer every time fill the tank, always filled the tank in full. The actual mileage is from 30 to 34 miles/ gallon - best tank full.

    My Opinion - this is not a fuel efficient car and not suitable for hypermiling either. I do drive Camry 1997 and 2007 both of them gives better mileage than Sentra.
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    30 mpg with 80% highway at 65 mph seems very low for the 2.0. Do you have the CVT or stick?

    I have found that high FE on the Sentra requires a very light foot. I notice when my wife drives our 2010 Sentra (which is not too often), FE drops greatly (she has a lead foot). For example, she'll struggle to get low 20s in town while I easily get over 30. I hate it when she takes out my car, because I'll be doing fine on a tank, between 34-35 mpg usually (it's at 36.2 on current tank), and she'll drive it a bit and it's down below 30! When I have intentionally used a heavier foot (or just feel like zipping around a bit), FE drops off. Based on my experience, I think upper 30s, even close to 40, is possible under the conditions in which you drive, if your highway miles don't involve much traffic, but you'll have to work for it and resist all temptations to unleash the 140 horses. If that is too much work... oh well, 34 mpg is the EPA highway rating for the car. :)
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    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums, but I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight to a problem I'm having. I purchased a 2010 Sentra SR a year ago and have had consistent mpg problems. From the get go, I experienced 28mpg with ~75% highway on 65 and 70 speed limit highways (i normally never go above 5 over and use cruise control as much as possible). Since the winter hit, I've seen a drop in my mpg to 25-26. However, I have a new job that requires me to travel an hour and 15 minutes one way... 98% highway... and I don't use the car for much else because the mpg has been so depressing (i also have a corolla that gets ~34mpg constantly, so I use it for errands and such, but my wife also uses it for work... she likes it better ~sigh~). The speed limit is 70 the whole way. I hit 75 and put on cruise control and hardly need to speed up. I use the same gas all the time (Shell), mostly from the same station. I finally got frustrated enough after a calculated mpg of 25.3 that I went to the dealership I made the purchase from. They ran a fuel alpha test which tests the fuel to oxygen ratio being used and said that it fell within normal parameters (....sure it did) and that there was nothing they could do. They did suggest trying a different gas, but I don't think that will offer a great difference, or maybe that's naive. Anyway, I honestly do not think this is normal and was wondering if anyone had any information I'm missing or could think of something I could do to improve the mpg. Thanks!
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    I have the same problem. Mine is Sentra 2010 2.0S with 5400 miles.
    My city MPG is 17.5 although the manual says around 32.
    I went to dealership and they said I better wait until I get 9000 miles.
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    You have the 2.0L and CVT, yes? I have a 2010 2.0S, and on the highway with cruise, flat or gently rolling terrain, 70-75 mph I get in mid-30s in winter to upper 30s in ideal conditions. In the city, with some urban freeway driving, I was getting low 30s until winter hit, and it's been a bad one in Minnesota. So I do well now to get mid-to-upper 20s, depending on mix of city and urban freeway driving.

    But if you are getting only 25 mpg at a steady 75 mph, no stops, not much headwind, properly inflated tires, that is low. Have you tried resetting the average mpg readout when you start a trip where you will maintain a steady speed and w/o much headwind? It would be interesting to see what the mpg is for such a trip. Also it would be interesting to know what your instantaneous mpg readout says when you are moving along at a steady 75 mph, with cruise on, on level ground. I'd be real surprised if it wasn't in the mid-30s mpg.
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    I just did a 550-mile roundtrip from the Twin Cities to Madison, over two days. The car was a 2011 2.0S with about 2500 miles on it--a rental. The funny thing was, it was EXACTLY like my Sentra, even the color, except mine's a 2010. Also the rental had a spoiler. To Madison I got 36.9 mpg--some snow showers, temp around 30 F, light wind. Doing in-town driving for a day brought that down to 36.2. But by the end of the trip, the average was 37.3 mpg--meaning I averaged over 38 mpg on the return. I was surprised by that because I was going into pretty strong (20-30 mph) headwinds most of the way. Temp was about 40 on the way back. Average speed for the entire trip was 60 mph, including in-town driving and a few stops. On the freeway I stayed around 68 mph (65 limit), and had the cruise on.

    The numbers are consistent with my 2.0S under similar conditions... not surprising, as they are the same car.

    P.S. Originally I was given a Yaris. :P I begged for something else (it didn't even have cruise) and got the Sentra. At least I knew what to expect with it.
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    I bought a 2008 Sentra two years ago for my teenage son to drive. I recently drove with him from our house to State College, PA. I filled the tank before we left and had to fill up again after we had driven 250 miles. It took a little more than 10 gallons, so that means we only got about 25 MPG on the trip. We were pressed for time so I probably was going 75-80 the entire trip (99% highway), but I slowed to 70-75 on the way home and experienced roughly the same FE. Should there be that much of a decrease in FE between 65 MPH and the speed I was going? It seem like there's something else going on here, but I'm not sure what the problem could be. Any suggestions?
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    Which engine does the car have, the 2.0 or bigger? CVT or stick? What were temperatures and wind conditions for both trips? Did you check tire pressures before leaving?

    You'll take a big hit on mpg over 65 mph, in my experience with the 2.0. I can touch 40 mpg in mild weather if I keep it to no more than 65, but once I go over that it drops off a lot. Over 70, mid-30s is all I can do. I've never tried driving 75+ for an extended distance with the car (speed limits in my region aren't higher than 65-70) but I can imagine what that would do for FE.

    Also are you sure you filled the tank the first time? I've seen a lot of problems on Sentras (I drive them a lot as rentals) re filling the tank. Even though I fill carefully, it's hard to completely fill the tank. In fact the folks at Hertz are aware of this problem, so when I explain that I just filled the tank and it still doesn't show Full they are sympathetic and don't charge me for a non-full tank. Thus it's possible you really didn't fill the tank the first time and didn't use 10 gallons of gas. However, you experienced the same mpg going home. That's when things like weather and winds can play a role.

    What has been the mpg for the life of the car? Or doesn't your son track it?
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    Car has the 2.0, standard not stick. And not CVT either. Temps for this trip were around 40 on the way there, maybe 50 on the way back. Neither direction was particularly windy. And I'm pretty certain that the tank was full each time. I think it's a 12 gallon tank, both fillups were with two bars on the display (I know that's not totally accurate) and both times it took 10 gallons to fill, so that's reasonable.

    We got the car with about 65K miles on it and it's up to 73k now, so when I talk life of the car it's mostly it's "recent life". He hasn't been tracking until recently when he says it seems like he's always filling the tank. I told him of course that it's part of having a car and being responsible for paying for it, but it wasn't until this trip that I really saw how poor the mileage is. He does most of his driving in the city, but I expected much better than 25 mpg highway even at 75 mph. I think before I take it to the shop I'll drive it for a week (my commute is 99% highway) to see if I can milk 34+ mpg out of it driving a little more cautiously (ie - not like a teenager)
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    This is a very odd 2008 Sentra. All 2008 Sentras had either a 6-speed stick or a CVT. So I'm not sure what your car has since you said it's not a stick and not a CVT. If it's not a stick shift, then it must be a CVT. Also the fuel capacity of the 2008 Sentra (also my 2010 Sentra) is 14.5 gallons. So when you have 2 bars left on the gas gauge, you are likely closer to having used 12 gallons than 10 gallons. At least that is true on my Sentra when there's 2 bars left.

    Do you know what maintenance the car had before you bought it? In particular, do you know if it had the major servicing at 60k miles? If the car was not maintained well, that could drag down FE. So for example, have the plugs been replaced since the car was new? How are the filters especially the air filter? What was the tire pressure on your trip?

    If I were you, I'd check all these things, including oil (when was the last oil change?) and then try driving it on your commute for awhile, not "driving like a teenager" as you said. The other thing to be aware of is, there's a little button on the side of the CVT shifter that turns off overdrive. Makes the engine rev a LOT higher than normal. A yellow light comes on in the instrument cluster when that happens. You might ask your son if he ever drives it with the O/D off... it would tend to improve acceleration, which a teenager would like, but would really hurt FE.
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    I took a 300 mile round trip over the past week. The outbound trip was with A/C on and I didn't pay much attention to FE. I used cruise on the highway portions (about 85%), the rest was suburban roads and rural roads, including some slow dirt roads (15-20 mph) . That trip got 36.6 mpg--pretty good, and above the EPA 34 mpg, but not great.

    On the return trip I decided to see if I could get higher FE. It was cooler so A/C was needed only for the last 15 miles or so, I think there were more downgrades than upgrades (reverse on the outbound trip), and... I think this is the biggie... I had the instantaneous mpg display on the whole time and kept checking it. I've found that even a very small change in accelerator pressure can make a significant difference in mpg in this car, so I tried to keep the mpg meter as high as possible by using light pressure on the accelerator and coasting (in gear) as much as possible. Also on the 2-lane roads, I built speed coasting down hills and let my momentum carry me up hills, even if it meant I dropped below the speed limit (when no one was behind me of course). I used cruise only on the 60-mile freeway segment, otherwise I kept to the speed limit or just over. Limits were 55 to 65 except in towns.

    The result? On the return trip, I averaged 41.8 mpg per the trip computer. This is the highest mpg I've achieved on this car on a trip of any distance. It shows what is possible in the car if you pay attention to FE. It takes a little attention, and if you're in a hurry it won't work as speeds need to be kept close to the limit. But I wasn't in a hurry, didn't need A/C, and had some fun testing the limits of the car short of what a hypermiler could achieve.
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    I just did a round trip to the Jersey Shore and covered a total of 168.7 miles. The highway driving, all 130 miles of it, I cruised controlled at under 65 mph and had no traffic. The remaining mileage was traffic and low speed commuting.

    Imagine my disappointment when, after this effort, I refilled with 6.1 gallons. I managed a miserable 27.6 mpg! Computer average read 35.2mpg, and average speed was 30mph.

    I absolutely understand that the 'full-er' the tank, the more disparate the computer vs. reality chasm. But this is just ridiculous. I will reserve judgement until I can put together a longer-range highway trip. But at this rate, my car is disappointing me with the lackluster fuel consumption.

    For some background, I'm in Philly, I purchased my car in April, and have put 9,800 miles already. I've measured my fuel economy on every tank of gas, and my best has been 29mpg of Philly-to-NYC round trip with the cruise set @ 70ish mph (can't recall exactly). My worst tank has been 22mpg in mixed city/highway.

    I'm very happy with my car otherwise, and in reality, 25mpg average economy is decent. But, reading how some people can touch 40mpg is annoying to me. I want to match that feat! Or at least, be able to crack 30mpg...
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    " I averaged 41.8 mpg per the trip computer"

    Hate to dis' your mpg's but the trip computer number is probably much higher than the 'miles driven divided by gallons used'

    Nissan makes a great engines, just not very fuel efficient ones. My Nissan Versa CVT sucks gas like a gravel truck, always has and after 50,000 miles, still does.
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    As I stated, I compare the readout from the trip computer to actual fill up computations and they are very close.

    Getting 40 mpg in a 2010 Sentra isn't "automatic". It takes some effort, as I've explained. Not everyone can do it or wants to do it because it means sticking to speed limits and using a very light foot on the gas. But it's possible. But I've also gotten ~20 mpg on a 2.0L CVT Sentra before, more than once. I get that when I rent one for business and drive it in town all the time, AC on, short trips, and not a particularly light foot on the gas.

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    If you read through my posts, you'd know I was struggling with lukewarm mileage. Well, I finally had a good highway trip that allowed me 65ish mph on cruise, pretty flat roads, and minimal traffic when I got off the highway.

    I went to Baltimore from Philly, and back. In all I covered 218 miles and used 6.56 gallons which works out to a 33.18mpg tank!

    If I remove the baltimore looking for street parking from the equation, its safe to say 34mpg was achieved.

    The computer, meanwhile, recorded 39.8mpg average for the entire trip, but spent a large part of the trip reading 44mpg average. Its only when I commuted in my hilly town where it dipped below 40mpg.

    At the end, I averaged 49mph, and the computer was promising enough fuel left over to cover 513 miles for that tank.

    I'm happy to have finally managed the promised EPA economy, and happier that my car is not a 'dud', or needing mechanical attention. However, I think the kind of effort required to achieve this feat is ridiculous. This kind of effort, driving 15mph slower than all traffic on i95, and holding cars baack while reaching any lights, in order to avoid dead stops, should yield mileage closer to 40mpg. It takes real concentration and I can't imagine how people do it on a regular basis.

    It was hard work.

    I know there are a handful of similar cars like Corollas and Civics, cars that are well known to easily reach mid 30's on the highway without such heroic effort, have other trade-offs (the largest being higher transaction prices), but its hard not to dismiss Nissan for missing the mark.
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    I know there are a handful of similar cars like Corollas and Civics, cars that are well known to easily reach mid 30's on the highway without such heroic effort, ...

    I don't know what kind of "heroic effort" you think you need to achieve mid-30s highway mpg on a Sentra 2.0 CVT. I can do that with zero effort just by setting the cruise control to 70 mph or less on the highway, and steer the car. Not too heroic on my part. ;)

    But to get 40+ mpg on the Sentra... yes, that takes some "heroic" effort, or at least a lot of attention to fuel economy. It's rated 34 mpg highway, so 40+ is a real stretch. Possible under some conditions, and with a very light foot on the gas. Most people I wager don't want to drive that way.

    I see that the new Sentra has a smaller engine, lower power, but also higher EPA fuel economy. I bet that car will require a light foot to get that fuel economy, and many owners won't achieve it.
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    I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra 2.0s with 41,000. Was bought used with about 32,000. After driving it all this time I have noticed I get [non-permissible content removed] gas milage. I drive about 172 miles at about 72-75mph and I hardly press on the brakes at all. It's a steady drive with my cruise control on and I use half a tank from point A to point B. That seems [non-permissible content removed] to me. I used about a quarter tank once with a 2012 nissan altima driving the same way same distance and got better mileage. I also own a 1996 nissan 240sx and that even gets better mileage than my sentra! Anyone know if that's normal mileage for my car, or should I be concerned about maybe changing spark plugs, filter, doing a tune up, or anything at all?
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    I also have recently purchased a 2012 Sentra with 19K. So far with 2000 miles I am averaging only 28mpg with most of the driving on open highway and suburban roads. Not too impressive with 140HP and a CVT. To get 34 mpg I would need a strong tail wind and a lot of down hill coasting. The steering also disappoints me as it is stiff and without a telescoping wheel it is hard to find a comfortable setting. Overall I agree with many reviews I've read that there are better choices out there. I also have a 2012 Quest that is tops for a minivan. Checked them all out and Nissan hit a home run with the Quest.
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    I have a 2012 Sentra 6 speed MT. EPA Rated 24/31. Usually I get around 22mpg in mixed driving. Today I wanted to see what's the best mpg this car can get, so I gave it a test. By using a lot of hypermiler techniques, I got 45mpg in mostly highway driving. But to achieve that, you have to do 55-60mph on the highway, and use 6th gear all the time(even in city). Also, you have to feather the gas and coast(in gear) all the time.
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    I just did a round trip to the Jersey Shore and covered a total of 168.7 miles. The highway driving, all 130 miles of it, I cruised controlled at under 65 mph and had no traffic. The remaining mileage was traffic and low speed commuting.

    Imagine my disappointment when, after this effort, I refilled with 6.1 gallons. I managed a miserable 27.6 mpg! Computer average read 35.2mpg, and average speed was 30mph.

    It's the 39 miles of non-highway driving, which based on your avg speed of 30mph, must have taken well over 2 hours, that killed your gas mileage. If you're doing city driving that averages less than 20 mph, I don't think you're going to get close to the EPA city number in that part of your driving.
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    I purchased the Sentra after owning a 2012 Nissan Frontier. The $650 a month for gas was starting to wear a hole in my pockets. I've noticed that the Sentra burns fuel exactly the same way the Frontier did. When I filled up the Frontier, the dte (Distance Till Empty) displayed a range of 431 miles which is the same that Sentra displays. I always "0" the trip odometer and notice that I never get more than 360 miles in the Sentra. I drive 138.2 miles round trip to work Mon - Fri. 116.2 miles of my trip is mainly on the interstate. The 22 miles that is driven on the secondary road consists of 4 traffic lights with a short distance of about 8 miles to reach work at a speed of 45 to 55 miles per hour depending on traffic. Highway speeds range at 75 miles per hour with cruise control set and air conditioning on. The Sentra has an "eco" setting that I use consistently because without the "eco" engaged, the gas mileage is worse. I enjoy everything about this car except for the exaggerated mileage of 39 highway / 40 City that Nissan is claiming. I have approximately 4700 miles on the Sentra. I have a service due at 7500 miles which I plan to address the gas mileage. If Nissan cannot figure it out, I will trade this car in for a Honda which I know will get me the gas mileage I desire.
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    Check out this info re effect of high speed on fuel economy... especially the chart.

    If the speed limit on the interstate you commute on is less than 75, you could try sticking to no more than the speed limit to see what effect that has on FE. I noticed on my 2010 Sentra, FE dropped off a lot over 65 mph. Also, depending on how many of those lights you hit and how long they are, they could really ding the average FE.

    Are you sure Nissan claims 40 mpg city on the 2013 Sentra??
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    Recently bought a 2011 Sentra that had 3k on the odometer. I researched CVT's for a year prior to buying so I knew what to expect. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, I seem to be one to those owners with a gas guzzling Sentra.
    After multiple trips, I realized the ONLY way I can achieve 34 mpg highway, is if I drive the speed limit, 55 mph. The moment I approach 60, the average speed everyone else drives in my area of Canada, my engine no longer sips gas, it guzzles. I get 28 mpg no matter what I do. 5 miles per hour difference, my mileage drops 6 mpg. I have a few hills, nothing extreme, it's 90% flat roads in my region. The problem is, if I want to save on gas, I'd have to piss off everyone else on the road. It's not worth it. There are way better cars out there, heck, my friends Corolla gets close to 40 mpg at 100 km/h (60ish) with a 4 speed-auto.

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    I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra 6-speed, and do mostly city driving and my computer tells me usually that I get 20-22mpg mostly. I do notice that I have to put in gas very often, my full tank would last me about 4 days. And no, I don't have a heavy foot. My oil has recently been changed, and I've been tracking how many miles each of my bars have been getting starting from half tank. 

    1 bar went down after 19.5 miles, the 2nd went down after 27 miles, and the 3rd after 28 miles. There has to be something up with my car, can someone help me out?

  • briantheslayerbriantheslayer Member Posts: 2

    Idk if it's how I shift? I usually shift around 2 rpm sometimes 2.5 rpms, is that the problem? The car shifts pretty smooth so idk

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