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Ford F-Series Stalling and No Start Problems

This truck is a 2000 model with the Triton V10, automatic transmission and only has 40,000.00 miles. Recently, while coming to a stop. The truck seems to lunge forward and stalls. The only way to get out of the situation is to put the truck in neutral, start it up and put it into drive. This will continue for a few times, but then goes away for days/weeks at a time. I’ve taken it to the Ford dealership, but they were not able to find anything wrong. I’m hoping that someone else might have had this type of issue before, so I can give a better explanation to the dealership to get it fixed. The feeling is similar when coming to a stop with a manual transmission and not pushing in the clutch.


  • Don't have any hints for you. How about the IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve. Sounds like it could be plugging up and causing the truck to stall at idle. When they're just starting to fail you get flakey behavior for a while, then it starts getting worse.

    If it isn't the IAC, then it could be the tranny. Just wondering if it would be better to take it a dedicated transmission shop instead of the dealer?
  • Thanks for the reply. I’ve been on a few forums trying to get some information. This definitely helps. I can look into it. I’m trying to isolate the issue a bit before going to a dedicated tranny shop, but that option has come up.

    Thanks again for the reply. I will give an update once I find out what the issue is.
  • help!!
    Mother has a 2005 ford 150 lariat. Engine dies. Auto fail safe light comes on. Has it at ford dealer, $500.00 plus dollars and they still can not find problem. Truck keeps dying on her. They have changed the crank shaft sensor, admission sensor, and both catalytic convertors.
  • jlg5jlg5 Posts: 1
    I have the same truck except 2001. I also have had the truck lunge forward when coming to a stop. I have also had the truck stall on acceleration a few times then it's O.K. for a week or so. What did you find was causing your problem? When mine stalls it cranks but wont start untill I turn the key to off, wait about 5 seconds then it starts right up and runs fine.Any Ideas??
  • onebigdogonebigdog Posts: 1
    1999 F250 7.3L 132000 Miles started getting a problem 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was driving in town at 30 mph puled up to a stop light and then when I started to move the truck just died. It restarted after setting for several minutes and I drove it home (over 20 miles) without a problem. The same thing happened again the next week under the same conditions. Then I was driving on the freeway at 60mph and it stopped again, I was able to restart it, it would run for a few miles and then stop. This has pledged me every time I take out the truck. If I let the truck set for several minutes it restarts and runs fine for a few miles and then stops.

    Had diagnose ran on truck computer no codes ever come back, but check engine light does come on, I have changed the fuel filter and air filter.

    I read that it can be a cam position sensor, my mechanic and auto parts store suggested I have something in the tank or that I should replace the high-pressure fuel pump. This could bleed my wallet, please help.
  • pdesautelpdesautel Posts: 5
    I have a 1985 F-150 same problem. Fuel pumps O.K.,Ign.module replaced,still no luck. Searching earlier this morning I saw someone one this website who replaced his coil and problem ceased. This problem will get continuously worse.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 190
    I have a way different vehicle, but wonder if it's the same problem. My 2001 Taurus stalled yesterday. First it stalled when it was put into drive (in a parking lot). It stalled twice and went the third try. A little while later is stalled when pulling out after stopping for a traffic light. It restarted and was fine the rest of the day.

    2 weeks ago it also stalled in a parking lot. My son said he has to put it into Reverse before Drive, and then it didn't stall. That was twice in one night, then nothing until yesterday. DOes this sound like what yours did? What was the diagnosis?
  • kwabelsrkwabelsr Posts: 1
    I have a F-250 diesel, 2006 model with 36000 miles. The first problem was the cruise control. When pushing the coast button it would accelerate. Had it in for repairs and thought it was fixed. Now when I drive for about 2 hours, turn the engine off, turn it back on after a few minutes it will be hard to start and sometimes will not accelerate when stepping on the gas pedal. I have taken it in 3 times. They changed the throttle sensor but each time it does not mess up for them and the computer does not read any bad codes. Any solutions?
  • fff1fff1 Posts: 2
    Good Luck !!
    I had a 2002, F250 4x4 deisel. (The truck was new too) Same problem for months. Stop and stall, stop and stall, Dealer checked 7, yes 7 times and couldn't find the problem. Almost got killed twice. Even placed a Flight Recorder on the computer. When the problem occurred I would activate the recorder. Dealer still couldn't find the problem. (no codes would ever show) Finally pushed the lemon law on them and they refused. Got an attorney. Ford finally gave us ALL of our money back and paid attorney fees.
  • fff1fff1 Posts: 2
    Ford also denied ever hearing of this problem before, Stalling or lunging, As you can see it seems rather common.
    I wish you all the best and be careful. It was a real pain for us to finally get rid of that LEMON
  • dptyfoxdptyfox Posts: 1
    Replace the torque converter stall selenoid. (located in transmission pan) this will cause it to stall when stopping, but it will not stall in reverse. it's only a $65.00 part and you may as well change fluid and filter while your down there.

  • whitallwhitall Posts: 190
    Interesting that you said that about the torque converter. My friend said it could be the torque converter was (or wasn't??) locking up. He said it might be getting stuck sometimes. Is that what you mean?

    It hasn't happened lately, but I did go to Ford. They did their "diagnostic" Claim to have checked the torque converter and did whatever it is they do. They found the IAC (idle air) was gummy and the duty cycle was at 58% which is high. I am replacing that today.

    Will keep your suggestion in mind if it happen after the IAC is changed.

    I can't do much repairs myself, so I bet that $65 part will be a lot to have done......
  • 4kgst4kgst Posts: 1
    ok i have a friend who has a 97 f250 that wont start it isnt the gloplugs, does anyone know how the ignition system works because it has a wiring harness in the valve cover gasket.
  • I have a 96 F150 with the 5.0 (302) xlt extended cab 4x4. I love this truck but have just had a recent problem. Going down the interstate at about 65mph and start to accelerate right when it goes to downshift and speed up it dies, been noticing within the last few weeks when it downshifts that the battery/alternator light comes on then goes off when it upshifts again. So I get it towed back to my house pull one of the sparkplugs out ground it to the block and no fire/spark when trying to crank, so i pull the distributor cap and notice that the rotor metal contact is broken off, so I figure easy fix new distributor cap and rotor, but no I replaced them still no spark, replaced ignition coil, checked ground wires, bypassed fusible ground link to ignition coil, still no fire, and about five hours after this happened when i decided to give up for the afternoon and sleep it off/getting dark I notice the running lights and dash lights are on and wont go off. Any suggestions on how to fix my truck and get it back on the road? Oh and by the way it has a factory keyless entry/alarm maybe something in that may be a problem? Thats one of the only things I can come up with.
  • you can order a electrical book for ford that will give you all the connectors and wiring for your truck it cost about 40 bucks its a real handy tool to use when working with that
  • Same EXACT thing on my truck. Same EXACT truck. I had my friend figure it out when dealership could not. The speed sensor!
  • Hi everyone
    i have a huge problem on my truck
    it is a disel f250 and when i start it up it makes lots of smoke and after that i find fule in my oil pin
    any ideas???
  • the button on my 02 F-250 for my overdrive wont work any ideas?
  • F150 5.4 2wd 65500 miles. This afternoon idle went completely away had to fast idle with foot and or power brake to get home. Later this pm truck starts and runs with idle. Not brave enough to test drive this evening pouring rain and miserable conditions. Vehicle has always idled roughly after about 20k and valve noise.
  • i have a 1999 ford f150 that will not start the key will turn but have to use a screwdriver and touch the 2 cylenoid post and it is sounding like it is not gettting fuel and i think the wires in the ignition switch are not touching. would that cause the antitheft system to block the fuel off from the engine?
  • My uncle has an 04 150 XLT auto 4x4 w/5.4 litre triton that has on several occasions stalled while driving down the road and come to a complete stop. this is very dangerous, when he attempts to restart, all warning lights come on and you can hear selenoids clicking on the left side of the vehicle cabin. The vehicle refuses to start and he has to have it towed. Then without notice or repair, the vehicle acts normal. Note; there is a full tank of gas when this seems to happen.
  • brochabrocha Posts: 1
    my f250 will start fine when its cold but if i run it 10min. or 3 hours and shut it off it wont start untill its cold again does any one have an idea what cause this [diesel engine]
  • ut90u54ut90u54 Posts: 1
    had battery, alternator, starter checked. batt.& alt good, replaced starter. Vehicle started fine drove to store and back turned off and has NOT started since. Had new starter rechecked-good. Replace starter relay. Still will not start. all wire and connections are good. Starter hums but vehicle will not crank.Vehicle ran good just days ago.??Please help!
  • nydiaknydiak Posts: 1
    Super Duty F350 Diesel Flat Bed Truck

    Starts and idels fine but when you put it in drive it will not move and the instrument cluster dies.
    Looked at the book and found Fuse 19 which is for:
    Auxiliry Powertrain Control Module, Instrument Cluster, Overdrive Cancel Switch, Idle validation switch, overhead console, Diesel PCM via Clutch

    I've changed the fuse 3 times and everytime it starts up good instrument pannel work but when I put it on drive or reverse the instrument pannel dies and when you give it gas it wont move.

    Can anyone advice PLEASE????
  • bills6bills6 Posts: 1
    95 7.3 powerstroke. truck starts good cold runs perfect all day long. shut the truck off when up to running temp will not start. will crank forever shoot it with a little either truck will start at running temp and run fine. changed the cam sensor twice still same problem. I have twin trucks with same problem please help.
  • my truck started ruff last time started it, was in a field (ruff) turned it off will not restart. cannot find the fuelpump reset switch. ran 1 tank low day before on a trip, finished trip bout 200 miles, truck ran ok then when got to destination startred problem.please any ideas?
  • error in post >> truck cranks, will not start,cannot hear fuel pump running. ty please help
  • dgoodendgooden Posts: 1
    i have same problem please email me if you have found a resolution my dealer has had it 6 days i keep replacing 30 amp fuses sometimes they last 7 days sometimes 30 sec [email protected]
  • i own a f350 i had surging problems ford dealer said tranny was complely shot ????i drove it up to lac la biche and 110km i passed a car 140km i had no problem they said never heard of a surging problem and replaced 2 solenoids ????? so now what do i do
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