help me pick the right car for my needs please....

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Hi. late fifties man here. I'm in the market for a used Car or small suv . what is important for me is ...

-has to be very reliable and last at least 10 years
-has to be able to tow a small trailer and a small ATV , like maximum 4 times a year
-has to be very good on gas
-Bonus would be to have a decent ground clearance
-my budget is maximum $20,000 Canadian ($16,000USD) But keep in mind that used Cars are more expensive here in Canada, ...
-I would prefer a non turbo engine, as atmospherics tend to last longer...

I'm afraid of subarus because of their CTV and engine history

I secretly wish you could pick a used car that is great but with a high depreciation for the original owner...i

thank you very much for your help

stef, Montreal.
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