Toyota FJ Cruiser Running Boards and Step-ups

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F J Cruiser Accessories/Mods

I'm looking at adding tube styled step-ups, a type of running board I guess. I don’t think the tube construction is intended to also act as a rock rail though it looks something like one. I had planned to add traditional looking running boards but find there are really no choices I like. Toyota does not offer their factory-installed version as an aftermarket part.

I am leaning toward the RearWheels version stainless, painted black.

Anyone try a set? Thoughts? Other suggestions?




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    Running boards and rock rails are put on at the port...If you buy an FJ in the southeast you get rock the Midwest, you get running boards.
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    Thought I'd report back.

    I did install the RearWheels version of a step up bar. It looks like a rock rail but sticks out from the body a little farther and has two steps that attach to the tube under the doors.

    Works just fine for the wife and me.

    I wondered if this set up might not also perform like a rock rail since the appearance is similar but since seeing how the rock rails attach to the frame have to say no, I don't think so. The Rock rails bolt to the frame rails at four locations and appear to be very solid. The step tubes will hold 500 lbs and use the same mounting holes in the frame but with only two brackets, one on each end. I don't think the step tubes will hold up the 5000 lb FJ.

    I’m not likely to be in a situation where I need them anyway.

    I am in the Mid West, by the way, and saw several FJ's with rock rails at various Dealers, (but of course they may have been dealer trades).

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