Mazda Protege Brake Issues

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My warning light (emergency brake) comes on when I brake hard. I checked my cluch/brake fluid level, and it's at the max, so that should be ok. Is it time for me to get new brakes already? Sometimes when I downshift, and brake a not as hard the light comes on. I don't have ABS so, why does my emergency brake light come on?


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    Did you ever figure this out?
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    This is my g/f's car, it has 62K miles & I did the front brakes 3 weeks ago & now I decided to do the rear. I read some forum on how to do it & wasn't a 100% b/c I used to Honda's, so decided to take it to a shop that my body shop uses. Sooo to make this short, they said they had to replace the rear calipers b/c the 14mm bolt on the rear froze & snapped/stripped. Does this happen often? Should I be telling them that they should pay for it & not me?

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    Are you talking about the banjo bolt? In any case, yes it could happen if this is the first time the brakes have been worked on since the car was new.
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    yes it could happen

    Agreed. Someone else reported something similar last year on this forum. What are they charging you for the rear caliper?
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    I bought my '03 new. I keep all my autos well maintained and serviced. I am disgruntled about the rear brake calipers. The left rear locked up at @ 48000mi and now the right rear is doing the same. Much of it was covered by waranty but still had to pay $178 the first time. Am not looking forward to second visit as my temper is up right now (58000mi). Calipers should not be seizing up on any car with this low mileage in my opinion. Is there anything I can have the dealership do to prevent future problems. In the meantime I'm going to spend some time in my gashog '71 Cutlass convertible and hope the wind will cool my temper before I take the Maz to the dealer. By the way I have many other things I absolutely love about my Zoom Zoom. First post from me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    The rear caliper slides are pure junk. You can take them apart a couple times a year, clean and re lubricate, and if you're lucky, stay ahead of them seizing. The best bet is to go to an auto store and buy better replacements. You can pick them up for around $125 each. I'd replace the rotors while you are at it. I stopped using the parking brake last fall after going through the procedure above and this seems to be helping. I've gone all winter now with no sign of sticking.
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    ... take them apart a couple times a year, clean and re lubricate
    The calipers on my 2002 Protege5 have been fine. I have mine cleaned and lubricated every 18 months by the dealer.
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    I am new to this site and I tried to go to the site to get the online shop manual, but it doesn't have anything like that when I get I doing something wrong? I am looking to replace my rear brakes myself and would like some directions..any help? :confuse:
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    OK, I did a little searching for you. I would download the whole thing to your computer before it disappears. Good luck!
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    Thanks, but it was already deleted. But I got my brakes done and they are working fine. One thing I would like to say is that the piston on the back brakes turns in and you should not try pressing it in with a C-clamp. I had to make a call to a former mechanic to find this out since it would not press in at first. Had no idea that they were suppose to turn...learned something new. :)
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    I just tried the link and it still works. You may as well get it so you have it for future reference. And yes, there is an allen screw that needs to be turned out to back out the caliper piston.
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    I can't seem to get it to says it's deleted. Do I need something special to download it or am I doing something wrong? Sorry to bother you..but it would be nice to have...Meri
    PS...I am trying to download the shop manual, not the owner's manual as I have that. I am a novice when it comes to uploading and downloading things...sorry
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    Click where it says "(One Large Download) (49.3MB)" When the file download box pops up click the "Save" button.
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    Thanks so much, it worked like a champ. I was trying to click on the image link...duh!! Again, thanks a lot...Meri :shades:
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    Hi, I just downloaded that manual. Wish I had done that a few days ago. I turned the pistons in by hand-I had no idea there was an allen key adjustment. I guess I should go back and make sure they are adjusted properly. Does anyone know the size of that allen key? Thanks its my first post and my first attempt at work on my wifes car.
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