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Toyota Sienna Power Rear Hatch



  • scormodoscormodo Posts: 6
    What do you mean by "the party's over"?
  • rnakawatrnakawat Posts: 5
    I had a question regarding on the rear doors. On the Sienna LE's with the Extra Value Packages, I see that it comes with a "rear door electronic locking system." What exactly is that? Will that close the rear door for you or is that just a fancy word for poor door locks? Do you know if it can be closed via a remote control?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The latch is electrically operated, which is actually kind of nice, because you don't have to slam it to make sure it's latched properly.

    I really like it, because the vehicle it replaced had a very stubborn latch, and that problem went away with the Sienna.

    It closes automatically. It opens when you press the button to open the hatch, not via the keyless remote (that's only the lock mechanism, not the latch).
  • We just bought a 2010 Toyota Sienna XLE. At times the rear hatch closes automatically when it is opened. My wife seems to think that it happens when it is colder. Does anybody else have this problem?
  • As a matter of fact, this just happened to me yesterday. Except, the thing opened 2 inches and then tried to close right away.

    I had to turn off the power to the hatch using the button under the steering column and open it manually. I then had to turn it back on to get it to lock correctly.

    This experience with the hatch was a relatively new phenomenon. I've got an '05 XLE with the "new" struts after the "campaign" on them. First time I had an issue with these new struts in cold weather.

    Watch yourself with snow as well. There's also an occasional problem with ice damming under the door around the hinges that the hatch can catch on. When I remove snow from the van, I have to make sure I clear the area with the hatch open. Again, it is best to disable the auto open/close to perform this maintenance.
  • cjsmomcjsmom Posts: 12
    I have a 2004 Sienna XLE; and several of us online finally gor a recall. They replaced the part with a defective part and then finally made new 'whatevers' and recalled everyone.
    Mine is sluggish; but still working for the past 3 or so years.
    2010 toyotas should have all the bugs out of them! Call your dealer.
  • we're having this problem now - 2009 sienna - did first start when it was cold but has done it on warmer days - is VERY dangerous- extremely hard to keep it once it engages and starts coming down.
  • cjsmomcjsmom Posts: 12
    A dealer should replace it for free. It was a defective part. They had to make a new part; as when they replaced it the first time, it happened again.

    I got hit on the head with the hatch closing unexpectedly.
  • they told my wife today that maybe the key fob was accidently pushed and thats why the hatch shut- yeah - 12 times! i called the service mgr and left him a message i was so pssssd - haven't heard back yet.
  • We took our 2010 Sienna in and at first they could not repeat the problem. When we went to pick it up, they tried it one more time and it happened again. It was sitting outside in the cold for awhile. We left it overnight in the cold so the mechanic could see it in the morning. It happened to snow that night and when they opened the back in what they thought was my car, it happened again. The only thing wasn't my car. Because there was snow on the cars, they did not notice at first but it was a different Sienna that someone brought in for something else. Ha! They said it was the shocks on the door that needed to be replaced. They guess it was built with the a bad part. This is a 2010 model! It seems to working okay for now.
  • so you had the problem too- we brought the car back today and at first they said nothing was wrong - again. i gave the serv mgr a piece of my mind and they replaced the shocks too - we'll see.

    one question for you - and other sienna owners. if you manually open the hatch - by hand, but with the power still engaged- does the door open automatically as you start to open it yourself? in other words, do the hydraulics kick in like they do with the sliders if you manually start to open those doors? can someone please verify this for me with the rear hatch? thanks!
  • cjsmomcjsmom Posts: 12
    This happened to me twice before. The first time they replaced it with a new part. When it happened again; it was recalled. They made a new part for it.
    The other day, hatch door must have gone up real slow; because when I went to put my groceries in the back; it came down hard on my head.
    I'm bringing my car in next week. I hope they will replace it again.
    It has always happened in the freezing cold weather.
  • 2006 Sienna Limited 75,000 miles
    Had the 2 struts and mounts replaced at Delray Toyota, under the TSB BO001-07 yesterday at 10 am.
    No Charge. :)
  • had mine replaced - 2009 sienna - last week after two visits and a lot of bitching - they finally replaced the struts and no problem since.
  • cjsmomcjsmom Posts: 12
    Thanks for your inputs tony and Ed. I plan to get my 55,000 mile check on my car done soon. I will have them fix that at the same time.
  • ced2bced2b Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Sienna and have had the hatch door come down several times on it's own accord. Yesterday I did not notice when it started down and it wacked me a good one on my forehead, immediately raising a big goose egg. Very painful! I had opened the hatch using the remote. I put my keys in my purse so I could not have depressed the hatch button causing it to close. An hour later, after returning home, I opened the hatch using the conrol inside on the ceiling. As I reached in to get out packages the hatch started to come down again. Fortunately I saw it this time! I am still nursing a large purple bump!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Hope you're OK. Ice it and get plenty of rest. If you feel dizzy see a doctor.
  • max101max101 Posts: 2
    We have a 2008 Sienna and the hatch only goes up about 80% of the way if we open it manually. We were told that it is only suppose to go up 80% of the way. This leaves it about the right height to hit your head on it. Has anyone else been told this? We also have the problem of the door closing whenever it feels like it. This really concerns us as we have small children that this door could really crush. Of course this never happens when we take it into the service department and they have assured us that this is not a problem they have experienced before. For those of you that have had this problem have you had it completely rectified and if so how? Thanks in advance for any information.
  • Have you had your hatch struts replaced under Toyota's campaign? You should not be charged for the replacement of the struts.

    And I don't know how they can say this has never happened before because there are known issues with the struts on the van.

    Also, check for oil around the piston area of the strut. It is possible that one of the struts is blown.

    Good luck.
  • raj41raj41 Posts: 4
    We have a 2005 Sienna LXE with a power rear hatch and have had the struts replaced twice. We had the hatch go up and then slam down with no warning. We were lucky that we were not under it at the time. My wife got a grazing blow on the side of her head. Sometimes it would go up and then immediately start down. Be careful especially with children.
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    we just had our struts replaced last month on our 2009 sienna - same stuff. coming down on us. VERY dangerous! I had to bring the car back a second time and threw a fit before they changed them. haven't happened since. happened first on extremely cold day, then more moderate weather too.
  • max101max101 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info we'll take it back in and demand that they change the struts. Thanks again!
  • Did you resolve your issue? I have a 2006 sienna that will power open the rear hatch, but not power close it. The battery was disconnected by the dealership due to a previous visit, and now the left sensor thinks the door is always open. They are quoting $409 to replace the sensor.
  • raj41raj41 Posts: 4
    Yes, it has been working for more than a year. We keep our fingers crossed.
  • agape1231agape1231 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Sienna does not have the power lift option, but the struts have completely gone out. Did receive a recall notice from Toyota a long while back, but disregarded it because it did not apply to me at the time. Well, now it does apply to me. Took my van into local dealership and was informed that recall does not apply to my van - service manager stated that my van has upgraded struts. I do not see how that is possible... I have a base model (with exception of tv). Quoted me price of $900 to have it repaired. Tried to call Toyota HQ, but kept being transferred to financh department (after a minimum of 6 calls). UGH! I am soooo disappointed in the lack of customer service. I have to manually open the hatch and hold it open to use it.
  • hondaoddityhondaoddity Posts: 25
    edited May 2010
    Go to the website and file a complaint about your vehicle.

    If you have an extended warranty, it should be covered. If you don't you might be stuck. In my mind, parts like this should fail only after many, many years of service, and $900 to replace the struts is a total rip off. Find out what the parts cost at the service counter at your Toyota dealership, then visit another dealership and see what their parts cost. At most, with a novice mechanic, it should take no longer than an hour of billable time to replace the struts.

    Filing the report with nhtsa is the first step. Just because the campaign was only for the power hatch does not mean the struts in your vehicle can't have the same defect. This would be a latent defect, BTW, and ultimately should be covered free of charge. Because Toyota had the problem with power hatch cars, they should anticipate the problem with all vehicles using the same pressure cartridge.

    Good luck.
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    not sure if this will help our not - google 'toyota' TSB and struts - or hatch,etc. you may be able to find the original recall notice - TSB = Toyota Service Bulletin. Perhaps this will give you some ammunition. Also, i wonder if there's a way to get your own bulletin again? perhaps in an online account if you're registered at
    you can also go to different toyota dealers - if there are more in your area.
    good luck!
  • cjsmomcjsmom Posts: 12
    You don't have a power hatchback; but the door doesn't hold open by itself? That is odd; but I do believe the recall was for power hatchbacks. If they sent you the recall, I would think it would include manual struts.
    Try another dealer?
  • I have the same problem with you. I have 07 Sienna XLE.I'm in Seattle too. My power rear door can not close by using the remote and the switch on overhead console. I have to close it manually.I read many complains about the rear power back door. Anyway,I will have my rear door fix next week.
  • deipertdeipert Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Sienna that is still under the extended warranty. The power rear hatch does not always down automatically. It starts to come down half way and then it goes back up again as if something is interfering with the door. The struts were replaced as part of the recall. The problem shows up more after the van is sitting outside in the sun. A Goodyear technician determined that the motors were weak and needed to be replaced. The Toyota Extended Warranty would not authorize Goodyear to fix this and said I had to go to Toyota. I went to Toyota and they were able to duplicate the problem after I had to show them the problem by going into the shop myself as they requested. After two days I got the car back with a note that Toyota could not diagnose the problem. They want me to come back when the condition worsens. They didn't want to commit themselves to saying the motors were weak as determined by Goodyear.

    The warranty is good for another year but it seems to be a delay for getting an expensive repair done. What could this problem be? Should I go to another Toyota dealer? Anyone else have a problem like this?
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