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Honda Civic 2006+ Drive By Wire Programming

civic_sicivic_si Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Honda

you take your foot off the gas, and the engine is still proprelling you forward for a good second or two. Even with the re-flash, there is significant holding from 3500rpm to 6000rpm.

See my video

See my petition

If you dislike this, call Honda and file a complaint!

Honda is citing environmental concerns, yet this issue could be so easily fixed. No other DBW car exhibits this much rev-holding. They have already released one electronic update, but we want a better fix!


  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    your not serious right?
  • tseoshtseosh Posts: 26
    I'm serious, too. It makes the car unpleasant to drive, it could be dangerous in certain , and it is hard on the drivetrain. I can't believe Honda released it like this.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    How is it that when you test drove your vehicle, you didn't notice this? When exactly did you eventually notice this? This seems so obvious.
  • civic_sicivic_si Posts: 4
    It was blatantly obvious from the very first rev I took in the very first run of first gear I took in an Si

    I thought it was rediculous

    I was told there was a 'fix' being issued for this (which there was, but it only slightly reduced the problem). It moreso reduced the cold 'bucking'. But the car is still worth the price besides this terrible programming. I just wish we could get a real response out of Honda about it besides their usual "it improves emissions"... when all other DBW applications do not rev hang like this.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    actually its not hard on the drive train at all.

    environmental resons...or what a few consumers want.

    what do you think honda is going to favor?

    No some other dbw applications dont rev hang as bad, but then again few of them are manual transmission cars with 8k redlines.

    It is entirely noticable when you first drive the car. If you disliked it so much as to file a complaint, you should not have bought the car. :blush:
  • car235car235 Posts: 4
    2007 Honda Civic It often will not start and displays the green Key symbol. Generally it will start after 3 or 4 tries [remove the key; reinsert key; retry]. But once it went 8 or 10 minutes of tries before accepting the key.
    Any help with this starting problem or electrical system problem?
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    Well said. That is exactly why I did not buy the current Si. I've noticed the delay in pretty much every new car with an electronic throttle and it is most noticeable when you really rev a car (something you generally will not be able to do on a test drive with a salesman in the car).
  • jcoryjcory Posts: 17
    Hey -

    My '01 Civic has the same problem. We've been able to diagnose it as a defective key (I recently had a new one made - the new one is defective, dealer is going to replace under parts warranty). You may want to try your other key with this to see if it has the same problem. If not, it is the key that is bad. If so... good luck.
  • I have the 07 Civic Si and the collective opinion of practically everyone that has the same car (06 or 07), the drive-by-wire system is not only a step backwards, it is simply unsafe!! My local Honda dealer was useless in attempting to resolve my problem.

    I am in my fifties and have driven a stick since I was 16 years old. So, I have some experience. After months of hoping I would "get used to this DBW system", I have determined like many others that this is simply a bad design. Many of the younger drivers who have the energy, know-how, and sense have smartly converted their 8th Generation Civic Si DBW system to a conventional cable setup.

    Honda needs to step up and make this system right before someone unnecessarily gets killed attempting to pull out into high speed traffic. There is a petition that someone started on another forum and once again, I applaud that young man. I'm ready to join the movement until Honda can make us feel safe in these vehicles.

    If a Honda representative would like to contact me, I can be reached at
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