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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    If yours is anything like my 98 Cherokee with an AW4 transmission, I would start off checking the Throttle Position sensor first, then if that's okay, test the solenoids second. Both can be checked with a volt/ohms meter.

    The solenoids can be tested at the wire harness plug coming from the transmission. Make sure it's the right one, and not the harness coming from the shift selector switch Other people have said it can be tested at the plug going into the TCM (Transmission Control Module) under the dash.

    I believe you might be able to view the service manual at to assist you in making these test measurements. If you are comfortable using a volt/ohms meter, then it's fairly simple.

    I've never heard any method of resetting the computer (minus the dealer "flashing" it), unless you're talking about erasing the trouble codes in it.

    Hope this helps.

  • so im new to this forum and desperately need some help. i have a 93 jeep grand cherokee laredo 5.2L V8. I dont know much about trannys and need to know if this is worth fixing. So my jeep has 142000 on it. ok so i noticed a couple times that when i put my car in drive and try to move that sometimes the RPMS will go real high but will not move until i throw the car out of drive and manually into 1st gear. from there i have no issues taking off. if i can take off in drive it takes a real long time to get up to speed. now when i am on the highway driving around 80 the car will shift down all of a sudden even when my foot is on the gas. then finally when i hit 81 it will shift up and start to accelerate again. i dont know what to do. if i sell the car now i will take a major hit money wise. please let me know if you have any suggestion. I am in the military and live in germany so i dont have very good luck getting certain parts over here, so please let me down lightly.

  • hi
    mine is Quadra-Trac II, would it be the same, and please could you tell me how do i check, what i would bee looking for?
    thank you
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    For the solenoids, you would basically do an ohms test to measure the resistance of the coil in it. This information can be obtained from the correct Transmission or vehicle service manual for your year vehicle. As I've mentioned before, these can be viewed on some websites that show these manuals. link title is one of them.

  • Help!!!!! my 2000 JGC is sick!!!! when it is cold and you first start it up the transmission does not want to change but once it gets hot it changes and runs as good as ever??? It seems to be more electrical than any thing else I also know that the 6 cyc no 4 whell drive only has the one main computer module with no trans control module has anyone had this problem????
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    It is normal for your transmission to handle shifting differently until your transmission fluid reaches normal operating temperature.
  • shady8shady8 Posts: 1
    check engine light comes on.changed sylnoids in transmission.Also replaced transmission control module.The jeep drb gets codes of po846 2c pressure & code 945 4c pressure usually after about 50 miles & goes full line pressure.You cannot take off in first when this happens.The dealer wants to replace the transmission for $4000.00 dollars.Any ideas.The transmission normally works fine until now
  • ok, i bought a 98 jeep gcl, v6, don't know the engine size. it didn't come with a book to tell me anything or what transmission i have in it. i left today and it just started to act like it was in neautral then it would catch and back and fourth, tried to get it back home. so now it won't go nowhere, i was low on fluid, so what type of damage did i do and do i need to replace or rebuild it?....what kind do i have in it?.. yes i'm a female and no i don't know much about cars. thank you for any help anyone can give me....
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    My 1998 Cherokee shifts differently when operating from cold versus warm operating temperature. When cold, it doesn't shift as soon and "hangs" in gear a little longer before shifting to the next gear.
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    I take it your Jeep is a 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo, but the "v6" doesn't make sense to me. I think it's either a straight inline 6 cylinder or a V8. Sometimes (if it isn't worn off), there's a label under the hood stating the engine size. You can enter your VIN number into the VIN Decoder at link title and see what information that tells you.

    Another thing I would ask is how many miles are on your Jeep? Did these symptoms just start happening suddenly, or was it getting worse little by little?
    After filling the fluid to the proper level, did that make any difference?
  • yes it is a straight inline 6, it started yesterday morning when i left, believe me i paronoid with any strange noises or feel of my jeep and this just started when i left. i did'nt get more then a half mile down the road, filled the fluid back up but didn't make a difference, and i can't order a rebuilt kit with out know what size transmission it has....i really do need help. it has right around 145,000 miles on it
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    I forgot to your Check Engine light on? If so, getting the trouble code (or codes) from the computer would help. Where I live, auto parts places like Autozone will read your vehicle for computer codes for free. I assume similar ones would do it also.

    My best guess on your transmission is a model "42RE" 4 speed automatic. You can confirm this by having someone crawl under your Jeep to look at the label on the transmission.

    I'm assuming you checked the fluid level as described below?:


    MODEL 42RE:

    1. Transmission fluid must be at normal operating temperature for accurate fluid level check. Drive vehicle if necessary to bring fluid temperature up to normal hot operating temperature of 82°C (180°F).

    2. Position vehicle on level surface.

    4. Apply parking brakes.

    5. Shift transmission momentarily into all gear ranges. Then shift transmission back to NEUTRAL.

    6. Clean top of filler tube and dipstick to keep dirt from entering tube.

    7. Remove dipstick and check fluid level as follows:

    (a) Correct acceptable level is in crosshatch area.

    (b) Correct maximum level is to MAX arrow mark.

    (c) Incorrect level is at or below MIN line.

    (d) If fluid is low, add only enough Automatic Transmission fluid to restore correct level. Do not overfill.

    ________________________________________________________________________________- ________________________________________________________
  • no my light doesn't come on, and i can't take it anywhere if it did. my transmission it feels like it engages for a second, but as soon as you give it fuel to move, move then it just revives up and goes no long does it normally take someone to rebuild a transmission, if i can afford the rebuilt kit.....thanks for all your help
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    Once you make an appointment, some transmission shops can do the job in a few days.

    What you don't want to do, is automatically have your transmission rebuilt without ruling a few other things out first. As I mentioned in a previous post, I brought my Cherokee to both a Transmission shop AND a Dealer, with both telling me they couldn't tell what the problem was, but it needed to be rebuilt. That was back in July 1998 and I'm still driving it today!

    You stated "My transmission it feels like it engages for a second, but as soon as you give it fuel to move, then it just revives up and goes no where". My question is, if you place the shift selector in 1st gear only, does it take off like it should? If it does, that's an indicator it's not the whole transmission, but only a component that needs fixing.

    Here are three major things to check before thinking about a total rebuild:

    * Throttle Position Sensor (can be checked without replacing)

    * Transmission "kickdown" cable (or called transmission throttle cable) - check adjustment.

    * Do a fluid change with filter and check solenoids (ohms test) while oil pan is off transmission.

    A good garage will be able to test this out with no problem. If they don't know how, find one who does. In my opinion, it's worth checking this out before spending $1,200 dollars or more on a rebuilt transmission.
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    keep shopping for a REAL transmission tech..
    with the economy in the crapper,every buisness is trying to "maxinise profits",but you also don't want to get into one of those "take it back 19 times,and it;s still not right" ,things
    --check with local people-see who is a good trans medic..
    --my-98 laredo leaked just a little,and had "morning sickness"(untill fluid warmed up,it wouldn't move)-two possibilities come to mind-one-plugged filter or valve body..second-cluches worn,needing rebuilt..
    --wherever you get it fixed-MAKE SHURE YOU GET A WARRANTY !
  • hey, i am having the same problem, except the it will only go into gear sometimes.. we have had horrible problems with the speed output sensor, and have replaced at least 3 times, bought a new one, and tried to drive the car down the road, and it was fine for a few miles, then all of a sudden, it completely quit working. now it wont go into gear at all. Wheni out it in gear and press the gas, it will try to engage, but wont. Any suggestions??
    its a 2000 grand jeep cherokee straight 6 - 4.0
    i would love some feedback, beacause i would like to try to fix this before i spend tons of money on a new transmisson! thanks!!
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    If it involves your speed sensor, doesn't it make the check engine light come on? I'm curious what the trouble code(s) might be.
  • Friday morning, about 30 degree's out. Parked in a slanted parking spot where the passenger side is raised a foot higher than the driver side. Vehicle turns on without any problems. No light indicators or computer sensors, sounds or alarms to alert of impending problem.

    Won't shift into any gear, reverse or drive. In a constant neutral. I didn't really give it much time to warm up. Haven't check transmission fluid levels.

    Can anyone give me a heads up as to what the possibilities are?

    Please keep in mind there were absolutely no warning signs of any shifting problem. Didn't hear or feel anything the night before on the drive home.
  • car is basically doin the same thing!!! 2000 GJC, exxcept it started shifting into gear a little rough the day before, now, it wont do anything!!!!

    i called a machanic, and he said that it sounds like an electrical problem. hes coming to check it out tomorrow
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    If you are not a DIYer, ask a mechanic about the following

    Check your fluid level HOT.

    Make sure the cable from the shift lever to the transmission is properly adjusted. You may think you are in Drive, but the lever slips back into Neutral without you knowing it because it's not really in the position you think it is. It's only half way.

    Another potential culprit is the park neutral safety switch. Make sure it works OK.

    If your symptoms involve brief periods where it is OK and then craps out, look for loose or corroded ground wire related to any electrical connections.

    Inspect contacts of connectors looking for anything that could cause poor contact (e.g. dirt, corossion). Don't try to physically clean a contact; you could damage it. Use a spray contact cleaner (

    If a contact looks bent out of place, you have no choice but to try and bend it back.

    Last spring I replaced the rear wiper motor on my jeep, but the problem turned out to be the contacts for the switch in the dash.

    Try the cheap solutions first. Go to the transmission shop as the last resort.
  • is it possiable to just have a something wrong where it won't hold fluid, i pushed it back and noticed fluid on the ground, where it was parked. so if its not holding fluided could that cause my problem
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    yep !..automatic transmissions burn up REAL QUICK when they'r run low-or out of fluid..that's why they put a DIPSTICK on them !..
  • 2000 GC Limited, 4.7L. When sitting at a traffic light, my transmission will bump so hard that it feels like I've been rear ended. Also notice delays when shifting to R or D, and occasionally it seems to be hung up in 2nd gear when pulling away from idle. I need help fast, it seems to be getting worse. Fluid levels look fine, clean (light pink). I've read enough here to hope that it may be the TPS, solenoids or a cable. Really hoping to avoid the high price of a rebuild. Not afraid to get dirty, but I need direction. Any clues? How do I check the TPS? What am I looking for?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how long a go that you changed oil could be filter part pluged
  • 2300 miles ago. I'm close enough to 3k that I'll go ahead and change it if that's even remotely a possibility. Change the transmission fluid/filter too?
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    Here's a video on the TPS you might want to check out:

    link title
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    ment the trans as that is the prob change the trans filters also it has t filters a flat one and one that looks like a small can
  • why66why66 Posts: 1
    My car stops for no reason when I decelerate to turn corners, enter an on-ramp to get on the highway. I bought it with 46K miles and it now has 68K. What do you think this could be? Goodyear couldn't find anything when I took it to them twice after it stopped. When it starts up again, it runs fine until it stops without warning...The steering wheel just locks and I know what's about to happen.

    What do you think is happening?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    do you mean that the steering gets hard to turn?

    or does the steering wheel lock and not be able to turn?
  • Is it possible to change a 249J transfer box to a 242J on a 1994 Grand Cherokee Limited?

    If so, are there any modifications needed on the new box?
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